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The Future is Now and Astrology Forecast May 23- 29

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

New Moon in Taurus began Spring Eclipse Season on May 11. A quite serious conflict between Israel and Palestine began close to the time of that New Moon. For many of us, wherever we are at, the level of intensity in our lives has been increasing also.

That conflict in the Middle East has stopped, at least temporarily. The echoes from that conflict will continue to vibrate in our collective human consciousness.

This coming week brings us the first of 2 eclipses: A Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Gemini/Sagittarius on May 26 at 7:14 AM EDT.

All eclipses intensify the energy field, as they “seek” to take us off our old sense of normal and balanced. Being taken off balance helps to move with change, not fight it.

The Gemini/Sagittarius combination brings up issues that demand problem solving. Gemini is connected to the objective facts of a situation. At its best, it is a communicator who takes in information and delivers information as a journalist is trained to do. Gemini does not spin the truth, it intends to speak the unvarnished truth.

Sagittarius is a sign of understanding, judging, resolving, and finding meaning. It takes in the facts and from there comes to answers and conclusions. It does often need to check itself against spinning the Truth or making unfair judgment.

Gemini needs to check itself against information overload and/or getting mentally scattered.

So be cognizant over the 4 or 5 days surrounding this Full Moon, of needs to solve and resolve, find higher meaning, and make “judgments” on what is right or wrong in a given situation.

Sagittarius can be quite excited and even manic. Gemini can be “all over the place” with its thinking.

They can talk together for hours. Talking and coming up with new ideas is more likely than focused action at this time

Actions taken can be done impulsively with this Full Moon in Sagittarius. Jumping too fast to conclusions can happen at this Full Moon in Sagittarius.

Out in the greater world let’s hope people watch their words and can distinguish between accurate intuition or information; and on the other hand needs to persuade in order to get what one wants.

This energy combination of this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini/Sagittarius can start conflicts if ungrounded in one’s ideas, opinions, intuitions, or actions.

But on the other hand this lunation often brings great communication and problem solving if egos can stay out of the situations.

This potentially very lively Lunar Eclipse can open up previously stuck relationships or stuck minds and hearts.

Just a few days before this Lunar Eclipse, gravity ruling Saturn goes from Direct to Retrograde on Sunday May 23.

Grave is of course at the root of gravity, and oftentimes Saturn puts out heavy energy. It is the ruling planet of “shoulds” , obligations, responsibilities, commitments and endings. It sometimes feels like gloom and doom. It is the Death card in Tarot

Yet it also can bring in quite positive goal setting, plans, desires for accomplishments and success. For those free spirits who never seem to accomplish, Saturn brings in grounded energy, focused energy, and structure that can hold even the wildest of behaviors.

It can also brings up control issues and issues of authority. It can be a real “downer” when depressed, one that closes hearts and stops the music. But as a servant to soul and spirit, not boss of them, it brings feelings of safety and security, mastery and success.

So we have a real energetic difference in planetary alignments this week. Saturn’s seriousness and Gemini/Sagittarius liveliness.

More conflicts and economic challenges will continue to be more “in our faces”, and this Spring Eclipse Season will be a breeding ground for those issues. Military Industrial Complex is in early stages of downturn and transformation. When Pluto Return is exact in the next couple of years all will be more evident.

Keep in mind that what is happening is a birthing of the Age of Aquarius. There is much magic and greater light pushing against the cracks in the wall of our old consciousness and paradigm in order to “get in” our consciousness, minds and hearts. Signs, symbols, synchronicities come in with them.

That is the Universe “talking” to us, letting us know that the connections, the Love and Truth energies are growing more and more. To the extent that we are able to release the old world beliefs and attitudes from our minds, hearts and consciousness; we then have more open space for letting in the Age of Aquarius.

Yours and my dedication to moving beyond the growingly cynical mindset of many Earth humans, the more evident will be the glowing aura of the New Paradigm

And much more of this New World will reveal itself as the ETs, and other-dimensional beings show up in the open spaces of our minds and hearts the next few years. I am sure you are noticing how mainstream Pentagon and branches of the service are disclosing info collected about UFO’s, ET’s and other-dimensionals.

Saturday May 29, as Mercury changes direction to Retrograde, Peter Sterling and Ron D’Amico will be our guests on the next edition of Perspectives from the Sky radio on the Oneness Network.

Ron is a Sedona healer and experienced traveler of New Consciousess.

Peter has some fascinating stories of his experiences with ETs. over many years. He is also a master harpist who may be able to share that gift with us as well.

Here is how to get to view the radio show live or recorded:

Perspectives Radio show continues Saturday May 29 at 1 PM PDT:

Oneness Talk Radio Facebook:

Oneness Talk Radio Homepage:

For youtube, you can subscribe to Oneness talk radio youtube so that you can be instantly notified once show goes live.

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