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The Times They are a-Changing and Astrology Forecast August 24-30

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Perspectives from the Sky let you know back in March 2014 that the April Cardinal Grand Cross and Eclipses would bring an 18 month period of time that would bring huge transformation to the world and the United States. We let you know that after those 18 months passed,  if you then looked back at the world before the Cardinal Grand Cross, you would not believe how much it had changed.

Well take a look now, only 4 months or so since the April Grand Cross and Eclipses, and the world is already much different than it was then.

That Grand Cross made a very close aspect to the USA natal Sun placement of 13+ degrees Cancer from its July 4 1776 birthday. We told you that the USA would be greatly transformed during that 18 month time period.  I am sure you can see that already beginning.

The world as we have known it is in the process of drastically changing so it can be aligned with the Age of Aquarius we are transitioning into.

Though much of what we are seeing is quite horrible and scary, that does not mean we are headed for doom.  Our old world and paradigm, however, is not one we can count on for the future.  The rules and regulations, institutions and ways of doing our life business will not stay the same.

The ’60s revolution, which was the last time our collective lives were shaken up to this degree, contained many breakdowns of old ways we had counted on, brought much chaos and violence; but also brought many breakthroughs into new consciousness and new ways of living our lives.

There was a horrible unjust war in Viet Nam during the revolution, but it ended and so did the Nixon presidency.  There were prejudices and abuses to African Americans, women and others that were revealed and transformed.  Gender roles transformed. There was a sexual revolution that liberated people.  And overall people knew the world needed to change into one more fair and just, and more filled with love.

And it did change.  And we did recognize then that there was a dawning of an Age of Aquarius.

But afterwards there was apparently a need to slow down the rapid growth and evolution and to find more safety and security.  But then we slid back into complacency and the old “evils” came back with a vengeance.

Back in the ’60s the huge transformation could be seen in the sky as Uranus made conjunction with Pluto.  Those two planets contain explosive energies for change and transformation. It is not mere coincidence that Uranium and Plutonium are the active ingredients to making nuclear bombs.

And now Uranus and Pluto are back, with their first major meeting since the ’60s.  They are square to one another from 2012-2015, and since we are even closer to the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius, and since we are experiencing such powerful planetary formations like the Cardinal Grand Cross, and since we are experiencing so many eclipses that contain Uranus and Pluto in their structure; this time there is much deeper transformation.

So now it is time to continue the transformation of our world that was begun at the Uranus/Pluto conjunction in the ’60s.

Now Civil Rights issues for African Americans are back in our faces again, as can be seen in Ferguson Missouri.  And now we are ready for more rights for Gays and Lesbians as can be seen in the marriages in many states.

And there are more horrible and unjust wars, and power abuses to deal with. And now there is Corporate abuse of our human rights and more governmental intrusion in our lives.

Profound changes will not happen with legislation and talk alone.   There is too much deeply imbedded corruption in our world now, institutions like police and military that often abuse their power. Governments and Militaries and Economic Structures have taken control of lives all around the world.

And more then anything else needed to change, it is the paradigm we follow and answer to, the beliefs that have been programmed into our minds and hearts lik:

Us versus Them; Perpetrator and Victim; Bad Guys and Good Guys; Power, Wealth and Fame being the standards for a good life.

We can only move into a fair and just world with all kinds of people being equal to one another if we change the paradigm we have accepted. We can only vision and manifest a world of Diversity within Unity if we change our belief systems.  We can only let Love, Faith and Trust be the shining lights guiding our way if let go of Fear and Ego controlling our lives.

And none of this will happen without the challenges we are now facing that shake up our minds and hearts so we can open further to the new ways.  We collectively need events that take us out of our bubbles, awaken us to Truth, help us to empathize with those who are suffering in the current world order, and force us to make changes.

In the late summer and especially Autumn, get ready for another spike of transformational change. Then there will be two Eclipses again. And one of them will contain Uranus and Pluto to make a T-Square, which is arguably almost as strong as a Grand Cross. And this formation will again be making aspect with the USA Sun, as happened with April’s Cardinal Grand Cross.

There will be no going back to “normal” as we are in the process of developing a new normal. Peace and security are an inside job, so each of us will be better if we can develop an inner world that can be a foundation for what we are building in the new world.  Your transformed inner beliefs, attitudes, and patterns will see you through the changes.

We are now at the dark Moon phase of the lunar cycle, waiting for the tide to change on Monday August 25 at the New Moon in Virgo.

That New Moon in Virgo will be at 10:13 AM EDT.   In Virgo time of year we are in the transition month between summer and autumn.

Virgo lets us know we will need to buckle down, get back to work and put more order in our life. Virgo time is also time to get more real, to focus on fixing what is broken, to healing what needs to be healed. Virgo is the Virgin, and as such it seeks purity and perfection. In seeking purity and perfection, it has an eagle eye for that which is not right, that which shows its imperfections. Then Virgo wants to repair that which is not in perfect order.

The sign Virgo comes after the roaring and showy lion of Leo. The Virgin is embarrassed and feels shame for such a self centered presentation, and so has developed humility and is more comfortable being of service instead of in the limelight.

One of the potential downfalls of Virgo is its critical way of being. In balance it is discriminating and discerning. Out of balance it is horribly critical of itself and others.  In balance it is focused on “getting it right”. Out of balance it gets obsessed.

So at this Virgo time of year, you do not need to stop having fun, but you do need to start fixing what needs to be fixed, make your life more simple, and to put more order in your life.

Also on Monday August 25 Mars conjuncts Saturn in Virgo.   So it is time now to face reality and cold truths, and to restrain oneself from doing anything that is frivolous or “in a dream world”.

Do not push too hard for what you desire. Better to wait until you know for sure what needs to be done.

Since it is a New Moon in Virgo, it is also time for new beginnings, but these new beginnings need to be grounded and “sane”.

See you next week,


If you have the time please enjoy the youtube video created for Spring Eclipse Season 2014 and the Cardinal Grand Cross.

You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info..

There is already a YOUTUBE video autumn 2013 forecast out at

There is an old YOUTUBE video Astrology Forecast for Spring Eclipse Season. Check it out if you feel so moved.

You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info.

Please feel free to find more writings and my services on my website.

Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years

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