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Volcanic Eruptions and the New Moon, and Astrology Forecast for April 18-24

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

We let you know last week that the Aries New Moon, which occurred on Wednesday April 14, would be especially strong and powerful.  On the day of the New Moon, China experienced a 7.0 earthquake which killed hundreds of people. In Iceland that day a volcano erupted.    This volcano spewed much ash, and as of this writing is getting stronger.   The ash is spreading through the air globally,  letting us know we are all connected as One. In much of Europe this ash is causing air travel to be halted.  Over 1 milion people have been stranded so far.

This new moon gives us a signature of the spring season.  It has been my experience that the real season of spring begins at the Aries New Moon.  Of course the official beginning of spring is around March 21, when the Sun moves into Aries.    But the Moon has not arrived to meet it yet.   So when the Moon conjuncts the Sun in Aries, which creates the New Moon, then energetically the spring season has begun.

This promises to be a most intense spring season, and summer will be powerful also.

The volcano erupting at the New Moon in fire sign Aries shows us the fiery rage of mother nature now.  Global warming is connected to the melting of ice caps in places like Iceland.   Scientists say that larger and more powerful volcanos will erupt when the ice shrinks more in the future.

The grounding of air flights shows the power of nature over the contrivances of human endeavor.  We are at the mercy of nature and the Universe, especially so as our old structures and paradigms die in the wake of an Aquarian Age upon us.

It is Europe that is most affected by this volcano, and of course Europe is the parent culture of America.    Western civilization is being initiated into the New Age, into the realties of Climate change that is a part of the changing of Ages.

In the Aquarian Age of equality, the empires of the past and present give up their power to the citizens of the world.    There is liberation from governments and corporations that control the free spirits and souls of the people of the Earth.  Western civilization has had much control over the affairs of nations and peoples, and will humble itself in the Aquarian Age of equality. 

In personal lives the fire of the New Moon in Aries has been strong also.  This new moon in Aries signifies new beginnings.  And like the air travel disruptions caused by the volcano, new beginnings for many have been filled with frustrations and difficulties.

These challenges are meant to put us in better balance for the accelerated changes to come.  We need to move out of “same-old, same-old”, out of the monotonous “Groundhogs Day” patterns of our lives.   We must be energetically prepared for the newer frequencies approaching our lives, symbolically to be delivered into our lives by the many meaningful planetary aspects of spring and summer 2010.  The one most especially noted is the Lunar Eclipse Grand Cross on June 26, which we will examine at length in upcoming forecasts.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury goes retrograde on Saturday April 17 at 9:06 PM PDT and on Sunday April 18 at 12:06 AM EDT.

It is not to be feared or dreaded, as so many feel about Mercury Retrograde. It is a natural occurence every 3 months.  It lasts about 3 weeks each time, and this time will go back direct on May 11.

It signifies a changing of perception.  Events and inner stirrings prompt us into new realities of mind during Mercury Retrograde. Linear, left brain logic does not work as well. More imaginative, inventive, creative thinking works best.  Inner reflection is also more in alignment during Mercury Retrograde.  Since your mind is changing during this time, some advise people not to make important decisions or sign contracts then.  I believe that one must be aware of the fact that Mercury is retrograde before making important decisions or signing contracts.  After pausing, you are better equipped to know if perhaps you need to wait before making the decision or signing the contract. 

Communication also is altered during Mercury retrograde.  Again be aware that Mercury is retrograde, and be extra careful to choose your words before speaking, and to recognize how the person you are speaking to will receive what you have to say.    

Overall, Mercury retrograde takes us into new mental zones, getting us re-aligned with the movements of nature and the Universe.  Once Mercury has been back direct for a few days, the fog dissipates and a renewed clarity is found.

Sun in Taurus

The Sun moves into Taurus overnight on Monday/Tuesday.   This begins a solar month of earthy fixed sign Taurus.  We begin to settle into our bodies more, to seek more comfort and security.  The challenges we have encountered during fiery Aries time are now settling into reality and seek more practical grounded solutions.

In the northern hemisphere nature is filling up now with more leaves and flowers.    The comfort level of the weather is more pleasant, often not too cold or too hot. It is a good time to enjoy nature, to walk and run within the beauty. Of course lately we have all been more surprized by nature’s weather patterns, anyting being possible.

Mother Gaia is arguably best represented of all the astrological signs by Taurus.  She wants us to stay connected to her, and to enjoy her during Taurus time.   Taurus lets us know that we are nurturingly held by Mother Earth always. 

Remember however that Gaia is out of balance during these changing times and her body like ours is going through many shifts.   If you have been witnessing your body doing things it has not done before, do not automatically assume there is something ill or wrong. Please investigate the possibility that your changes are natural, and that you need new health habits, in order to be aligned with many changes now occuring.

See you next week,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

Please check out the website for more writings and a copy of new issue of Spiritual Renaissance.  Also in the services section you will see more about counseling and readings that will help you to navigate the many changes better.

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