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Waves of Change and Astrology Forecast for May 16- May 22

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

The airwaves are clearing now that Mercury is back direct again.  Whatever felt foggy and scrambled, is clearly aligning again. We are in the waxing phase of the moon also, after the New Moon in Taurus last Wednesday, just after Mercury went direct.  There is movement forward, but being Taurus, the speed is slow and deliberative.  

We are preparing for a most powerful wave of change coming, surrounding the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon Grand Cross on June 26 and the Solar Eclipse New Moon on July 11.   We are now merely “tippy toeing” into these strong new waves.   After the New Moon in Gemini on June 12, the waves will surround us and sweep us into new adventures. By late Autumn 2010 we will be in new lands, having been transfromed by momentous events in the months prior.

This coming Monday May 17, Mars makes a meaningful passage.  It will return, at that time, to the same position it held back in December 2009, when it went retrograde. It went back direct on March 10, and will have come full  circle at 19+ degrees of Leo this Monday.    Mars retrograde is a time when we need to reflect on what we really want and where we want to go forward with our lives. 

Now, after Monday, we move more solidly forward again on our soul’s path.  Storms may be ahead as we enter the eclipse zone soon, but we are more clearly directed and prepared.  The coming twists and turns will not take us off our path, but instead will assist us to transform old patterns and thoughts to be more in alignment with the world we are moving into.

And make no mistake about it, we are entering a new era, a new age here on Planet Earth for the human family.  And there is much cleaning up of old ways ahead for us.

We live in a greater culture that is split between wordly affairs and spiritual affairs. Many get their spirituality only on Sundays.   They play the nasty games of life the rest of the time in order to survive, as they see it.

Survival of the fittest, dog eat dog, greed is good, lifestyles are part of the old paradigm. The other part of the old paradigm is that we need to be good, unselfish, and sacrificing.

Though it is true that everyone naturally cares about their own welfare, that does not mean we need to beat others into submission in order for us to have good lives.

But we also do not need to sacifice our own needs either.

This split in ourselves and our culture is in part because we have been programmed to believe there is something wrong with us.  We are handicapped by beliefs in original sin.

As we move into this New Aquarian Age, it is imperative that we take away the judgments on ourselves for being naturally human.  But naturally human does not mean greedy and hateful, does not mean selfish and uncaring of the needs of others.

It also does not mean we need to not care about ourselves, to only see good in everyone, to not care about our own needs and desires, to make money bad, to not allow for our own anger and rage sometimes.

Each side of the split feeds on the other side.  The person who does not honor their own power and needs, draws to themselves the person who abuses power and only cares about themselves.

So use these shifting tides of change to enter a new season for your life, a better world.  This new world is about wholeness and oneness.  

As you heal and transform and bring your self in wholeness, you become like the Yin Yang symbol, opposites held in the circle of oneness.  This wholeness is the New Human for the Aquarian Age. No more war between male and female, between countries and cultures.    

Heated disagreements- yes, as we each have our ways, our own desires and wants. But we take our sacred authentic selves into relationship, into community- working out our disagreements for the good of all- to the best of our abilities.

If we recognize the light AND the dark in each one of us, we let go of the enemies and eventually come together as ONE.

Lunar Eclipse Full Moon Grand Cross

This eclipse will bring world events along with it.  Since this Grand Cross is mainly filled with Cardinal sign planets, we can expect the crucial parts of life to be affected.   We are being brought into the beginnings of New Seasons of our lives.  In the greater culture watch for shifts in the economy, the Middle East, North Korea, and Natural Disasters.  Watch for rebellions and revolutions, for liberation from oppression. 

 Energies will intensify leading up  to the eclipses, then energies will be released afterward. Sometimes events occur during the time of increasing intensity before the astrological events, and sometimes they occur after the aspects as energies release. And in this case there will be another eclipse two weeks later on July 11, a Solar Eclipse New Moon. That second eclipse will release more energies and propel us forward into new zones.  Events affiliated with these eclipses can occur through the autumn season.

In personal lives, keep your concentration on staying on your Path.    Keep centered and eat and be healthy.   Look for the synchronicities and signs, remember all is connected and meaningful.   Do not be seduced by emotions of panic or despair or uncontrolled fear.  All will happen much more gracefully if you do not go down into those emotional and spiritual pits for very long.

Changes are natural like the changing of seasons here on our beautiful Earth.  See your life as sacred and know the changes are ultimately for the best for your soul’s growth on its evolutionary path.

See you next week

 Leo Knighton Tallarico

You can visit my website to find more writings and to inquire about readings and other services.

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