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Time Marches On and Astrology Forecast September 15-21.

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Energies shifting again this week, as we travel downhill into the waning half of the lunar cycle that began after last week’s Full Moon in Virgo/Pisces.

And the downhill speed picks up at the end of this week, as we enter the 4th and last quarter of the lunar cycle, one that began at the New Moon in Virgo on Friday August 30.

A new lunar cycle begins on September 28 at the New Moon in Libra.

This week brings us more inward and yin-ward because of the passing full moon, but there is an important shift this week on Wednesday September 18.

That is when time-keeper, hand of time god Saturn, starts time up again, so to speak, by changing directions from Retrograde to Direct.

In some way,  time stands still when Saturn is Retrograde, and this time Saturn was Retrograde starting on April 30 this year- till September 18 this week.

Look back at what was happening for you before Saturn went Retrograde. Then in your mind and heart, go over the time from April 30 to now.

Was anything put on hold back then? Are you ready now to move forward in some phase of your life?

Look at where Saturn is going Direct.  It is in Capricorn at around 14 degrees.

Keep in mind that Pluto will also go back direct soon- on October 3.

After that the two Direct planets, Saturn and Pluto, will be on their way to an exact conjunction with one another (their first since 1982).

That conjunction will be on January 12, 2020. It is two days after a Lunar Eclipse in Cancer,  an eclipse that will feature the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in its “signature”.

December 2019/January 2020 bring in the next Eclipse Season, and it will be a doozy.

It represents a major turning point in the USA and world.  We need to watch closely, between then and now,  for what is boiling over in regards to the Military/Industrial Empire.

Impeachment will either be rolling right along or taken off the table.  The direction of the economy and stock market should be much clearer by then.  Earth hot-spots in Israel, Syria, Iran, China, Russia, will either have blown up in a big way, or else have found a way to keep a firmer lid on hostilities.

But for now, this week, there is an important turning point as Saturn goes Direct on the 18th, about two weeks before Pluto joins it as a Direct moving planet.

Saturn goes Direct at 13+ degrees of Capricorn, closely opposite USA natal Sun in Cancer.  That means that while Saturn stays Direct (until May 11), difficulties tend to close up USA collective hopefulness.  Karma brings difficult events that feel fated.

Before Saturn’s turning this week, both Venus and Mercury moved out of Virgo and into Libra on Saturday the 14th of September.  Those two planets represent connections between people:  Venus is the planet known for connections of relating and relationships, of heart openings and love.  Mercury is known for communication, left-brain thinking, and collector and distributor of information.

Venus stays in Libra (where it is most comfortable) until October 8.  Mercury stays in Libra until October 3. Both go into Scorpio on those dates.

So for now with Mercury and Venus in Libra and the Sun joining them at the Autumn Equinox on September 23; there should be efforts to make peace in the world.

Netanyahu of Israel  stated this past week that Hamas needs to be destroyed by Israel. Trump’s “peace deal” is dead on arrival. India and Pakistan are at their worst with each other since many years ago. China and Russia have been losing faith in America as a world partner since the Trump has been in office.

Nevertheless, these planets in Libra should help efforts to make peace between peoples. At least temporarily, peace efforts will bring some hope.  When planets move into Scorpio in October/November raw instincts become stronger than efforts for peace.

On Thursday the 19th, the day after Saturn goes back Direct, Mars in Virgo trines Pluto in Capricorn. This makes close aspects to USA natal Mars, so watch for USA military and/or police to be triggered by world events.

If you check into your inner world,  you may be feeling more sadness or vulnerability.  This often happens as the dark minutes get longer each day on the way to the Autumn Equinox when light and dark are equal.

Also personal striving starts giving way to more appreciation for relationships and family, as darkness gets longer and stronger every day.

You may soon be changing your life priorities, as you become more aware of the fragility of life.

We have been getting “trained” by the Universe to be ready and aligned with the energies of the Age of Aquarius.

So many old ways of believing and living, ways that were conditioned by our culture, are no longer valid for the world we are moving into.

The old paradigm is getting more and more obsolete, yet those who have benefited most from it will hold on for dear life for its continuance.

It has no future.  New ways of living and governing that bring people together in fairness, kindness, and with mutual respect, will get stronger and stronger, even as the uglier attitudes seem stronger than ever.

After Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in Aquarius in December 2020, energies for an Age of Aquarius will grow by leaps and bounds. It represents the turning point into an Age of Aquarius.

That does not represent an immediate Utopia, and much old world darkness will still exist.

But the light of the New World will begin to shine more obviously then.  The Presidential elections will have happened the month prior in November.

This is a good time to stop complaining about Trump and being so obsessed with him. He is not the disease, instead he is a symptom of the disease.

The disease has been spreading for many decades, not just over the last few years.

And it is not just in America, but in the whole world.

The disease affects how we know the world we live in and the people in it.

So many people have ceased seeing the connections. The connections are everywhere, all around us.  Not knowing the connections is a direct result of the heart closing up.

So many traumas and wounds, abandons, and betrayals.  So many disappointments and disillusions. So much value given to what one owns and how much money one makes. The outer, material world holds the life values for so many.

Just as many who read this have awakened to the world inside the world, to the world of soul and spirit and greater mind; many more are on the way.

Remember that as the darkness sweeps up the old world in its death throes, a world of magic, love, truth, synchronicity, fairness, authenticity, meaning, and worldwide community is birthed.

This week stay aware of what is happening as hand of time Saturn starts up its watch again as it goes Direct this week.

It is Time now.

Till next week,


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