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Time Marches on and Astrology Forecast September 27- October 4

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This week we will feel more strongly that we are beginning the march toward the elections, Eclipse Season, and the Age of Aquarius.

We have Saturn going Direct, a Full Moon in Aries, and Pluto going Direct between now and October 4.

Among other traits, Saturn importantly represents Gravity and the Hand of Time.

As Saturn is slowing down in order to change directions from Retrograde to Direct, its energies of contraction, limits, and set direction are felt.

Saturn goes Direct on Tuesday the 29th, and as it does Mars in Aries makes a square angle to it. Squares represent difficult energetic relationship between the planets involved in it.

Mars in Aries is forceful, direct, active, and strongly motivated to make things move forward in no uncertain terms.

Saturn is limits and controls, and is adverse to allowing anything or anyone to push it any faster or more strongly in any way.

So Mars square Saturn is like an irresistible force (Mars) against an immovable object (Saturn).

So Hand of Time Saturn starts up the clocks Tuesday the 29th, and as it does the force of an impatient Mars in Aries seeks to push the limits of time faster than it can go.

Saturn is at 25 degrees Capricorn, while Mars is at 25 degrees of Aries. BTW Mars is “at home” in Aries, and likewise Saturn in Capricorn. This is a powerful meeting between them.

Donald Trump’s natal chart shows us that his natal Venus is at 25 degrees of Cancer, exactly opposite transiting Saturn in Capricorn and exactly square to Mars in Aries.

Trump’s Venus in Cancer is very closely conjunct his Saturn in Cancer at 23 degrees.

Trump’s feelings of comfort and safety are very compromised by the Mars/Saturn transits. The first Biden/Trump debate is on the 29th, the day of the Mars/Saturn square as Saturn goes Direct.

This should represent some kind of turning point in the race for President of the USA.

Biden has his natal Jupiter at 25 degrees of Cancer in his natal chart. So his emotional state will be greatly affected at that time also.

This week will start up the last lap of the run toward Election Day, and something big is ready to erupt this week.

On Thursday October 1 is a Full Moon in Libra/Aries. Issues at Libra/Aries Full Moons are about standing the ground of one’s individuality against one’s desire to make peace and make relationship.

Right now there seems to be a conflict between energies of peace and status quo on the one hand, versus strong desires to get moving, to act, and to make things happen with change.

On Friday October 2 Venus goes from ostentatious Leo to modest Virgo. While relating, simple and pure outweighs showy and creative now.

And on Sunday October 4 Pluto goes from Retrograde to Direct, so its most intense energy permeates our energy field.

Saturn and Pluto changing directions around the same time, show us that the power of transformation is really strong now.

It may be difficult to feel settled now, and that is because we are getting used to the feeling of great change all around us. The next 3 months will be powerful and meaningful.

Much may happen before the election. The fight for the Supreme Court; Trump trying to create ways to turn the vote his way, hopefully not with war.

This week shifts energies. Saturn and Pluto dominating the energy field does not feel especially fun or even pleasant. Keep check on your stress, meditate as much as possible.

Till next week,


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