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To Change or Not to Change and Astrology Forecast November 20- December 6

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This week we are still in a waxing Moon phase, as the size of the Moon glow is growing.   This current lunar cycle began last Saturday November 22 at the Sagittarius New Moon.   The second quarter lunar phase begins today November 29 in Pisces.  Then the Full Moon will be in Gemini on December 6.

After that Full Moon, the size of the glow of the Moon begins to recede, until it fades completely away before the next New Moon in Capricorn on Winter Solstice December 21.

In the greater world, that Sagittarius New Moon on November 22 sparked strong new beginnings for the new chapter of life we are all experiencing.

The Ferguson Grand Jury refused to indict police officer Wilson, who shot and killed an unarmed black young man, Michael Brown, in Ferguson Missouri.  Expected protests and riots erupted as a result in Ferguson, as well as in several other large cities in America.

Also last week Iran and world powers fell short of an agreement on Iran’s nuclear program, kicking the can down the diplomatic road for another 7 months.

Both of these situations remain volatile, however, as world powers are flexing their muscles of control and domination over peoples who have been deemed as dangerous to World Order.

Order versus Chaos opposing energies are building inside Pandora’s box of old dynamics and patterns.   The Old World and its old hierarchal order is being threatened with great change.

In the United States, those who have enjoyed power and privilege are fighting the inevitable reshuffling of the deck of an old paradigm.

In numbers alone, it will not be long before those who have been considered the minority will be in the majority in the USA

That is why what happened in Ferguson and what happened when President Obama gave amnesty to so many illegal and mostly Hispanic immigrants is so important.

The New Chapter of life in America is in part about this rebalancing of power.   Some will fight to hold onto the old paradigm and its power structure and privileges, while others will continue to speak out, protest, and perhaps even be violent in order to gain more rights in the New Age.

Remember that the Age of Aquarius is about equality and Diversity into Unity.  So we are now, and in the near future working out how that will eventually manifest.

The Iranian Situation shows us how Iran is trying to grow beyond being a world order outcast.  It is doubtful it will truly fit into the Old Order, and instead it will be part of the new paradigm for a New Age.

The Arab Spring brought much energy for breaking outside the box of an Old Paradigm of dictators, despots, “royalty”, and colonial powers dominating the people.

Though at the time there was much change breaking out to go beyond the old rules in Arab and North African countries, much is still to be desired there.

In fact in Egypt the Muslim Brotherhood was elected to office in what appeared to be a fair election.  But then there were protests against their reign of exclusion of those outside the Brotherhood.   And then the past came roaring back, so to speak, as the Military ruthlessly took over the country again.

The Middle East is only in the beginning stages of powerful and explosive transformation, as can also be seen in the spiking of conflict between Israel and Palestine, the war in Syria, and the rise of the Islamic State in what was Iraq and Syria.

There is a Changing of the Guard in America, the Middle East and all over the world as we prepare for an Age of Aquarius. The details of how it all turns out are still fuzzy, but know that the world as we know it will not continue to exist.

Though it may appear otherwise at times, the undertow of Universal energy is toward a world that is more fair, and more concerned with truth and love than wealth, fame, and dominating power.

In our personal lives, many of the transformational shifts will be in our awareness, our consciousness, our beliefs and patterns of behavior.

How much are you attached to the ego carrots from the Old Paradigm?   And how much do you truly trust spirit, heart and soul, and free mind?   Do you fear not measuring up to what society or family or your own ego expects of you?  Or do you trust the unfolding of your authentic self and its soul journey?

How badly have you been programmed into wanting or needing the accolades given by the culture, for instance by fighting and even dying for your country in a war, or being as skinny as society deems a woman should be to be attractive?

How much do you have to be tough and unfeeling as a man or unselfishly always giving as a woman?   How much are you controlled by what others think of your house or personal wealth or some other status symbol?

And of course it is through relationship where we are most challenged to grow.   Do you need to grow more beyond thinking your life is someone else’s fault, that your unhappiness in your relationship would be over if someone else could only change?

Or do you blame your self for everything?

Relationships stop working for many reasons, but almost never do they stop working because of one person.  It is a relationship issue that needs to worked out if it can be worked out.

And sometimes, just like spring turning into summer, it is time for a relationship to end- or at the least change its form.

Big changes in your relationships in 2014 are a part of the powerful planetary configurations that have occurred this year, most especially signified by the Cardinal Grand Cross earlier this year.

These changing winds may have brought old issues forcefully to the surface or brought new events that have changed your relationship landscape in a big way.

What has happened has been for a reason, and has happened in alignment with the turning of the Universe’s wheels into a new season of a new age.

One of the bigger planetary aspects going on now and which will continue into next year is the square of Uranus and Pluto.  These transformational giants whose conjunction with one another brought on the ’60s revolution, are now powerfully revolutionizing our personal lives and the world again.

In fact on December 14/15 this year there will be another exact square of Uranus and Pluto.    It is another turning point moment of deciding to ride the tide of change into transformed beliefs and attitudes, releasing toxic and dysfunctional patterns of thought and behavior, and trusting the soul of the Universe and your self to bring the energies needed for positive change.

Or you can cling to the “way it has been and will always continue to be”- same old thinking and behavior that keeps the status quo humming along forever.

But if you cling to these old ways yourself, please don’t complain about things never changing or getting better.  Change happens inside each one of us, not ultimately by some outside force.

Yes the Universe is providing the energies of change, but people can decide to build fortresses of resistance to such change.  And then even if some event brings a storm of changing winds, a person then can keep the same attitudes and beliefs they had before the storm blew in. Or maybe even become more cynical.

And then you will attract the same relationships but with a different face, or a new job but with the same issues coming back again.

Now and for some months more, there is new light and love and truth beaming its rays of change, wanting to move through the traumas and wounds that have kept us stuck in our misery.

You can make the changes, but you do need to believe and to make the effort.

This week the waxing Moon will take us to a Full Moon next Saturday December 6 at 7:27 AM EST.  It will be in Sagittarius/Gemini and will be quite lively and animated, filled with great conversations, new ideas, inspirations and information.

We will discuss more about that next week.

till then,


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Leo Knighton Tallarico has been a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for 29 years

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