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True to Self and Astrology Forecast June 3-9

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This week there is comedown of energies and affairs as we enter the 4th and last quarter of the lunar cycle on Wednesday June 6. The Moon is in Pisces that day, another indication of slowing down and trusting the flow more.

Yes the Moon is waning in its last quarter, but the Sun and Mercury are in Gemini, so mental activity is moving fast and needs to communicate are strong.

Next week, as the 4th quarter Moon ends at the New Moon in Gemini on the 13th, mental agility and communication needs will increase exponentially.

The on again off again USA/North Korea summit meeting for June 12, just before that new moon,  is on again and of course the Gemini communication focus should help in making everything more mentally clear during that meeting.

And Trump’s birthday is on the 14th, but his Solar Return is actually on the day of that New Moon at 8:24 PM EDT.  This all happens conjunct the USA natal Mars, a planet of the military.  This should be an important day for the USA and Trump, but maybe in a way not anticipated.

We are at such an important time in the evolution of humanity on Planet Earth.

We are in transition into an Age of Aquarius; and since the Portal busted open on April 15 this year, we are in a New Chapter of life, closer to that new age.

It is important for all of us to be true to our individual authentic self now.  That is an important part of this transition. When we are not true to Self, we are giving the middle finger to whatever created us just how we are.

Or do you instead believe in original sin, which means from the day of our birth we should apologize for who we are.

Sure we each have karma to work out from our past lives, but that does not mean we are bad by nature and should feel guilty for who we are.

Learn from mistakes, improve your self, take responsibility for your self and what you have done.  But don’t let anything you have done make you hate yourself or feel you are worthless or bad.

If you do feel guilty or worthless, you will then try to live up to that judgment and hence will magnetically bring in people and situations that will reflect back to you that poor judgment of yourself.

Let go of guilt,  let go of judging your worth,  or feeling you are not deserving of love or a good life.

The better you truly feel about your self, not from an ego place, but from a heart and soul place, the better person you will be.

Truly loving yourself helps you to be loving. Hating yourself helps you to be hateful.

As more and more people hate and judge unfairly, it becomes contagious. Do you really believe that unhappy people will develop a world full of love?

And if you hate yourself, you will spread misery all around.  So forget about original sin, as it says there is something wrong with us from the day we are born.

And our culture and many religions perpetuate the paradigm that tells us we need to be different than who we are, and we need to live up to something in order to be loved.

You may need to live up to something to be successful or to accomplish something important, but you should not have to live up to anything in order to be loved!!

Sure we each need to develop an awareness and sensitivity for others in relationship and culturally, but that does not mean we are bad or no good if we do not always relate properly.

That old paradigm actually creates “bad people” or “goody good people”, both of which are unnatural.

As soon as the identity becomes “I am a bad person”, you know that becomes ingrained and he or she will certainly act it out and become it chronically.

It is so important to release the old programming now as these new energies come pouring through.

We all are made of dark and light, yang and yin, male and female. It is how we balance and integrate these different traits that make us who we are.

So now this week, as we finish up this current lunar cycle, and enter the last quarter phase on June 6, we begin to get ready for the next New Moon, in Gemini on June 13.

And just a day before the 4th quarter begins, on June 5 there is a potential for communication or relationship issues coming up.

Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn that day, and so relating goes deeper in expression, and intensity of expression is stronger.  There is the opportunity in the days surrounding this aspect, to truly confront an old and unhealthy relationship pattern.

Mercury in Gemini is also conjunct the Sun in Gemini that day, so clear communication is really important.

It is also a good time to think more objectively and clearly too, as long as the intensity of emotion from the Venus opposition to Pluto is not too out of control.

On the 6th at the beginning of the 4th quarter Moon in Pisces, Neptune will be conjunct that Moon and square the Sun in Gemini.  Allow yourself to let go and surrender.

Any tight agendas or pushed for results may break down. Spiritual practices and meditation are more aligned that day. Do not “push the river”, let it flow naturally.

Summer Eclipse Season begins on June 27 at the Full Moon in Capricorn conjunct Saturn.  3 eclipses, not the usual 2, will follow in July and August.

Then transformation and change will accelerate, and status quo will be broken down.  Breakthroughs into new consciousness, new ways, new horizons and new dimensions will be ready for each of us.

Just get out of the way of the old world, its consciousness, its fears, its disasters.  Stay emotionally unattached to its dramas and stories.  Watch but do not dive in.  You will be taken away into black emotional waters if you do.

Keep your faith in the Universe, Love and Truth, and your authentic Self

Till next week,


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