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The Brief Pause and Astrology Forecast October 1-7

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

Now that Eclipse Season is over, there is a quite noticeable decrease in intensity, both in personal lives and in world affairs.  The storm has passed. 

And quite a storm it was, literally and figuratively.  There were some actual powerful hurricanes and earthquakes; war drums beating loudly in Korea; and culture wars getting stronger as can be seen in Charlottesville and surrounding the Kapernick protests.

These issues have not gone away, but are resting relatively peacefully as we go through civilized and relational Sun in Libra time of year

We are gathering ourselves, picking up the pieces, figuring out where we are at in our lives and consciousness,  and looking for clarity and direction.

Clarity and direction are still allusive for many, even after the Eclipse Season and Mercury going back Direct again.

For example- in the greater world,  even though the North Korea issue has lost some of the steam of  potential war; it is not clear what will happen next.

Before long there will be changing tides into more intensity, beginning on October 10 when Jupiter leaves balanced and peaceful Libra and enters passionate and intense Scorpio. Jupiter will stay in Scorpio for about a year.

When the Sun also goes into Scorpio on October 22/23, intensity will grow even more.

Libra is relational and always intends to listen to others, abide by civilized societal rules, and find balance between differing opinions and needs.

It is relational on a mostly mental or heart level, and seeks the pleasant and the “good”.

Scorpio seeks emotional connection in a passionate way, not caring much for how issues are nicely decorated. It wants to get to the core of those issues. And it wants to know someone fully, the good, the bad, and the ugly. It wants what is “real”.

So as we move from Libra energies to Scorpio ones, that which has been buried for the sake of peace, will tend to rear its ugly head again.

Anything that  has not been fully resolved or even fully expressed yet, will tend to erupt again.

But for now we can lean peacefully into the Libra pleasant zone, and find some sanity and balance.  Two planets still in Virgo,  Venus and Mars, seek order and analytical logic. And great intensity is anathema to them, as it is to Libra

There is not much in the chaotic zones this week, so enjoy the tempering of the energies and use them to realign yourself now.

The transformational energies were enormous in August and September, especially surrounding the Total Solar Eclipse in Leo toward the end of August.

You have likely released much of what was ready to be let go, and let in the light of new energies that are more resonant with your own new paradigm and new chapter for your life.

Have you taken the leap forward like the Fool card in Tarot? Do you trust being in the new zone that has been opening up for you?

Likely there is more to come, and the transformational process has more room to grow.

In the greater world,  the changes have been swirling through us in an accelerated manner.

Trump’s presidential world is foreign to most of us, as no previous president has been so non presidential, nor so narcissistic or so vengeful around often petty concerns.

Look at this world. How can transformation be mostly over? It is not.  There is so much that needs to be broken down and released.  Our collective world has such crazy priorities, such often hypocritical ways; and such abusive treatment of those judged to be different, those who are considered “less than”, and those who have been designated enemies.

Many of our institutions reflect those diseased ways of being.  We will never be more ready for great transformation of our world.

And since so much of our world is dominated by the Military/Industrial Complex that President Eisenhower warned us about, the institutions that keep that dominance must be vastly transformed or ended.

The North Korea issue will not go away. Syria and the Middle East are on only a brief break. And our world economy and health system are needing to dramatically transform into ones that are more fair for all of the humans on this Earth.

And the breakdowns of the old order and paradigm are a large part of the process to get to that new age.

And with Donald Trump as president, it is assured that the road to that new age will be quite rocky and difficult.

Yet in our personal lives we can more gracefully transform our consciousness and life if we are awake to the process and what needs to change.

Putting our head in the sand will make the process more stormy, and holding on for dear life to what needs to be let go will bring us more pain.

Change can be stressful and not very comfortable,  but you must admit that a flat line existence is boring and tends to kill our soul, spirit, and heart.

This week will be relatively tame, except around the Aries Full Moon on Thursday October 5.  The few days surrounding that lunation should be more intensified, especially concerning relationships.

With the Full Moon giving us Sun in Libra and Moon in Aries, we will be balancing our needs with needs of others, and balancing being civilized and peaceful versus being more straightforward, direct and even combative.

In the greater world,  determining war (Aries) or peace (Libra) could be in discussions.

And Pluto is square to that Full Moon alignment, adding much more intensity and passion to our relationship issues.  And Pluto is the wild card this week that could bring us back to some storminess and out of the peacefulness this week.  It also potentially adds more energies for deep transformation, often as a breakthrough during difficult interactions with others.

This Aries Full Moon will be at 2:40 PM EDT. 

Mars conjunct Venus in Virgo will happen that same day, adding a need to fix things and people, and possibly being obsessive in seeking exact order or perfection to things.

Do your best to stay out of ugly power struggles around this Full Moon, and instead search for win/win resolutions with others.

Till next week,


I will do a video early October on the state of our world and personal lives since the Total Solar Eclipse in Leo of August 21.

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