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Waiting for 2010 and Astrology Forecast for December 6-13

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are getting closer to the Winter Solstice 2009, and then shortly thereafter we enter a most powerful Year of 2010.

This 2010 power will be signified by a strong symbol of change on New Year’s Eve:  A Lunar Eclipse Full Moon Cardinal T-Square.   We will talk more about this and the Solar Eclipse New Moon on January 15 as we get closer to those dates.

Suffice it to say however that the year starts out with a bang, which will be 2010’s calling card.

2010 will bring many profound aspects auguring great change all through 2010, including an even stronger Lunar Eclipse Full Moon Cardinal Grand Cross on June 26.

What can we expect and what can we do to get ready for such change?

We can expect our world to transform, for the security structures we rely on to be increasingly challenged.   Our economy has been challenged in 2008 and 2009 with one of the worst recessions in American ourstory.   To remedy this, The Powers That Be have merely put bandages on the deep and severe wounds to our financial well being.

For real transformation to occur we need to do more than print up more money and bail out big banks, other financial institutions, and mega-corporations and wealthy CEOs.    This is a new version of the trickle down theory, which believes that giving more riches to the already rich will somehow benefit us all.

There is such a huge discrepancy between the rich and all the others in this world.  True transformation of our economic system demands we change this old paradigm.  Events will force us to do so.  This does not mean we need to move to pure socialism.

We need something new that uses both capitalism and socialism, but truly creates something new that is beyond that dichotomy.

We can’t have huge change and transformation in this world until the military structure of this world fundamentally changes also.     Our world is controlled by a Military/Industrial complex that chokes off true liberty and freedom, as well as choking off true cooperation and harmony.

Wars will break out or bust open in 2010, which will threaten the current military structures of the world.    Look at the Middle East area to break open and for Iran to be an important focal point.

What each of us needs to do is to let go of our attachment to “how it has been”.  We each will need to be more flexible and open to real change.

To be able to truly do this, we will need to let go of our need to be separate from each other, from the Universe, from Nature, from our real self.   We will be forced to choose if we will live in fear or we will live in trust.

Our ancestors, who came before our current American creature comforts, conveniences, distractions, and protected lives, were more challenged to trust life and to believe in Love.  They certainly lived more in the moment and interacted more with one another.

Before the modern age we lived more primal lives, but even as recent as the first half of the 20th century people in America lived more difficult lives.  Can you imagine living then, and experiencing two World Wars and a Great Depression. Hardships then certainly dwarfed any real hardships we face now.

Trust in life was so important to make it through then, and will be so important again.  

But now, more than then, there is a need to expand and change consciousness into more inclusiveness.   To see all of us on the Earth as brothers and sisters, regardless of government propaganda or media persuasiveness, will be necessary. 

It will be so easy to hate the Chinese for their increasing power over the USA economically. It will be so easy to hate our Muslim borthers and sisters, most especially Iranians.

We are all connected all over the world.   To make it through the coming challenges, it will be necessary to let go of attitudes and beliefs that separate.    We have been moving into an Aquarian Age for some time now, and it is an Age of diversity in unity.    I know because that is what Aquarius is.   Aquarius is also about liberty for all and equality of all- no kings or queens or privileged people- no superpowers or privileged nations.

The coming eclipse of New Year’s Eve 2009/2010 will shake up our sense of security and bring us breakthroughs into new times ahead.  More on that later.

Astrology Forecast for December 6-13

Since the strong Full Moon has passed this last week, we enter a waning Moon phase.     With Uranus having gone direct near the day of the Full Moon, it was a difficult time period for some, and a time of breakthroughs for some.   For all,  Uranus now direct for the next seven months helps us to get “unstuck” from our personal mental boxes.

The waning Moon this coming week helps things to settle in and settle down.  On Sunday the Moon is in fun and creative Leo.   Late afternoon and evening the Moon in Leo is conjunct Mars.  Often this combination brings emotional intensity and drama.  If you get pulled there, be careful not to get too swallowed up in negative emotions.

The moon moves into Virgo on Monday and stays there into Tuesday when it squares the Sun, to create the beginning of the last quarter Moon.    Lunar energies dim in intensity, going down into the New Moon in Sagittarius on December 16.

The Moon stays in Virgo until mid-day Wednesday.  Good days to clean up, to fix and mend, to make more efficient, to do detail work.

Th energy field ought to stay mellow Thursday and Friday with Moon in Libra, but may intensify as the Moon goes into Scorpio on Saturday.

See you next week,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

Check out the website for more writings and info about readings and other services.

The waning moon now

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