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Unity Consciousness and Astrology Forecast for July 25-31

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

There has been a slight break from the great intensity of the recent eclipses, most especially the powerful Lunar Eclipse Grand Cross on June 26.  That eclipse Grand Cross on June 26 included planets mostly in the early degrees of cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn.   The intensity was strong up to that eclipse and continued until the Solar Eclipse on July 11.  Much energy was released then. Now intensity is building again and world and personal events will increase in activity.    

 Things are heating up again, as there is a formation of a t-square of cardinal planets, again in the early degrees of cardinal signs.  It is bringing the shifting tides in again. 

This coming week, Jupiter squares Pluto and Saturn opposes Uranus , all within the early degrees of Aries, Libra, and Capricorn.  August should be a challenging month ahead, especially so in world events.

Bigger Picture

What is going on in the bigger picture is that we are leaving an old and tired age and its paradigm and entering a New Age and paradigm.   Achieving more unity consciousness is so important to this process of changing ages. 

And that is so difficult to do sometmes as we experience such horrible world events like 2 wars in Afghanistan, more wars brewing in Korea and in the Middle East with Iran, a horrible oil spill in the gulf region of the USA and another one that erupted in China last week.   These spills are sending us all a very important message to change our ways, as natural life is being destroyed and our balance of nature is so severely upset. We also have a weak economy, and it is not to get strong until it transforms into a new and more equitable system.

We see a two party political system where the two parties are constantly at war with one another, bought out by special interests and mega corporations and not working for the common good anymore.

Many people have been feeling more helpless to do anything about these problems, and instead often feel hopeless and disillusioned and cynical about the hopes for the future of the world.

To cope people more and more are turning to addictions, to popping pills to escape depression and anxiety, drinking more, getting lost on the internet or working and rushing around all the time.

What then suffers is our connection to our inner world, our soul and spiritual connections.

Some are afraid that we face a doomsday scenario in 2012.

There is no end soon of the world difficulties coming our way, and as a result we will be severely challenged to be in Unity Consciousness, a prerequisite for healthy living in an Aquarian Age.    We will continue to see difficult world events and they are likely to get more challenging over the next few years.

We are in transition between worlds and Ages. Mayan prophecy points to 2011-2012 as turning points from one world consciousness to another- from a world of separation to a world of unity.   Astrology cycles tell us we are leaving a Pisces Age, begun over 2000 years ago, and we are now on the cusp of an Aquarian Age, an age of equality, liberation, and most importantly Diversity in Unity.

Ther is an old “dog-eat-dog”  world of “Being better than or having more than” that needs to die.  In that world paradigm we have been taught that we cannot trust one another, cannot trust ourselves, cannot trust the Universe/God/Goddess.  We have been taught to put our attention and energy into our own survival or the survival of our family or to the loyalty of a flag or our religion against the interests of others from differnt families, or nations, or religions or races. These teachings are all counter to true Unity consciousness.

Let’s look back to the beginnings of the Pisces Age over 2000 years ago.  Christ was born and Rome was our first Empire. Buddha was born on the cusp of that age, just a few hundred years before Christ, and Mohammed was born on the later part of the cusp, just a few hundred years after Christ.

These three spiritual masters were the soul of the three most powerful religions over the 2000 years of the Pisces Age.  These, in the beginning, spiritually based religions were a powerful balance for the materialism of the empires of the world.

But slowly over the years much of these religions that still speak the name of their prophets or masters have lost their soul, lost the true messages of love, peace, compassion and truth.  They have forgotten about turning the other cheek or loving thy enemies, or caring for the most vulnerable and lost members of the world.   Unbelievably many speak of doing battle against one another.

And as a result of this religious decay, society has as a result lost its soul, it true spirutality. And we have lost the spiritual strenght that balances the power of Caesar, of the empire of Might makes Right.

That empire and its society has been trying to convince us we live in a random world without real sacredness or meaning, a world where everything and everyone is separate, each of us on our own, fighting to survive ina meaningless world.

This belief then breeds fear and mistrust, in one another, of the world and the Universe. 

That world view must and will die,  as did the idea of a flat world.

An Aquarian Age is being born in its ashes.

But we must take with us into this Aquarian Age, the best and the essence of the Pisces Age: the love and compassion that the spiritual masters brought with them.

The battle between society’s cynicism and religion’s sacrificing self denial will end, however.

There is no self denial or self sacrifice in Aquarius.  It is about the strength of the individual, the authentic, distinct individual, truating in their own natural inclinations, in unity and community with all others and with everything .

This new individual does not need masters or saviors or intermediaries to God.  This new individual knows his or her own connection to spirit, and from that connection takes responsibility, as a free world citizen for thier specific function and role in the community and Universe.

No more original sin and needing to be saved. No more devils and demons.  No more enemies to make war against.

We instead go to the kingdom within and find integration and wholeness there.  We go inside our souls to find balance and unity between our own light and dark, our own male and female, jsut like the Yin/Yang symbol.   WE are whole and unified- in Unity consciousness.  This is the foundation for making unity in the world, for making Diversity in Unity in the world of the Aquarian Age.

We must be ready now for the coming challenges that a transition between ages brings with it.  As Rome burns:

We do not need to cower in the dark, weakly holdiing hands with one another in fear.

Instead we hold hands in healthy community, each of us in our own strong, individualized, authentic beautiful selves as the Universe made us, connected together on our sacred meaningful souls journeys into a New Aquarian Age.

The coming challenges are meant to help us release our dysfunctional attachment to an old model of reality and its fears, and to transform our hearts, minds and lives to our own care, free and open, and to the care of one another- not under the control of society or nation.

We move into this Aquarian Age, with hope in our hearts, unified in our souls, knowing we are all one family, on the Earth, unified together with all in this wondrous Universe.

Talk to you next week,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

Please take a look at my website for more writings and information on readings and services.  Also I just put out a radio version of today’s forecast on Blog radio.

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