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Venus Retrograde and Astrology Forecast May 10-16

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Eclipse Season has its first winds blowing in soon- May 22 at Gemini New Moon.

This week there is a plethora of planets going Retrograde-  Venus, Saturn, and Jupiter, with Pluto having gone Retrograde just two weeks ago.

Retrograde planets suggest that time is stopping for awhile in order for one to reflect on issues connected to the planet that is going Retrograde.

Most important of the planets going Retrograde this week is Venus, a personal planet having to do mostly with heart chakra issues and relationships.   A sense of well being or security can be issues too.

The other planets are more outer and go Retrograde every year, often at the same time, so not as important to our personal lives as Venus.

Saturn goes Retrograde on May 11, Jupiter on the 14th. Together they have much to do with our with cultural and state issues.

On December 21, at the Northern Hemisphere’s Winter Solstice, Jupiter and Saturn will be conjunct at 0+ degrees of Aquarius. 

This is a major turning point into the Age of Aquarius.  So the Retrograde movements for them that begin this week, will end a 20 year Jupiter/Saturn cycle, as Jupiter and Saturn make conjunction every 20 years. Last time they made conjunction was in May 2000, just before Bush II was elected.

That began a 20 year cycle that was very connected to what happened later that year with the Twin Towers on 9-11.  New cycle beginning on 12/21 this year will start a new phase of our state or cultural existence.

Venus Retrograde is important for relationship issues. It will be Retrograde from May 12/13 until June 25.

It will be Retrograde during much of this upcoming Eclipse Season.

So these relationship issues will not only be affected by Venus Retrograde but also by the Eclipses happening at the same time.

Venus in Gemini at 21+ degrees will of course affect us all, most especially those with their Sun or other planets at mid to late degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.

During Venus Retrograde, we “pause” in the forward movement of our relationships, and reflect on whether or not our needs are being met in our relationships.  This is often about our “romantic” relationships, but also includes friendships, family relationships, work relationships etc.

Are we getting our needs met? What patterns do we need to change and transform? Do we need counseling? Have we given up on the relationship?  What needs to be improved in the relationship?

Often during Venus Retrograde we go over past relationships and past relationship patterns. Often people from our past come back to us, either in dreams, waking memories, or in the flesh again.

Our current relationships may be seriously questioned and needing changes or an ending.

Our current relationship may be compared to past relationships, especially those that are turning up again.

It is best to let the whole Retrograde period pass before making big relationship decisions.

Besides relationships, security matters may be reexamined also. Remember that Venus not only “rules” relationship oriented Libra, but also security minded Taurus.

So security issues will be front and center with Venus Retrograde, and Venus in Gemini suggests we get more detached and lighten up even during this difficult time for security issues.

Venus is also a planet very connected to the great Feminine and to the Goddess.

There is a Return of the Feminine growing on our planet now, and nothing will stop it. Maybe temporarily but not for long.  Venus Retrograde suggests there may be pause in the movement forward for women and the greater Feminine, but energies are being gathered for further growth soon.

Venus is Retrograde in Gemini this time for the entire Retrograde period.  So relationship communication is very important, as is socializing.  And the socializing can be light and airy and flirtatious, as is Gemini.

World relationships may be going through deeper reflection also, with changes in allegiance or loyalties.

The Moon this week is in the waning half of the lunar cycle.  That will end at the New Moon in Gemini on May 22, as the waxing half begins.

So along with the Retrograde movements of reflection, pause, and preparation; so too will the lunar cycle be more contemplative.

The Virus and Stock Market have been challenging our world since the last Eclipse Season when Saturn made conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn too.

Now at the cusp of this next Eclipse Season, we can begin to evaluate where we are at with those challenges.

How much do we press forward with opening up the economy, while we keep safe and vigilant about the Virus?

This Eclipse Season will shake up our status quo, and shake up our world even more.

At the same time we will get more connected to the bigger picture of transformation and evolution of world and human family.   These challenges are meant to wake us up to changing this world, healing our Earth and our human family.

There is a Revolution needed, not only in America but all over the world.  This Virus and Economy are hurting so many of us in big ways, but just like during the Great Depression and World War II, life is being transformed.

Sometimes we get very comfortable in our lives and lose sight of the unfairness and injustices of the world.

The Virus and Economic challenges now will lead to new policies and programs for this world.

Bernie and Elizabeth were stopped in their fight for revolution of the old economy, health system, and condition of our Earth.

Now the Virus and Stock Market downfall will help to continue to motivate us to transform the health system and economic system.

Just as FDR changed our world with his new policies and programs, you can count on these new world challenges bringing in people who will do likewise.

No matter who wins this presidential election, the Revolution will continue.  The old ways are dying.   New consciousness will help us to release these old ways and bring in new ways.

The Age of Aquarius cannot be stopped.

Till next week,


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