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Summer of Eclipses and Astrology Forecast for June 21-27.

Important world events are forming and intensifying as we approach closer and closer to the 3 eclipses for the summer of 2009.  The three eclipses are July 7, July 21, and August 5.   The time span for the eclipses’ intensity is from mid June to mid September.   The time span for their over-all influence long-term can be years.

Eclipses shake up our lives and our normal equilibrium so we can move with change.  There are breakdowns of the old, and breakthroughs into new territory.

North Korea and Iran are both on fire right now.  North Korea is intimidating the world order right now and during the eclipse period is likely to test a missile or do another nuclear test.   This will cause a major response from the world community and enormously change relations between North Korea and the world.

In Iran the forces of transformation are growing stronger as we approach the eclipses.  The power structure in Iran, led by top dog Supreme leader Ali Khamenei, is wanting to forcefully hold back the tides of change brought on by the candidacy of Mousavi, the revolutionary desires of young people and women, and the power struggles in the Iranian hierarchy.  Hundreds of thousands of people have been protesting on the streets of Tehran for there to be a re-election.  During the eclipse period we will continue to see this Iranian drama play out.  Likely for now the governmental powers will use grave force to maintain order and the status quo.  All of this will have influence on the quite likely confrontation later this year between Israel and Iran.  Israel will likely bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities before the year is out.

Also during this eclipse period the economy will show some big event or a few events that show us whether we are in for a very long recession or whether indeed we are turning the corner back to a healthy economy.  I suspect we are in for the long haul, during which time our economy will be transforming in a major way.

Major news about Pakistan will also come out during the eclipses.  And watch for changes in Peru, where there is a fight between the indiginous peoples who want to save the rain forest and their natural land from attempts by government to raze the land for its resources and oil drilling.

The world is shifting and changing more and more as we move closer to the Mayan new world prophecy of December 2012.  We are also moving closer to the Aquarian Age beginning of December 2020.    The structure and substance of our world will transform in big ways on the way to the  New World.   Our economy will never be the same again.  The balance of power in the world will change tremendously.

Likely the world economic structure will transform from a mostly capitalistic one to one that combines capitalism and socialism.  Likely we will move from a world run by a Superpower, the United States, to a multipolar world with the USA, China, Russia, India, Pakistan, Europe, and Iran being the powers.

We will eventually become a world that has equality of nations as its foundation, as well as a greater sharing of resources and wealth.

The eclipses will be a time period of great spiking of change toward this New Age.   Everyone will be pushed to to get themselves ready for the paradigm shift into the Aquarian Age, which is getting closer and closer.  Events will continue to intensify to help us change our belief systems and lives in attunement with this great shift.

We will be of course be writing more about the eclipses and how they will impact your life as we get actually into the eclipses.   A new forecast will be up every week Saturday night or Sunday.

Astrology Forecast for week of June 21-June 27

Sunday the 21st of June is one of the four major turning points of the year, the Summer Solstice.  Each turning point brings a shift to a new season.   In the Northern Hemisphere summer begins this year on June 20/21, depending on where you live.  In Europe and the east coast and midwest  it is the 21st, and in the rest of the USA it is on the 20th.  On the East coast USA the time is 1:46 AM when the summer season begins.

At the point when the summer season begins, daylight minutes are at their greatest of the year and there are less night minutes than any other time of the year.  This is the zenith of light and yang energies.  Nature is in its abundance.  The supportive powers of nature are all around us.  From now until winter the light grows slowly dimmer, as the dark gets very slowly stronger.

It is Cancer time of year, a time to think less about work and obligations and more about nature, the beach, relaxation, family, and vacation.  People born with the Sun in Cancer are people who appreciate real intimate contact with close friends or family, but can be very shy with others.  If they are hurt they withdraw into their shells and do not truly want to relate to others.   They are run by the Moon, a “planet” which runs more on feelings than logic or success orientation.   Cancers are great to turn to if you are in trouble, as they can be very non-judgmental and nurturing.  They often love to take care of those who are vulnerable, like babies.  They have more allegiance to the mother than the father, unless the father is the one who is the more nurturing and less demanding parent.

The next day the 22nd of June is the New Moon in Cancer at 3:35 PM EDT.   This New Moon is opposed by the powerful planet Pluto.  Expect the next month to have many transformational events, and of course the eclipse season of 2009 begins during this lunar cycle.   Many feelings may come up during this time period about family.  Some will face family crises, while others will move into very sad feelings about those family members who have departed or are far away or are suffering.  Emotions will get closer to the surface now.

Mid day on Wednesday the 24th the Moon will move out of Cancer and into Leo, to bring some relief into fun activities.  On the 25th/26th, however, Mercury squares Saturn,  and on the 27th the Moon in Virgo conjuncts Saturn. So be careful not to dwell on your worries for too long, or to  get too mentally obsessive.

We will have much more to say about eclipse activities over the next several weeks, so stay tuned every Saturday or Sunday for a New forecast and blog.

In the meantime visit my web site to see more writings, and if you hit the Services bar you can find out more about my readings and spirtual counseling sessions.  These readings/sessions are best for those of you going through changes or crisis or at a crossroads time in your life.

“See” you next weekend.

Leo Knighton Tallarico

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