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Trust and Surrender and Astrology Forecast February 21-27

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Mercury has been in the process of being Retrograde, then becoming Stationary as it moves back to Direct at 7:52 PM EST February 20.

Mercury Retrograde often brings a mental rewind into our past, especially past relationships.

During the rewind we often begin to question what we have already seemingly decided. So we are given pause to potentially change our minds before moving totally forward.

As a result I always tell people to not change what has been previously decided until after Mercury goes back Direct again. And it is usually best to wait a week or so after it has gone back Direct before changing anything.

Besides Mercury going back Direct, we are still in the waxing half of the lunar cycle that began on February 11 at the New Moon in Aquarius.

The Moon ends it waxing phase at the Full Moon in Pisces/Virgo on Saturday February 27.

So this week energies shift, but likely they will shift in a relatively gentle way. The Pisces/Virgo Full Moon is usually softer than most full moons, and it is a good time to surrender ego at the altar of service and surrender.

We have been experiencing rather intense happenings and energies for a long time now, and can use a breather now and again.

Sun is in Pisces now, and Pisces is sensitive and flowing. Sun in Pisces is also the last month of Winter. As such it is often time to review and reflect on what has been happening in one’s life and especially in one’s soul.

So much has been shifting and changing, so this may be a good time now to be more introspective and to “escape” realities that seem harsh or judgmental. At Pisces time of year it can be beneficial to put yourself in a “bubble” of your own, an inner place of retreat and refuge.

There is some chance of growing intensity to shake one out of a peaceful bubble this week.

On Wednesday the 24th Mars in Taurus makes trine to Pluto in Capricorn, which can shake things up a bit mid week.

Its purpose however is to assist in making real, making manifest so one can get one’s life in working order.

Then the Full Moon in Pisces/Virgo on Saturday the 27th at 3:17 AM EST may tend to show inner conflict between one’s dreams and the current state of reality.

Best to stay out of your head and away from attempts “to fix” it.

Instead this Full Moon in Pisces/Virgo requires a kind of trust so one can “let it be”. You do not have to try so hard, especially not now.

The Saturn/ Uranus square this last week showed us the conflict between order and chaos; or between the old established and the new wanting to break through.

On the 17th, the day of that square, the weather brought much chaos to many lives, especially in Texas. It also brought the landing of the Rover to inspect Mars.

It will be looking for life, especially life in the past I understand. Finding life on Mars would shake up the old paradigm in our minds, just as the recent weather has been shaking up many lives from feeling safe, stable and settled.

Saturn wants stable and secure; Uranus wants breakthroughs into new and better ways, ways that give choice and freedom.

Yes there is a new presidential administration at work now, one that has been working hard to imprint its own signature at the top of the country.

For now enjoy this time, but be ready for change later. You cannot hold onto a past that is not meant to come with you. Much has been changing. Even within long established families or groups, there is a sense people are going in vastly different directions.

The Trump/QAnon way of thinking and being is not going away. There is some purpose to it or it would not stay around.

One reason it is here is because vast cultural differences from the Civil War have still not been resolved.

Transformation requires one to reexamine old issues, traumas, wounds and experiences before moving forward into new chapters of one’s life.

And we are not truly able to collectively move forward until we have resolved and healed old wounds.

Now at this Pisces time of year, we can reflect on where we have been and what we have previously experienced. The hope is that War is not needed to settle the vast differences between cultures, both within and outside the country. But last time it took a major war to be able to bring the country together.

And it took a very special man (Lincoln) to lead the way beyond what kept us divided (Racism and slavery). But it is rather obvious now that all was not resolved back then. Temporarily it was solved by war, but on a deeper level little got truly resolved.

Till next week


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