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Tides are Turning and Astrology Forecast August 28-September 3

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Tides are turning this week, and for many this week will constitute a turning point in their lives.

We are meant to have our comfort zones and protective bubbles challenged this week.

The major planetary movements this week include Mercury going Retrograde;  a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Virgo; and a Mutable T-Square alignment that is part of the Solar Eclipse configuration.

It all begins on Tuesday August 30 at 9:04 AM EDT when Mercury turns Retrograde.  That will last until September 22 when it goes back Direct again.

Then 2 days later on Thursday September 1 at 5:03 AM EDT there is a Solar Eclipse New Moon at 9+ degrees of Virgo.   That means the Sun and Moon are both at 9+ degrees of Virgo.   And the Mutable T-square is formed with Neptune in Pisces at 10+ degrees opposite the Sun and Moon; and Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius squaring the 3 other planets.

This is a powerful and important aspect that is pulling us in different directions.

The Virgo New Moon Eclipse in Virgo demands order and perfection; Neptune in Pisces seeks flow and ease; Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius seek a bigger picture that brings answers and meaning.

All in all it is a potentially stress inducing configuration unless you commit to just taking the energetic ride of it.

If you push for control you will bring with it anxiety and pain.  If you accept what is happening inside you and around you as meant to be and meaningful you will have an easier time of it.

The Virgo Eclipse is energetically the strongest part of this aspect, and it may tend to get you into obsessing or over-analyzing something, especially the details.  Use the Neptune energy to let go and surrender mental control if that happens.

With Mercury being Retrograde at the same time, it is important not to let your left brain logical mind get too focused on trying to figure everything out.

It is important instead this week to trust the process, which means to know that everything will unfold and reveal what you need to know in time, just not right now.

Also be as flexible as possible in addressing any events or issues that confront you this week.

Remember that Eclipse Seasons are meant to shake things up and Mercury Retrograde is meant to help you to shift your perception or sense of your life’s reality.

You noticed that we were initiated into Eclipse Season last week by two major earthquakes: one in central Italy and one in Myanmar.  Shake-ups indeeed.

You may question your self or the decisions you have made during Mercury Retrograde and Eclipse Season.  At the least you will shift your outlook and perceptions.

If you do question your decisions or choices, please do not jump to conclusions, rush to judgment, or do anything impulsive.

Allow the process to unfold and if you can, wait for Eclipse Season to end (October 1) and Mercury to go Direct (September 22) before making any big decisions or big moves.

Our lives are in transition into a New Major Chapter.  We have been transforming our consciousness and our lives aligned with that reality.

That means there is an Old You that has been dying and a New You that has been born.  It is important during these transitions to keep contact with those who remind you of your old self to a minimum.

If family or friends or life mates have never truly “seen” you or honored you, you need to quit trying.  It is a well in your life that will likely stay dry.   You can keep contact with them but let go of expectations, stop taking on their energies and problems, and stop trying to get them to understand you.

You can do it if you keep your conversations superficial without getting into emotional issues.  You may not be able to share your deeper feelings with them anymore.

There is nothing more important in the transformational process than nurturing and taking care of the New You.  That New You is really the Authentic You, the one you may have silenced a long time ago in order to find acceptance.

Now s(he) has been birthed, and just like a newborn baby it needs to be protected from anything or anyone toxic.

Of course in the greater world we are also in transition from an old age to a new one.   And so many will keep hanging onto the old age, especially so if they have been privileged within the old age.

They will want the old paradigms to continue, and will fight to keep the old Military/Economic Establishment alive.

But you can see it falling apart right before our eyes.  Look at our Presidential election process and realize that the cream does not rise to the top anymore.  The liquid or soul of our culture and world is rancid and toxic as are the oceans of the Earth now.  Nothing nor anyone good is naturally rising to the top of our world. Instead playing the game well is what gives rise.

We need to look deeper to find the seeds of a New World and Age.  Those people and that consciousness will reign supreme but it is a process that will take time.

Do not despair when you look at the two party system and the choices it has afforded us. Do not despair when you look at the inequities, corruptions, abuses, and injustices all around.

Look deeper at the core of your own transformation and values. Look for people who are also working to transform themselves and their lives.

Do not buy into the old dramas that keep us victims to an unjust system.  Instead realize that “We are the ones we have been looking for”.  And as Jesus said “the meek shall inherit the Earth”, which really means that the power abusers will not last as the leaders of the world.

The Age of Aquarius is upon us and this Eclipse Season, if you look from a higher perspective, is triggering the deeper changes and transformations we need to evolve.

Do not let fear or hatred overtake you and you will not drown in the dramas and toxic energies from the old world.

The draws to fear and hatred will get stronger and stronger now. As a counter to that draw it is important now to integrate into your consciousness and heart the knowledge of Oneness and that all is connected.

Everyone is a part of you that is in the world. No one is your enemy to be feared or hated. Do not demonize either presidential candidate.  Just get out of the drama. Don’t be fooled into thinking any one person will ruin our country or world. The Universe is much bigger than any one person.

Each Presidential candidate is a reflection of a part of our country.  Trump and Clinton represent segments of our population and segments of our collective consciousness.

And much of that collective consciousness is filled with the toxins of the old world and its values. Just like in personal transformation, release the energies, clean out what the candidate represents, and then open to what comes into you instead.

It will be your true values, not the values of what you are have been programmed to believe.

Enjoy the ride,


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