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Tower Card and Astrology Forecast May 3-9

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

May 1 is celebrated as Beltane, an ancient celebration of the mating of male and female.  On a deeper level it is about the mating of male and female energies, about bringing together opposites: Yin and Yang, Dark and light, etc. The Yin/Yang symbol is perfect as an illustration of this merging.

And the world certainly needs this kind of unity between opposites. I can remember when conservatives and liberals would find a bridge between their differences in order to get things done, an to put community needs above ego desires.

The Civil War in the USA was another time that the split between opposites was total, which brought on the war.

Common cause is what brings people together. Is the Covid Virus doing that? Does it need to get worse in order to bring us even closer together?

I saw that the Pentagon has just released video showing pretty clearly (when zoomed in), a Flying Saucer making moves no airplanes can make.

Perhaps an even more powerful showing of such vehicles and/or of Extraterrestrials would bring our human family together in common cause.

Almost 20 years ago I interviewed on my radio show in Santa Fe New Mexico, a man named John Mack.  He was a psychiatrist and professor at Harvard who interviewed abductees who claimed that aliens had abducted them.

He interviewed these people from all over the world.  He expected when he started the project that he would find out the abductees had various mental disorders.

But instead he came to believe they were telling the truth and that there was a theme for these abductions.  The aliens were deeply concerned about the Earth and Human Family. They said to them that we are destroying our Earth and Environment. He wanted them to spread the word and help out with this serious problem that threatened our life on Earth.  Weapons of Mass Destruction was another large concern.

Will there be “divine intervention” if things get even worse? The Doomsday Clock says we are 2 or 3 minutes from such doom.

Dr. Mack died a few years ago when a car hit and killed him in Paris France.

His book is Passport to the Cosmos.

This week we are moving into an annual full moon that is considered an important one, as some say Buddha was born on one of them.

This is the Wesak Full Moon, which this year is on Thursday May 7- this week. It is always, as it is this year, a Scorpio Full Moon.  Happening always during Sun in Taurus time of year, this Full Moon in Scorpio can shake the calm comfort out of the time surrounding this full moon.

Scorpio also adds much depth, passion, insight, and power to Taurus’ Buddha-like demeanor.

Do your best to find a balance between the calm and the intensity now.  Taurus calms and grounds Scorpio. Scorpio can provide passionate intensity and “spice” to Taurus.

Both signs are fixed signs and hence can be stubbornly immovable from their positions.  Scorpio can be an irresistible force against the immovable object of Taurus.

This full moon usually signifies an important time period, and one potentially marked for transformation and spiritual growth.

This Full Moon in Scorpio is at 6:45 AM EDT on Thursday May 7.  Rituals and ceremonies are especially powerful at the Wesak Full Moon.

Keep in mind that this full moon is an appetizer before the next full moon, which is a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 5.  It will be the first of 3 eclipses in a row.

This will be another powerful and important Eclipse Season as was the one in January 2020. That one opened the gates for the Virus and Stock Market volatility.

This one includes a Solar Eclipse Full Moon at 0+ degrees of Cancer on June 20/21- Summer Solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere. It is Winter Solstice for my friends “down under”.

The last time there was a Solar Eclipse on Summer Solstice was in 2001.  i predicted back then that the coming summer season would be powerful and would shake things up in America.

The “hard copy” writing I did at that time included a picture of the Tower Card of Tarot, with people jumping out of a Tower on fire.

This was meant to be symbolic of the breaking down and shake up of America. I was stunned when the Towers came down on 9-11. My chosen picture of the Tower Card became literal, not just symbolic.

So this coming Summer Season can be expected to be powerfully transformational again. There is no picture or prediction yet, but I will endeavor to do the predictions again over the next few weeks.

Remember I will give webinars on May 9 and June 6 and July 11.  Information below.

These world events are not the most important connections with the eclipses.

Our own individual transformations are arguably even more important, as our reactions or responses to these eclipses determines our personal evolution into Age of Aquarius consciousness.  Human Evolution into the New Human is most important.

I am sure you can see how important planetary events not only bring on world events that affect us. They also often bring us deeper into personal issues that can motivate us to transform out of old patterns that have kept us previously stuck.

Transformation of consciousness takes us beyond the patterns and energies that are part of the programming we received from the cultures and families that are representative of the old societal paradigm connected to the old Chapter and Age.

You do no have to go it alone. There are books, internet connections, webinars, seminars and classes that can assist your growth in consciousness.

There are healers, counselors and readers who can help you through the challenges you are facing.

We are ready for what we are experiencing and will experience. Some believe they have incarnated at this time in order to help during this most important time in our Human Evolution and Earth Healing.

Till next week,


Please join me on Saturday May 9 at 10:30 AM Pacific Daylight Time for a Webinar on Zoom.  This Webinar will help give you a Bigger Picture of our world and human challenges now; an astrological viewpoint of America, other countries, and world leaders; a deeper view of our human condition and evolution into the New Human and Age; a look at the potential for other worldly Visitations; and of course some ideas for how to understand and navigate the transformation of our individual consciousnesses and lives that we now face.

Cost is $20.  Write me at to register and/or for more information.


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