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Spring Portal and Eclipse Season 2015 and Astrology Forecast March 15-21

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This week the Spring Portal and Spring Eclipse Season 2015 opens widely.

On March 16 Uranus makes exact square to Pluto for the 7th and last time.  Their first meet was in June 2012.   The breadth of their influence from the square is pretty much from 2010- 2017.   After that whatever they have brought to our human family in its evolution into the Age of Aquarius will begin to settle into our consciousness and lives.

What has been happening with Uranus square Pluto is an extension from the conjunction in 1965-66.   That conjunction started a new cycle for Uranus/Pluto, and that new beginning brought on the ’60s revolution.  That ’60s period was when the song “The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius” came out, and many sensed exactly that with all the changes that were swirling through lives.

And now we are even further along in that movement into the Age of Aquarius.  And the Uranus square Pluto aspect has been triggering events in both our personal and collective lives, so we may change our consciousness and lives in accordance with the Age’s frequencies.

This Spring Portal and Eclipse Season 2015 brings in stronger waves of change and greater awakening to the New Age. Strong light rays and beams of truth want to storm in, but of course there are blocks in our individual and collective consciousness that hold back the tide.

Those blocks collide with the new energies and can cause much turmoil in both individual and collective lives. The more you can let go of the old paradigm and outdated ways inside your self, the more easy your transition will be.

Of course that is more easily said than done, as change is not easy for most of us.  We tend to resist even when the change will be good for us.  What is familiar, even if painful or boring, acts like a security blanket for many.

Sometimes all we truly need to do, however, is to be open and flexible in our minds and hearts.  What we have previously believed to be right is not right anymore.

People used to think that the world was flat and that everything, planets and all, revolved around the Earth.

Televisions, radios, computers and airplanes were not even in our imaginations long ago.

Life changes as seasons change, and if we hold on too tightly to what used to be, we cause our selves great stress and disease, and miss the opportunities to learn, to grow, and to evolve.

And now we are in a new season of life on Earth, and this Spring Portal is accelerating our movement more fully into it.

After the Uranus/Pluto square on the 16th, later this week there is a most powerful Spring Equinox.  On the Spring Equinox day of Friday March 20 there is also a Total Solar Eclipse New Moon in Pisces.

That is a most unusual combination and promises a very change-full and powerful Spring 2015 season ahead.

If you are in the process of change already, the speed will pick up.  If you know change is needed but you have been putting it off, you can expect life to push you forward.

Holding on will now work well, so it is best to ride the tide. Do not expect the changes to be exactly on March 20. Consider that the center of the change and a time when the intensity is greatest.   But the actual events can happen any time this spring.

Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East are in the path of this eclipse.  So big events are more likely to erupt in those regions this spring.

Since the Solar Eclipse is in Pisces, the best strategy is to surrender to the energies and change.   Life may seem more difficult to comprehend and attempts to figure things out intellectually may not be as successful as usual.

Even though this is a New Moon Solar Eclipse, which by its nature promises new beginnings; at the same time the Pisces influence may bring us to ghosts of the past, and show us a rewind of old ways or events.

The opportunity, however, for consciousness shifts within that process is great.   You can dive deeper into the “soul” of people or life and experience more emotion and feeling.

Chaotic energies are more likely to erupt, and that chaos makes creativity more alive, and opens avenues that allow for change to happen.

When energies are controlled, change is held back.  When those controls are broken down, it may feel like chaos, yet what is really happening is an opening of the passages for change.

Much that will happen this week will be setting the table for even bigger events after April 18 at the next new moon, an Aries New Moon.

And in between is a Total Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Aries/Libra on April 4.

For this week, as the Spring Portal opens, there are events that are unfolding in the Middle East which we have explained before are most instrumental in our worldwide transformation and evolution into the Age of Aquarius.

On March 17,  just before the Spring Equinox Solar Eclipse, there is an important election in Israel that will show the way to who governs there. Will Netanyahu be reelected?  If so, war is more likely in that region.

On March 24 there is a deadline on forming a resolution about the nuclear program in Iran.  If that is passed or delayed peace is more likely.  If there is no agreement or much hope for one, then war is more likely.

An Age of Aquarius will have greater equality for all nations and cultures of the world, and that age will have Diversity within Unity as a way of being all over the world.  Do we need more conflict and pain before we get it? Or can our transition be more graceful?

Can we let go of needs for tragic power struggles that threaten us all since weapons of mass destruction are so prevalent in this world?  Or do we need to continue to learn the hard way, a learning experience that threatens all our lives?

Can we transform our economic structure so it serves all the people of the world? Or do we cling to a system that now shows 1% of the world populace owning 50% of the world’s wealth?

Change can very well happen in the form of stock market crashes and economic upheaval.  And this can happen soon.

I mentioned last March, just before the Cardinal Grand Cross, that the next 18 months would bring great world change.  We are now 6-8 months from that time period ending.

Empires, which began with at the beginning of the Pisces Age in Rome over 2000 years ago, are coming to an end. The American/Western Civilization Empire dominating our world now is coming to an end.

How that process unfolds is not totally known, but we must all be ready for changes in our lives in accordance with that change.

That does not mean we have dismal lives ahead.  This age brought an end to Rome, Ottoman Empire, British Empire, Austro-Hungarian Empire, Soviet Union, etc.

All those peoples have survived their transformation and so shall we.

But in order to facilitate an Age of Diversity within Unity, of equality in value for all peoples and ways of life;  there must be an end to Empires and Superpowers, and on a deeper level the notion that some are better and deserve more.

In your personal life the changes are so you can let go of the old skins of a life that fits you no more: of relationships and jobs and homes that are no longer reflective of who you are, or reflective of the life you are moving into- naturally.

Remember that the movement of the planets is reflective of Nature, its cycles and seasons.  And though humans can certainly affect the movements of “Nature”, in the end Nature rules, not our attempts to control.  We can destroy ourselves, but not Nature’s cycles and seasons, energies and lifeblood.

We are moving into an important phase of the passage into an Age of Aquarius:  Spring Portal and Eclipse Season 2015.

This week brings a storm of intensity that seeks to clear the passages to allow for greater transformation.

I have created a new YouTube presentation for the Spring Portal.

Till next week,


You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info..

Please feel free to find my services on my website  You can sign up for our newsletter there.

Leo Knighton Tallarico has been a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for 30 years

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