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The Shaky Path to Impeachment and Inauguration and Astrology Forecast January 10-16.

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

Quite a week we just passed through. Even though it felt shocking to see the Capital building invaded by MAGA people; we have known that they would do something like that. And you know there is more to come.

The next couple of weeks leading up to the Presidential Inauguration are filled with strong and meaningful planetary alignments. A big focus will be on the North and South nodes of the Moon in the USA natal chart.

The USA True North node is at 6+ degrees of Leo in its 8th house, and the South Node is at 6+ degrees of Aquarius in its second house.

There is a need to combine solid Aquarian principles with self empowerment to make those principles real and actualized.

People and countries as well usually go from extreme to extreme when working out the challenges of the Nodes.

In this case the Aquarian principles are very lofty and idealistic. The USA has its natal Moon in Aquarius too and its inner values as stated in its original documents are about freedom, equality, diversity within unity, liberation, and recognizing that the world needs to be “of the people, by the people and for the people”- not kings, queens, dictators, corporations, or dominating governments.

And that 8th house Leo North Node shows we need to be able to learn how to own and wield individual power without abusing it.

Pluto was conjunct USA North node when World War II began; when atomic bombs were dropped on Japan; when Dr.King was assassinated Mars in Taurus exactly squared the nodes.

The challenge of handling power appropriately has haunted the USA through time.

Now there is a culture war growing in the USA, which has elements of a Civil War from the 1860s, which has not seen closure yet.

These next two weeks before Inauguration Day on January 20 bring so many aspects connected to the USA nodes.

First however, we experience a New Moon in Capricorn on Tuesday January 12. That Capricorn energy alerts us to the fact that it is time to “get down to business”, to take responsibility, to make goals and plans that we commit to following through on.

And during this Capricorn solar cycle, which includes the Inauguration, we have these planetary formations connected to the USA nodes. And planetary aspects to the nodes often represent times when powerfully fated events occur.

On January 14 next Thursday Uranus changes direction in order to go back Direct- at 6+ degrees of Taurus, making close square to south node at 6+ degrees of Aquarius and 6+ degrees of Leo at the north node.

Three days later on January 17, strongly felt Uranus squares Jupiter in Aquarius, opening up all sorts of portals, thus liberating energies previously limited and bottled up.

On January 19 the Sun moves into Aquarius, at 0+ degrees of Aquarius, making conjunction with the spot where Jupiter and Saturn connected on Winter Solstice.

Sun in Aquarius brings a month of greater social consciousness, greater acceptance of our “weirdness”, stronger desires to find groups we can fit into, and acceptance of needs for stronger independence and individuality.

On Inauguration Day on the 20th Mars makes conjunction with Uranus in Taurus, breaking open and liberating what has been previously stuck. Quite an aspect for that event and the current happenings. Anything can happen.

This week with the New Moon in Capricorn, Uranus strong as it goes back direct, and Jupiter square Uranus later; we can expect to see all the cards on the table while more is shaking up and changing.

Another impeachment is in process, the Inauguration is rapidly approaching, and the rebellion by the Trumpsters will get more wild and angry.

Since the Trumpsters sincerely feel they have been victimized with a ” stolen election”, while also identifying with the colonists who fought for freedom at the USA beginnings, it is a dangerous time.

And that connection with the USA natal nodes tells us some fated events are on the way, so be ready for whatever is coming our way.

This is all happening ,from a bigger picture, in alignment with the birthing of the Age of Aquarius.

And the old America from the 50’s, and earlier, is being held onto for dear life. That world still basically exists in many rural and southern American cultures. It cannot come back, but as long as people continue to believe the new world is their doomsday, their fight will remain vociferous.

The virus appears to have some light at the end of the tunnel for its control through vaccination. But troubles continue for awhile.

But make no mistake, the old America which became a Superpower Empire, is in the process of transforming back into a regular country as happened with the Roman Empire becoming Italy through time.

Trump has reminded people that the values of fame and fortune in America are not as important as the core character values stated in the Constitution and Bill of Rights: liberation, equality, freedom of speech, Diversity within Unity, and power for the people.

Without keeping the integrity of those values, we lose our American souls as some leaders appear to have done.

Much more is coming to wake us up. Hopefully we have not slept for too long.

Till next week,


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