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Turning Point Week and Astrology Forecast January 17-23.

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

This week , like the last two, has important planetary movements that will bring events that seem to be fated.

Last week, on the 13th, there was a New Moon in Capricorn, a new moon that was conjunct “Guardian of the Underworld” Pluto. That promises that the lunar cycle begun at this New Moon will be important and powerfully transformational.

The next day January 14, Uranus went from Retrograde to Direct. When a planet is changing Directions, either way, its energy and importance is much greater than usual.

Uranus went back Direct in close square to the USA natal True South Node at 6+ degrees of Aquarius and True North Node at 6+ degrees of Leo in the 8th house.

Planetary movements that trigger the nodes often bring important events that feel fated. About a week before the Uranus shift, the USA Capitol was defiled by a violent takeover.

Uranus often represents revolutionary movements. Quite meaningfully, Uranus was discovered in 1781, around the time of both the American and French revolutions.

This Uranus shift, affecting the Lunar USA nodes in Leo and Aquarius (sign ruled by Uranus), brought back memories of the American Revolution, as well as memories of the Civil War of 1861-1865.

Many of those that stormed the Capitol believe they are like the original USA colonists in the revolution of 1776. Really they do! Many of them believe that the USA is run by Pedophile Satanists who eat and traffic children. That speaks for itself, you need no comment from me.

So they have convinced themselves that they have a righteous cause to rid the country of these evil people.

And Donald Trump, they have convinced themselves, is the righteous leader/savior who is meant to rid the world of these demons. QAnon is the main source of these beliefs.

Transiting planets trigger the USA nodes again when Jupiter squares the recently Direct moving Uranus on Sunday January 17. This square potentially has much chaotic though liberating energies.

In your own life, you can more easily begin to break away from stuck ideas or situations, from debilitating fears and doubts.

Jupiter and Uranus together are expansive and tend to take people out of any boxes they have felt trapped within.

Then on January 19/20 there are more “breakthrough or breakdown” energies released when Mars in Taurus makes exact conjunction to Uranus in Taurus on the 20th, a day after the Sun moves into Aquarius, the sign ruled by Uranus.

On the 19th/20th the Sun in Aquarius is triggering the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction from Winter Solstice- both at 0+ degrees of Aquarius.

So we are experiencing the powerful “baby steps” into the Age of Aquarius.

Those believing they are fighting the cause of the original colonial revolutionaries, are meeting up with those who are fighting for a modern day “revolution” as Bernie Sanders represents.

Remember that on a deeper level, events are happening now that will open the way and clear the path into greater consciousness connected to the Age of Aquarius.

Yes of course much that is happening can sometimes bring up real fears, but we will all learn together how to navigate these challenges.

We are co-creating a bridge into the Age of Aquarius.

In the early ’90s there was a very important Uranus/Neptune conjunction. Neptune (rulerbof Pisces} was passing the torch of the Ages to Uranus (ruler of Aquarius).

The internet/computer/technology Age was beginning (Uranus), while at the same time there was a spiritual renaissance beginning (Neptune).

Christ was born near the beginning of the Age of Pisces, and an important part of the Spiritual Renaissance is connecting with Christ consciousness, a consciousness of empathy and compassion, and care for those who suffer, and who do not easily fit in to the world.

And that consciousness can lead into New Age consciousness that honors the synchronicities, the signs and symbols from the Universe. It shows that all is connected and that there is a bigger picture that shows us higher meaning to all our experiences.

And this “new” spirituality shows us that there is a need in the Age of Aquarius for individuals to directly connect with spirit, not necessarily needing churches and gurus to get there. There is no hierarchy with Aquarius and the Spiritual Renaissance.

It shows us that Love is the great healer, and that Truth keeps us in connection to Self and Other and Universe.

Diversity within Unity is a Truth that helps lead the way. Each of us is meant to have purpose, and each of us in that distinct individual purpose is connected to the Whole of the greater Community.

Opposites like light and dark, yang and yin, are meant to retain their difference, but be joined in the circle of Unity like the Yin/Yang symbol.

So as we move into the Presidential Inauguration this week on January 20, regardless of what happens, we are moving inexorably into the Age of Aquarius.

On Saturday the 23rd, Mars in Taurus will square Jupiter in Aquarius, and desires for security will meet up with notions of expansion into the more idealized notions. Can your ideals be kept strong even as you do what you need to do to keep you and yours secure?

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See you next week,


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