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Summer Solstice and Lunar Eclipse Grand Cross Full Moon, June 20-26

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

Today, Saturday June 19, we are only 2 days away from the summer solstice 2010, which is the beginning moment of a summer which ought to be long remembered.   One week from today there is a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon Grand Cross , and two weeks afterward there is a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer.

A Lunar Eclipse can only happen at a Full Moon.   Solar Eclipses always happen at New Moons.     Eclipses are exponentially many times more powerful than a  normal full moon or new moon.  Usually surrounding the times of the eclipses, we are taken off of our normal balance emotionally and energetically.    Events and energy shifts may be experienced weeks before the astrological event, and then reach an energetic climax close to the event.    Afterwards there can be a release of energy. There are usually big breakdowns and big breakthroughs that occur surrounding the eclipse.    Personal and world events connected to the eclipses can begin a few weeks prior to the eclipse and last a few months afterward.  The overall repercussions can last for years.

 This is especially true this year because the lunar eclipse is also aspected by “outer” planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto to form a grand cross of planets.   These outer planets together in the grand cross of the eclipse promise much transformational energies in our lives.  This transformation is true for all of us collectively, but some people will be more affected because they have natal planets which fall closely within the grand cross formation. 

Their lives will have the most movement, the most challenge for shifts and shakeups and changes. It is time to let go of old attitudes, old ways, old patterns that no long serve the person and their soul’s progress. It is time to move forward into a new chapter of one’s life.   Sometimes there are big surprises that happen within days of the eclipse to shake up someone’s life, but more often events have surfaced before the eclipse and intensify leading up to it.

As an example, flotillas filled with supplies sailed for the port of Gaza to bring supplies and aid to the people there.  This flotilla of ships came from Turkey. It was stopped and boarded by military from Israel on May 31, approximately 3 weeks before the lunar eclipse.  The lunar eclipse falls closely within Israel’s natal chart from its birth of May 14, 1948.   It makes close aspect to the Israeli Venus in Cancer, a planetary placement that represents Israeli relationship ties, and its sense of values, security and well being.

Turkey especially, and much of the rest of the world are enraged with Israel and how it invaded the ship in international waters and hence killed 9 Turkish nationals in the process. No Israels were killed. Tensions between muslim Turkey and Israel reached fever pitch then. Tensions between Iran and Israel have intensified.

Now as we are one week away from the eclipse, other flotillas of ships from Lebanon and Iran are sailing to break the blockade of Gaza and bring in more supplies.     It remains to be seen what will happen close to the eclipse, but planets will continue to form a grand cross not too far from the Israeli Venus for most of the summer, beyond the date of the actual Lunar Eclipse. And in fact the Israeli Venus will continue to be in aspect of transformational planets for three more years.

So we can look at the Lunar Eclipse as a portal into a new season of relationships and well being for Israel. Events will continue for 3 more years which will have great affect on the security of Israel in the Middle East region of the world.

It will certainly, during this time, transform its relationships with its neighbors in the region.  This could happen through war or peace or a combination of the two. Because the Middle East, where so many religions have been born, has been named in so many prophecies as the “battle ground” leading us into the transition between an old age and a new one, we can see the importance of what transpires there.

We are moving to a world of unity, in diversity and equality, as we enter this new Aquarian Age.  What happens in the Middle East, starting this year and through the next several years, will show the way forward.  As it is the birth place of so many spirtual traditions, it is important how it works out its relationships with one another there and how each spiritual tradition stays true to its original messages of peace and love and justice and compassion.

Whatever happens there will clear the way for a renewed spirtuality in many different forms. It will eventually open the way for an Aquarian Age of respect and tolerance for all races, religions and ways of the Earth.

But how ugly will it need to get before it transforms into a New Age?   As many prophecies have suggested, will World War 3 begin there in the Middle East?  Can we shift world and individual energies sufficiently to avoid this horror?    What can you do in your life to help out?

It is interesting how many people in their families, relationships, and work situations have been facing serious challenges also.    Can we work out our differences without going to “war” with one another.   If you are separating or divorcing your mate, can you work it out amicably or do you need to make them your enemy?

In other personal situations that come up during this eclipse season, it will be important to know if you need to stick with someone or some situation to work it out, or if you need to leave.   Sometimes old patterns can be changed within the old situation or relationship.  Other times it is essential to leave in order to change personal patterns, to personally evolve, lead a more authentic life, be more healthy in mind and spirit.

Know this eclipse season, this intense summer season of 2010, is an entryway into your own personal new season of your life, a new chapter in the book of your life.  This will be especially true if you are born in late March, June, September or December or if you have any natal planets in the early degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn.  And the transformation is only beginning.   Your life is meant to clear away the deadwood so you can more fully blossom into who you really are and what you are meant to do on this planet.

Know that all that happens is meaningful in this sacred life journey.  Channges that arise are meant to give you the necessary experiences or lessons to further your soul’s growth.

Week of June 20-26

Sunday is the last day of spring 2010. Summer Season begins on Monday June 21 at 7:28 AM EDT, 4:28 AM PDT at the solstice.   That day brings the most light of day and least dark moments of the year.  Yang energies are at their most zentih of the year. Yin energies are at their nadir moment of the year.  Energies of nature at their greatest abundance now, as the Sun moves into the nurturing energies of Cancer.  After the solstice, light begins to wane and dark begins to wax forward. By autumn they will be equal again, and at winter solstice dark and cold reign.

This summer solstice chart has a grand cross already:  Sun at 0 degrees Cancer, Pluto 4 degrees Capricorn, Uranus and Jupiter 0 degrees Aries, and Satrun widely in the cross at 28 degress of Virgo.   This chart gives us the signature of summer 2010, a time of challenging events to take us forward with our lives and consciousness.

The following days leading up to the eclipse next Saturday will show intensification of energies and events.  The actual Lunar Eclipse is in Cancer/Capricorn, 4 degrees 50 minutes, happens on Saturday June 26 at  7:30 AM EDT and 4:30 AM PDT. Pluto is conjunct the eclipsed moon closely at 4 degrees 5 minutes.  Jupiter and Uranus at 1+ degree of Aries and Saturn at almost 29 degrees of Virgo form a Grand Cross of planets.

This will be followed two weeks later by a Solar Eclipse at 19+ degrees of Cancer on July 11. The intensity will continue.  Shifting tides of events will continue throughout the summer of 2010 and beyond.

Talk with you next week,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

Please visit my website  for more writings and information about services. You can also write me at

Next Saturday June 26, on the day of the Lunar Eclipse, I will begin Perspectives from the Sky on blog talk radio. It will be at 1 PM EDT.   Go a few minutes before 1 PM to and in the search box put in Perspectves from the Sky. First show will be 15 minutes of Forecast. Later it will become longer show with guests and other features.  It will have call-in feature also.

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