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Spring is Sprung and Astrology Forecast for March 21-March 27

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

Spring Equinox!   Sun in Aries. We are moving into a very exciting spring season, one with many shifts and changes.  We movbe forward slowly, until mid April, at the Aries New Moon when life accelerates.  That New Moon is followed by many spring astrological aspects that promise an interesting season. 

Spring is when we wake up from our winter slumber here in the Northern Hemisphere.    It is time to get moving again, to open our hearts to embrace life with less fear and more hope and joy.    But for awhile  you may need to stretch and yawn away the winter blahs.   After April 14 you will be more ready to fly forward.

Many people now are questioning their lives- their jobs, their homes, their relationships.   More and more this spring and early summer people will get restless to leave situations where they feel confined, controlled, dominated, and unhappy.  The energies for liberation get stronger.   If you feel stuck some where in your lfe you will soon have the opportunity to change that.

The spring and summer 2010 seasons present us with a turning point in our human journey.

Be as open in your mind and heart as possible.  Do not hold on too tightly to anything.   If you do not hold on too tightly you will be able to let go of old and toxic beliefs and patterns in your life.   If your mind and heart are open you will be able to experience new possibilities anddeeper healings.

Old ways and patterns that seem impossible to change will suddenly find new solutions.  Old ways of seeing life will suddenlybe left behind and you will have new eyes for life.

This spring will spike forward our progress into an Aquarian Age and its consciousness and way of life.     Early summer will bring us a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Grand Cross that will shake up our reality and move us all forward in our lives and in our viewpoints.

Expect over the next several years for our viewpoints to change radically about ourselves and our world.  Our preconceived notions, our prevailing Paradigms of our world are shifting and changing.   

The point to be made is that we do not possess all the answers as we believe we do.   Once everyone was convinced the Sun moved around the Earth and that the Earth was flat.   Those that believed otherwise were considered crazy or rebellious.

20 years ago few anticipated the revolution of the internet or that we could use something like Skype to see each other while talking to one another on computers.

Many more revolutionary changes are coming over the next 10 years, and spring/early summer 2010 will present us with clues and signs as to what some of these changes will be like.  Some will be very difficult, but will eventually clear the way for better times ahead.

And so many of these changes will be in our consciousness.

As we individually heal the wounds of our childhoods and past lives, we heal our separations from each other.   And as we make these healings, we learn to love and trust ourselves and the Universe. And as we learn to love and trust ourselves and the Universe, we learn to trust one another.    And as we learn to trust one another, we transform our world.    And as we transform our consciousness and world we have entered the Aquarian Age.

Get ready for huge openings and opportunities to transform your life and consciousness in accordance with the Aquarian Age.   The approaching astrological events will provide the energies and changes that promote these healings and transformations.

We will be assisted in releasing old attitudes, beliefs and patterns that hold us back from our personal evolution.   We can release the programming from families and culture that keep us locked in the old ways from an old age.

We can then connect more deeply with our authentic self and further our individuation process. We can then walk down our true life path in accordance with the Universe and the new Aquarian Age we are moving into.   

We then are contributing to the progress of our planet and our human community as it moves through tumultuous and volatile times in transition between Ages.

Week of March 21-March 27

Spring Equinox begins with the Sun moving into Aries. It happened on Saturday March 20 at 1:32 PM EDT. Light and dark moments of the day are exactly equal just as they are at Autumn Equinox.  But in autumn darker and colder energies will get stronger. The Yin side of life wants to emerge more fully into our lives and souls then.

At spring equinox we see the light increasing and warmer air coming in.  The Yang side of life wants to emerge more fully into our lives and souls.  Aries is yang.   It is force.  It is a spark of life, an ignition of fiery spirit.  It is the force of the buds wanting to burst through the branches of the trees.    Aries is straight forward and direct.  It loves challenge and action. It often thrives on competition even if it does not always welcome it.  Aries represents issues of courage and bravery and pushing forward past our fears.    Spring Equinox is Sun in Aries, but full season does not begin until the Aries New Moon on April 14.   That is when the action principle truly moves into our lives.  Until then we are still within the Pisces lunar cycle begun on March 15.

So continue your healing and slowly wake up before that April 14 date.  Don’t push your self too  much before that.   Still go with the Pisces flow while waking slowly.

On Sunday March 21 the Gemini moon will keep mind moving and nervous energy strong.   You will get a stop sign of Saturn opposite the newly spring equinox Sun in Aries.  If you have been getting too excited by the fiery energies of new beginnings of spring, you may feel frustrated tonight.  And you may have extra reason to pause on Sunday/Monday because of the state of a relationship.

On Tuesday March 23 and Wednesday March 24 the Moon is in homey and cozy Cancer.  Tuesday could be emotionally difficult because of challenging aspects to the Cancer Moon.  Wednesday should flow better.

The Moon goes into fiery Leo Thursday and Friday to combine with the fiery Sun in Aries.  Thursday is more likelyday for some  anger or arguments, as the Moon conjuncts Mars and the Sun squares Pluto.

On Saturday the Moon goes into Virgo to get your Saturday into getting things done and building some order in your life. 

“See” you next week,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

Please visit my website to find more writings and to get information about readings and other services.

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