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The Unknown Beckons and Astrology Forecast November 3-9

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Sometimes lately everything feels so surreal, or like being in the mystery of the Twilight Zone that resides between worlds or dimensions.

Astrologically, the Sun is certainly now within the confines of Scorpio, a sign that moves through shades and layers of gray and black.

Pluto is the “ruler” of Scorpio, and also Pluto is known in myth as the Guardian of the Underworld.   Mainstream culture has tried for many hundreds of years, especially through its religions, to turn all that is Pluto and Scorpio into Devil and Hell.

And that judgment by many mainstream institutions and religions has pushed the natural energies and frequencies of Scorpio/Pluto further under ground.  From that repressed and controlled state of being, it has been growing in rage.

Scorpio healthy is passion, natural instincts, and a penetration into deeper and deeper realities of the Soul. It understands pain and suffering, and from that empathetic state of being feels deep compassion for those who suffer.

Scorpio/Pluto is the mysteries that are sensed in the darkness, and as such is a natural partner with the Moon, our global “night light” that helps us feel safe.

This fear of the dark, this sometimes obsessive attraction for the dark as well, has led us into degrading sexual behaviors, and abusive power that is often mixed with sex.

The repression and demonizing of Pluto has also had a hand in obsessive needs for power and control. Pluto is the planet most associated with power and power abuses.

And that need for power has brought powerful weapons into our world, most especially nuclear and atomic bombs, which are so dangerous to our lives, as is Climate Change.

Pluto and Scorpio can also represent war, the ultimate power struggle.

In January 2020, along with 2 eclipses, Pluto will be in conjunction with Saturn. The first winds of Winter Eclipse Season 2019/2020 will blow in around the time of the next New Moon, which is in Sagittarius on November 26.

Back to this week, and for the next few weeks, Scorpio and Mercury Retrograde will be in  our energetic spotlight.

Deep emotional issues may want to come up into your conscious mind and heart now or soon.  A triggering of past traumas is possible.

Fear is the only “enemy” we need to be concerned with.  OK to feel in short spurts, but not good if taking over your mind and feelings.

Dark and Light are natural partners and like the Yin/Yang symbol they are joined in a circle though quite opposite from one another.

Bridges between the opposites is so needed now:  Dark and Light, Male and Female, Straight and Gay, Yang and Yin, and globally between those of the Far East and those of the West.

Remember that our new paradigm is about the connections and unity, but in a new way.

The old paradigm showed unity between people who are all the same.

Now we are on the precipice of the Age of Aquarius, which is about Diversity within Unity.

So now we honor, respect, and appreciate the differences, agreeing to disagree sometimes.

Yet now we are learning from each other, appreciating the differences, and  most importantly not trying to make the other person to be just like us, or vice versa trying to change ourselves in order to better fit with someone else.

We have been created just right, and our being true to our authentic Self is quite right. Original Sin concept keeps everyone controlled by guilt.

And we are learning to be true to our individuality, while at the same time sincerely looking for what brings us together in Unity.

So this week stay aware of Mercury being Retrograde, which may affect you to being kind of spacy- forgetting things.  And also it may be wise to pay closer attention to exactly what we are saying and how people are receiving what we are intending to communicate.

Sometimes we are  almost forced to make big decisions or signing important contracts during Mercury Retrograde. Try your best to avoid, but if you cannot, realize it is meant to be. Then make sure your intuition is involved and your heart has a “say” too.

And while the Sun is in Scorpio and Mercury is Retrograde in Scorpio this week, another  important planetary meeting will take place,

On Tuesday November 5, Mars makes a challenging square to our previously dissected guardian of the underworld:  Pluto

Mars and Pluto together are quite explosive when joined together.

Mars, god of war, in in peaceful Libra, while Pluto remains in Capricorn.Someone with their hand offered in peace or holding a religious book, will collide with the oh so powerful Pluto.

This aspect may just bring warnings, nothing else.  Not sure at this time.  With Mercury Retrograde now in Scorpio time, being impulsive is not good and could bring in some danger.

So please stay present for all parts of your self now.  Though of course we know the bigger picture shows us in transition for a Age of Aquarius, we know that in the smaller picture people let their fears and hatreds take over to create quite dangerous situations.

The current political climate borders on crazy.  And there is no one showing up to be the “grown-up” in the room.  Everyone seems to be mainly concerned with their political group winning while demonizing the other group or party.

Feels to me that we need a wake-up call event to happen.

Hopefully it is not too ferocious an event.

Till next week


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