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Unconditional Love and Astrology Forecast July 19-25

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Summer 2020 Eclipse Season is coming to an end this week- after the New Moon in Cancer on Monday the 20th. What an amazing and sometimes frightening Season it was.

Then late this past week two Civil Rights icons died, on the same day July 17: Congressman John Lewis and the Reverend Cordy Vivien. Both fought along with Martin Luther King in the early ’60s.

Such beautiful synchronicity occurred with their deaths, especially so as the next day after the deaths was the birthday of Nelson Mandela. The Universe works so magnificently at times like this.

The current race relations protests have been so powerful this year, this Eclipse Season, after George Floyd was murdered in Minnesota.

So the natural deaths of these symbols, men who fought against racial injustice in the world, show us more about how deep transformation can occur.

All three of the aforementioned leaders were part of the Civil Disobedience movement of their times, peaceful protests to affect needed change in the world.

Can the current movements for change, including the MeToo movement, be accomplished peacefully?

Back in the 60s it is true that Dr.King’s most effective way of activism was Civil Disobedience. But Malcolm X also motivated change to break down the severe injustices perpetrated against Black people. And he was not averse to violence being a part of the movement for such needed change.

I can sense quite clearly that these movements for justice for women and blacks now cannot and will not be ended. The people fighting will not accept crumbs of limited changes in society.

This time, band aids cannot be the remedy to make things better.

Now this transformation needs to be deep and ruthlessly enacted with our human family. No turning back to old ways anymore.

The Age of Aquarius is coming in loud and clear. Yes we have great difficulties to go through now and in the near future. But I can see the light at the end of this dark tunnel we find ourselves in now.

There are changes coming. Just like the amazing connections shown us this week from the deaths of Civil Rights leaders; already there are so many signs and symbols and synchronicities all around us and at our doorsteps.

I had an amazing experience this past week: I was meditating outside on our front porch, facing the beautiful dark skies of Sedona. This meditating was connected to the programs of Harmonic Convergence 2020 on the net, programs that had been going all week long.

The purpose stated for that day by Harmonic Convergence 2020, was making contact with extraterrestrials.

I had temporarily forgotten that stated purpose as I traveled deep inside myself with the meditation.

For some reason I felt moved to open my eyes, and as I looked at the totally clear dark skies in front of me, a rectangular object, with a dull gold surface, flew so rapidly across the sky. It seemed as fast as a hummingbird moves.

It was not in the foreground where a plane could be seen. It instead appeared to be far back like in the stars.

It just flashed across the sky and then was gone.

Deborah was right next to me, also meditating. I yelled for her to open her eyes and look at what I saw, but it was long gone by the time she looked up at the sky.

I later saw nothing written about it. For all I know only I saw it.

I still cannot totally believe I saw what I saw. But I DID. And I had never before seen any UFO’S or Aliens, or the like.

This let me know that we are not alone in our struggles to let go of the past and get out of the way for the Age of Aquarius.

The Cancer New Moon is Monday July 20 at 1:33 PM EDT. It is the second Cancer New Moon in a row.

The first one was on June 20 Summer Solstice, and was not a usual Cancer New Moon, as it was also a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer.

This current Cancer New Moon, which signals an end to the Eclipse Season, continues themes of family, feelings, intimacy, Mother, and the Feminine.

Stay aware of family issues needing to be processed, with a sense of possible resolution to them.

In this time of transformation, we cannot cling to hopes of getting our family of origin to understand us, to see and accept who we are.

At this time, many are finding their Soul Families, with relationships that give them a sense of being seen and understood. It is Ok if you feel better with people who are not blood family.

The Age of Aquarius brings with it all sort of family possibilities, ones that help us break away from feeling we need to please others in order to receive love.

You will not be loved as you need to be, if you cling to holding the notion that love will be given to you only if you meet certain standards.

Release that story inside you now, as it serves no natural purpose.

Two days after the Cancer New Moon on July 20, the Sun leaves its 30 day stay in Cancer in order to move into Leo.

The Cancer Cling to emotional expression and emotional security, starts to give way to an open creative heart expression.

Yes we just experienced a Cancer New Moon, which keeps up an attitude of inner values, privacy, intimacy, maybe a little co-dependence, feelings, and family; but the Leo Sun brings in a little sunshine of fun and spontaneity.

Cancer introversion slips more fully into Leo partying after August 18 when the Moon joins the Sun in Leo for a New Moon in Leo.

We are NOT doomed but we will have more difficult challenges moving forward. Without the challenges, we stay in a world that values material gain and selfish desires as its highest achievement.

See you next week,


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