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Summer Solstice Solar Eclipse, Mercury Retrograde, and Astrology Forecast June 14-20.

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Important week ahead, as we move into Summer Solstice this Saturday June 20 at 2:44 PM EDT.

This is not the usual Summer Solstice, however, astrologically speaking.

That is because of the fact that Summer Solstice on June 20 this year synchronizes with a powerful and meaningful Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer June 20 at 11:41 PM PDT.  

With the Solar Eclipse so close to Summer Solstice,  Summer 2020 shows a signature for this summer that promises much intensity, change, transformation, and more shaking up of the status quo in America and in the World.

The last time Summer Solstice connected with an eclipse was on June 21 2001. It was then also a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer.

I wrote in our Spiritual Renaissance magazine that Summer 2001 would be powerful and transformational  and would put the USA in danger.  I put a picture of the Tower Card of Tarot at the top of that article.  That picture shows a burning tower with people jumping out of it.

That picture and article obviously caught wind of what was coming that Summer.  There were many other planetary movements that summer, including Saturn opposite Pluto ( the last time Saturn/Pluto made important connection with one another).  Saturn/Pluto together can be quite destructive and ruthless like a major tornado or earthquake can be.

 This year 2020 in January,  Saturn made conjunction with Pluto again, their first major meeting since the twin towers tragedy.   That January 2020 conjunction synchronized with Covid and the Stock Market nosediving.  

Those events began to make our human family feel very insecure and afraid, as the security of a healthy body and financial stability have felt very threatened.

The Summer of 2001 had Saturn opposite Pluto,  as we just stated, but it also brought in Jupiter conjunct Pluto, which is also happening this Summer 2020. That Summer of 2001 was the last time they were conjunct, until now.

On June 29, during this current Eclipse Season, Jupiter will conjunct Pluto.  It is the 2nd time this year for that configuration. The 1st time was on April 4 when Jupiter and Pluto were at 24+ degrees of Capricorn.   This next time they will conjunct will also be at 24+ degrees of Capricorn.

The last pass of that conjunction will be on November 12, during another Eclipse Season, and just after the Presidential Election at 22+ degrees of Capricorn.

Capricorn represents structures, institutions, and anything that is considered a solid security system.  Saturn/Pluto tends to uproot any structures or systems that are without  spirit or reason for being anymore.  They need to be transformed into something that again carries meaning and spirit.

The Empire is on shaky ground, as some of its institutions are on life support systems. The world and especially  the USA is shedding old skins of a paradigm that has lost connection with the needs of the world and its peoples and creatures.

The current Economic system does not meet the needs of most of the people on Earth.  The Military and Police need overhaul also, which has gotten even more obvious with the George Floyd murder.

The Military Industrial Complex is the lifeblood of the Empire and with the economy and police/military facing threats, we are in the process of transforming the Empire, so that the world can be in alignment with the needs of the people and their Earth Home.

So this current week gives us a Solar Eclipse New Moon on Summer Solstice, promising an important and powerful Summer Season ahead.

That New Moon Solar Eclipse is in Cancer, so issues with family, mothers, natural ways, and the Great Feminine will come out to be focused on and healed when needed.

Also this week on June 17/18 Mercury goes Retrograde while Venus is still Retrograde. Mercury stays Retrograde until July 12.  Venus stays Retrograde until June 25.

So while we are experiencing the important Solar Eclipse New Moon on June 20/21,  it is best to stay aware that the planets of relating and communicating are going backwards so to speak.

Mercury going Retrograde mid-week gets us questioning even more “what is really going on”, what is true or false, what is reality?

Rewinding in our minds and hearts what we used to be doing, especially in regards to relating and relationships, is normal now.

It is definitely not a good time to make big decisions or start major projects.  Keep as centered and focused as you can, without pushing a strong agenda of how things must go.

Out in the world the Culture War is moving toward an edge.  It will get worse before it gets better.

The protests and riots for people of color and human rights will stay strong.  Also in the last few years protests for Women’s rights have also been strong.  And before that,  rights for our LGBTQ brothers and sisters have made great gains.

These movements cannot be stopped.  But there are people and groups who will likely get more enraged and violent that this new world is the future. This is our Culture War.

And in the world at large there will be more protests and riots not only for peoples in the USA but all over the world. The Palestinian people are also on the verge of rising up to confront Israel.  Peoples in Taiwan and Hong Kong also want their freedoms.

Issues of Chaos and Order will intensify this summer.   The breakdown of old ways brings with it the chaos. The aggressive dominating militaristic energies seek to bring back the old Order. And the strengthening of those aggressive efforts at Order brings even more Chaos from those who resist that old order.

In our personal lives, we each need to get in deep touch with the stories we carry in our minds and hearts that keep us stuck in an old paradigm, in our own old Order.

So much progress can be made now to bring down  the old stifling and restraining controls over our free spirits and souls.

And those efforts will open the doors and windows into a New Chapter of our lives.

That New Chapter brings us into our Authenticity, our natural Connections, our  sense of purpose and reason for being.

It can be painful and scary at times to let go of what we have known and have been clinging to.  But just as Nature changes seasons,  we move from an old chapter of our lives to a new one. And overall we are now witness to a changing from one age to a new Age, the Age of Aquarius.

This week get down into a most important transition into Summer Season 2020 with the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer.

And do your best to trust the process, no matter what it looks or feels like on the surface.

Mercury and Venus being Retrograde may play tricks on your mind and heart at times, so resist jumping to conclusions or changing directions as of yet.

Let these Eclipses play out, and let the Retrogrades play out too. The winds are at our backs for transforming out of old stuck ruts and releasing what is not right for us. Those winds are also ready to deliver fresh new flowers for our journey into new and better horizons.

Till next week,


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