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Total Solar Eclipse New Moon in Scorpio and Astrology Forecast November 3-9.

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

On this Sunday November 3 at 7:50 AM there is a very strong New Moon in Scorpio.    It is especially strong as it is also a Total Solar Eclipse, which makes it many times more powerful in its new beginnings than the usual new moon.

Since this powerful Solar Eclipse New Moon is in Scorpio we can expect passions and intensities to increase.  Scorpio is ruled by the planet Pluto, mythological guardian of the underworld. As such he energetically represents that which is deeper than our conscious control.  It is our unconscious realm and our instinctual impulses- our Id as Freud would have it.

As humans we have accomplished so much in the way of civilizations of rules, commandments, laws, and expected behaviors.    We also have touched divine realms with our music, art, love, compassion, fairness and justice.

But as humans we are both divine and “from the stars”,  and yet animal creatures with bodies that have needs and desires.  We can be very empathic and abide by the golden rule or we can be rather voracious in our appetites and desires.

Our human condition is one where we have always looked to balance our divine up reach with our more creature instincts from below.  Scorpio represents our instinctual nature and our natural passions.

Religion has in many cases demonized our more instinctual and passionate nature, making sex for instance an evil if not for procreation or in society sanctioned unions.

So we have learned to suppress or even repress our more instinctual natures.  The pagan god Pan became the devil in religion.

As we have repressed our more instinctual natures we have caused our selves all sorts of dis-ease: illness of the body and soul.

And I am not just talking of sex, but perhaps even more importantly trusting our instincts to provide us with a natural body and soul wisdom- trusting ourselves to follow our passions.

We have gotten so in the web of our minds and intellects that we have been ignoring our natural instincts. In the process we have developed inner monsters of emotion who have been locked up in the closet of our repressions.

As a result we have explosions of rage and wars and brutal mass murders and massacres.

Pluto and Scorpio represent our instincts and passions that reside deeper than our conscious control.    When honored and in balance with other parts of our self these passions give us the spice of life, taking us out of flat line boring lives.  But if repressed they become time bombs of explosive and even brutal expressions.

So now as we enter a most powerful Scorpio lunar cycle, which will last until the New Moon in Sagittarius on December 2, there will be much pressure to open up your more passionate nature, to be more authentic and real in your expressions, to “get off your chest” what you are really feeling on a deep level.

This can turn into a great healing by releasing your pent up emotions and releasing the demons and toxins in your soul.  By being in your power, which is a result of owning what is real and authentic inside you, you will gain a respect from people around you.  You will leave any victim consciousness you possess.

So Scorpio is about power.  This can either be about power struggles, revenge, and abuse of power- or about owning your power and being empowered.   Your creature instinctual power is part of how you were created and needs be owned.

If balanced with your more “divine” nature you will not abuse your power and dominate others.

So let your inner secrets out now, free your self from the burden of keeping your truth inside.  Pandora’s box is ready to be opened.

In the greater world, one that is very split between its religious rules and inner demons, we can expect the lid to come off that which has been kept in the box.

The Middle East represents this split and is the place where most of the major religions in our world were birthed.     As we go through the passage into the Age of Aquarius and a Spiritual Renaissance, we can expect the region that birthed our first religions and civilizations from the Age of Pisces to be a central player in our world wide revolution and evolution.

Something is close to blowing up concerning Israel, Syria, Iran and the Palestinians.     World markets will be greatly affected also.    You will see the beginning of this transformation over the next month or so, but it will be the next 9 months or so that will certainly bring explosive events of revolution and consciousness evolution.

There is a new world just busting at the seams, ready to emerge in a big way into our consciousness and world.  The old one is on life support systems now, but its death is immanent.   There will be some chaos as a result, but also the fresh airs of awakening and liberation.

For now, as we enter this new lunar cycle begun at the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Scorpio Sunday November 3, begin to trust your instincts again and to find your passion.  Express your truth, allow your emotions to express, and own your power.  Keep in mind, however, that Mercury is still Retrograde until November 10, so best not to jump to any conclusions, start major projects or make major decisions until mid November.

Comet Ison will be following after this current lunar cycle. If it does not disintegrate as it gets closer and closer to the Sun in late November, then around the next New Moon in Sagittarius on December 2 it will be bright in the sky and be a harbinger of new horizons for our human family.

This total Solar Eclipse cycle will bring more breakdowns of what is meant to be released in our consciousness and lives; and new breakthroughs and awakenings for our lives.

This is a most powerful time period for transformation, which is one of the most important energies of Pluto and Scorpio.    They bring up our “demons” from deep within to be faced, then a release of these energies.  We can be brought to the edge of our emotional stability, a death of an old way or chapter of our lives.   Then a Phoenix rises from the ashes of our despair.  We are reborn anew with a fresh cleansing.

See you next week,


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Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years

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