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The One and the Many and Astrology Forecast September 12-18

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Here in the Northern Hemisphere of planet Earth, we can feel Summer 2021 beginning to come to a close.

Officially Autumn 2021 begins on September 22 at 3:21 PM Eastern Daylight Time, but usually people start feeling Autumn breezes in their soul right after Labor Day in the USA.

Autumn Equinox is symbolically the Sunset time of year, when light begins to give way to night. Autumn Equinox brings a moment of equality between light and dark minutes of the day. Only one other time of year brings such equality: Spring Equinox in late March.

Spring Equinox brings the Turning Point toward more and more light; Autumn Equinox brings the Turning Point toward more and more darkness.

And now as I write this on 9/11 2021, ( 20 years since the date of the attack), I feel a serious emotional psychological downturn.

With strong Scorpio and Virgo influences now as I write this, Reality is demanding we let it be seen and felt.

Escapism and dissociation not allowed into consciousness now; instead there is a strong pull to be present, to be mindful, to focus, to listen.

Counter to that, with Moon in Sagittarius on Tuesday September 14; the Sun in Virgo makes exact opposition to Neptune (God of the Sea and the Fog).

Strong doses of reality (Virgo) meet up with “go with the flow” Neptune early in the week. Let go and let it happen. Lack of trust is all that can limit you from your updated connection with the Universe.

Always remember the Divine Order that is swirling around and inside you. Everything may not feel good now, nor be what we thought we wanted; but like the Stones sang many years ago….”you get what you need”.

And what we need, our “Higher Self” understands and welcomes; but our “Ego Self” resists its lack of control.

“My will is thy will” does not mean you are subservient to the Universe or God or the “Powers that Be”. It simply means you recognize that you are aligned (not subservient) with the Universe.

If there is an internal power struggle between you and the Universe, you are off course and “going it alone”. Meditation and Nature are great ways to get re-connected, as is Music, Art, and Emotional Intimacy.

A fair comparison is in Relationship: If your will is in a tug-of-war to the end with the will of your partner, you both need to surrender to your process with the Universe. A Win/Win scenario is under wraps, but easily found for those who are sincerely seeking.

So much of our world and country are now in Tugs-Of-War: Republicans and Democrats; Progressives and Conservatives; Blue states and Red States; Men and Women; Western World and China/Russia; anti vaxers and vaxers; etc.

They are each playing to win, apparently not really looking for what will join them. And without such desire for Unity, War is the Only answer.

And War is right now looking like Reality, in so many spheres of life. The Circle holding the opposites together within the Yin/Yang symbol has broken apart for those subservient to Old World values of dog eat dog, winner takes all, every man for himself, etc.

The Yin/Yang symbol shows us Diversity within Unity as each opposite energy stays true to its authenticity, while allowing the Circle of Life to join them in Unity.

While the likely wars will destroy so much, including the old economy; it is all meant to be – in order to create and manifest a new order- The consciousness for the Age of Aquarius.

Truth is what shows us individuality and authenticity; Love is what shows us to the Unity.

Love and Truth are holding space for us, as we go through the intense process of coming together as One.

October, with many planets going back Direct, shows us a Turning Point; November/December shows us the Eclipses that reflect the powerful Transformation waiting on our collective human doorstep.

Next “radio” show is on Saturday September 25.

Till next week,


Next Radio show on September 25

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