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The Force of Change Now and Astrology Forecast March 29- April 4

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This week energies for action  increase substantially, but early in the week you may face a temporary stop sign for those energies.

Nothing however will slow down or mute powerful Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn later this week, a force that will explode into our consciousness and lives this week. They are exactly conjunct on April 4, the date of the Webinar I will be presenting on 4/4/4.

Jupiter is the god on the highest, on Mount Olympus, where the gods and goddesses gathered together.  He was considered the ultimate god, energetically rising and expanding, inspiring and uplifting

Pluto is god of the underworld, delving beneath the Earth for deeper truths, hidden agendas, lost souls, deeper insight, death and rebirth in the process of transformation

Pluto and Jupiter have a most difficult relationship with one another as they operate at cross purposes. Pluto goes far down and Jupiter goes far up.

Together they are explosive, and as such can change the direction or trajectory of whatever has been previously decided or committed to. They can also open up and move most anything that has been previously stuck or trapped or repressed.

We are still in the waxing half of the lunar cycle this week, a cycle that began at the Aries New Moon on March 24.

Aries New Moons almost always suggest (or demand) that we shake off the cobwebs of Winter in a very assertive manner.

Last Winter was quite dark and inhospitable.   The coronavirus scare began and soon after the stock market took many dives into fear and panic.

Saturn conjunct Pluto, and 2 powerful eclipses near the beginning of Winter, set the stage for the surreal world we were about to enter.

And now one season later,  that same virus and same struggling stock market and economy have built up much momentum for debilitating fear and panic within the crowd of our programmed humanity.

Yes we are in a large crisis, all of us together.  We truly are ONE large human family, now more evidently than ever, connected by soul, heart, mind and body.

And it is the body of our family being severely threatened: Our actual individual bodies threatened by a deadly virus; and the material security of our finances.

And of course our souls, spirits, and minds have been greatly threatened as a result.

We must now know and accept that what is happening is happening for meaningful reasons. This is not random “bad luck” or punishment for our sins, though there may be some human collective karma thrown into the “reasons”.  And I believe this is not “doom and gloom end of the world”.

We are in the transition between an Age of Pisces and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius.

And since we are only about 9 months away from a “turning of the corner” into the Age of Aquarius (as signified by the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction at 0+ degrees of AQUARIUS on Winter Solstice this year). And that event is less than two months after a most important Presidential Election.

And by a not just mere coincidence, Mercury changes directions back to Direct on Election Day.  Meaningfully, that is what Mercury was doing on the day of the Presidential Election in November 2000, when Bush and Gore ran against one another.  To stations went back and forth all night from Gore winning or Bush winning.

We have so much to discuss at the Webinar next Saturday the 4th of April. Since 2020 reduces to a 4, our webinar is on 4/4/4. 

If you want to attend write me at  Cost is $20. There is a series of Webinars (all on Zoom) on the first Saturday of the next 3 months- 4 in all. All 4 together costs $70. If you cannot attend you can purchase the recording.

This week begins in the waxing half of the Aries lunar cycle, which is strengthened by the 2nd quarter beginning on April 1. 

Prior to that 2nd quarter beginning, Mars goes into Aquarius on March 30, bringing the force of revolution into a New Age.

But Mars is presented with a strong STOP sign the next day on the 31st of March, as Saturn conjuncts that same Mars. That Stop sign is for pause, that pause to make commitment to embody are higher ideals.

We are forming deep within our Collective Souls a joining together that is more powerful than all the armies and banks in the world.

That Collective is inhabited by a Soul Force for the Age of Aquarius.  Love and Truth guide us,  fear is only let in for short spurts of time. Panic must be nipped in the bud, before it becomes a black hole of despair.

Venus goes into Gemini this week on April 3. It will stay in Gemini for a long time as it goes Retrograde there on May 13.

Mars this year goes Retrograde also, in Aries on September 9.  Mars, god of war, stays in Aries until January 2021. Mars loves to be in Aries, its sign of purest expression.  War involving Israel is likely then.

These two planets, Mars and Venus, represent respectively Male and Female.  This year our relationships are ready to transform in order to create a unity that cannot be destroyed as long as Love and Truth guide the way. Our Yin and Yang energies need to be more true to their essence. And from that incorporation of Truth for what they each represent and embody, comes a strong desire to be balanced with one another, to be unified like the Yin/Yang symbol.

This virus and stock market will keep us in crisis mode until our collective souls and minds recognize and integrate the opportunities for Aquarian Age evolution and revolution for our human family.

We are now still fighting the culture wars here in the USA and our political parties are a large part of it.  How bad do  things need to get before we recognize our Soul connections and begin assisting one another? I already have been seeing signs of this in our world, people helping people regardless of religion, sexual orientation, privilege, etc.

Back in the Day our not too distant ancestors in America faced a Great Depression sandwiched between 2 World Wars.  It made our country more unified and many began to realize all Americans are part of the same American Family.

Now the Unity needs have expanded.  We need the whole globe of people coming together, knowing we are parts of the same Family regardless of country, religion, political connection or sexual orientation.

This Virus is showing us how small this world really is now, as we are so interdependent with one another.

And stock markets have been falling all over the world, affecting the sense of security and well being for all of us.  We in the USA and Western Civilization have known more prosperity and comfort than most of the world.

In a world of Equals and of Diversity within Unity, we in the west will learn we are not in essence Superior to than any other culture or country.   We need to come back to our cherished values, and demote our desires for wealth and Fame.  We are being given the opportunity to rearrange our priorities now.

Soul values have been largely ignored over the years as power and wealth have been put on a value pedestal.

Now the higher values are ready to stream more and more into our Consciousness and Lives. And the Jupiter conjunct Pluto aspect of April 4 will be most helpful of that process of integrating higher with deeper values.

The Saturn/Pluto conjunction from last January is close by degree to the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction now.

Whatever began this last winter will meet up with an equal force this Spring. That force will tend to strengthen what was developed back in the Winter or it will provide energies to combat what was developed back then- or more likely both strengthen and combat.

This is a time of great Transformation. Do your best to stay focused on that reality.  Everything seems to be falling apart. In reality the falling apart is part of a large bigger picture.

The falling apart should help you to release what needs to go.  Do not hang on too tightly to anything, especially not the shore of the river of your old normal reality.

Till next week,


Please join me at a webinar I will be presenting on April 4 at 10:30 AM PDT.  I will be talking about our lives now, as seen through the eyes of Astrology.  We will also discuss charts of countries, world leaders, stock market, etc.  How long will this crisis all last?What’s next? How is this all connected to the Age of Aquarius? What is happening and needs to happen in our consciousness, our beliefs, to be more aligned with where we are moving toward? What needs to change in our lives?  How will the world be altered? $20 fee. There will be 3 more in the series- $20 each or $70 for all 4.

Write me at if you are interested in joining the webinar or have questions you need answered.

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