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We Don’t Need Another Hero, Autumn Equinox and Astrology Forecast for Sept. 19-25

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This week we move through one of the  four annual turning points of the year: Autumn Equinox.  This year a Full Moon In Libra/Aries, a few hours after the equinox, adds more meaning to the event than usual.  And the fact that this Full Moon at the equinox touches off the cardinal t-square of the summer, adds even more importance to the event.   And interestingly, winter solstice will also have a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon right on it, making that season much more important than usual.

So big change continues. In fact the aspects of summer 2010 promise that there will be bigger events, related to the summer aspects, to be triggered this autumn and winter.

Autumn equinox is a time of slowing down and beginning the process of going inward and yin-ward.   Darker, colder days have arrived, and then it will continue to get darker every day until the winter solstice. It is time to settle down for the year, metaphorically like sunset time of the day.  Our values begin to change, as we see life more sensitively than the high energies of spring and summer.  We begin to look beyond our selves- to the social and relationship fabric of life.

It is Libra time of year now at this equinox, time to enjoy pleasant weather and the beauty of nature.  We strive for peace and harmony, love is in the air.   But this year we have an Aries Full Moon, only a few hours after the equinox.  More active and willfull energies compete with our usual equinox needs for peace and harmony and reflection.  In the greater world this Equinox signature, which includes the Aries Full Moon, suggests there will be issues of war and peace.

Look at the Middle East especially, but also in Korea and perhaps other places, for this theme to play out this autumn.   Some will be ready to push our world closer to war, while others will concentrate on diplomacy. Iran and the Israel/Palestine issue are sure to be central concerns this Autumn.   As we get into Scorpio time of year, this Middle East drama will get much more dangerous.

Our world is changing fast.   We all need to be aware of what is really going on.  The economy is in not really in recovery.  It is in real trouble. Our country is in real trouble.  We are in need of great transformation, out of an old world and its separating and dyfunctional ways, and into a unified and sane new Aquarian Age.  We cannot get there if we go on with “business as usual”.

We can no longer bury our heads in the sand. We truly are facing great change in our world and lives.

I have been writing about this for many years, how we are moving from a Pisces Age to an Aquarian Age, and how we must learn to expect great change during this transition.

But recently I have been knowing this on a much deeper level. When I look at the old conventional world, I see little worth respecting anymore. People just don’t come together for the benefit of the community. They show little love and respect for one another.

In politics people fight against each other as if they were in a wrestling match, and not even like real wrestling in high school or college, but like professional wrestling. It is a lie and a joke. We hoped leaving the Bush years would help us find our way back to our sanity and values again. But so far not yet.

Obama gave so many hope that real change would happen, that somehow he would bring sanity, decency, and true progress and transformation to our world. I hoped that then the transition out of an old world and into a new Aquarian Age would happen relatively gracefully, because there would be an inspirational leader who was bigger than life, like a Lincoln or M.L. King, who would lead us to the promised land.

The disillusion has been depressing at times. But didn’ we already know: There are no more saviors. That is the passing Pisces Age, begun surrounding the birth of Christ. No great savior/heroes coming our way anymore.

“We are the ones we have been waiting for.”

We must now take up the challenge and responsibility for our world, for our Earth, for our human family. Great healing and transformation are coming our way, much of it will not be easy.

But don’t put too much weight on your own shoulders or pressure on your heart and mind.

This is the Aquarian Age. We each need to merely learn our own role. Each of needs to know and express our unique individualized and authentic Self, focus on our own function and purpose, our contribution to the whole community.

As you know your true self, and learn to express it in relationship with others within the greater plan, you have arrived. It may not be easy to get there, but it feels easy when you get there.

And this does not mean you are necessarily a healer or doing some job that ‘helps save the world”. You can be a janitor or homemaker or financial broker. Being your true and authentic self is what counts. It is actualizing and reaching your seed potential within the orchestra of life community.

To get there you must rid your mind and heart of the conditioning by family and culture to fit some kind of mold, to be what you are “supposed” to be, what will make your mom or dad happy, or make your friends or mate happy. It is not marrying an “acceptable” person, or taking a career that is impressive or will bring luxury.

To get to this authentic place, you must leave judgment of your self or others. You will need to leave behind notions of superior people and inferior people, of privilege and undeserving. You will need to let go of fear that runs your life, guilt which helps you to “be a good person”.

If you are trying to live up to something, you have left your Self. If you fear being a bad person and going to hell, you are already there. If you believe there is a way everyone should be, you will never be your true Self.

Fear that is not about real danger precludes entry into an Aquarian Age consciousness. We are taught fear so we will not leave the safe confines of a controlling ego. Our ego fears our true Self, because our true Self is free- free mind,free heart, and free soul. This freedom threatens our connection to the ego-driven conventional world and its fear based paradigm.

This paradigm teaches us that we must obey the rules of the cultural game or we will go to hell or jail or a mental institution or into poverty. So we then, out of fear, become what we should be or need to be- to fit in and survive.

So when we go through the storms of transformation, when the walls of our old world and old ego start to crumble, we come to a crossroads.

For instance, let’s say a serious relationship ends, through a separation like a break up or divorce. After a while you recognize that you had been giving your self away in that relationship.

You tried to be the kind of person or mate you were brought up to be or who your mate expected you to be. You always wanted instead to be loved for who you really are. Perhaps you have been feeling this need to be loved for your Self since childhood.

Now the breakup is the turning point. Some leave the old relationship and go through a huge awakening. They want to find their true Self now- want to love their Self now. They begin the shed the skins of false ego self, and to dig deeper in their heart and soul. They find books and healers and classes that bring them through a healing crisis and through dramatic transformational change.

They know their old relationship ending was meaningful and part of their sacred soul’s journey into a new season of life. They have moved closer to their authentic Self and its connection to the Universe and the movement into an Aquarian Age.

Others, at the end of the relationship, instead blame their self or the other person or fate for the breakup of the relationship. They do not go through any deep new realizations, do not see any real reason to change. They end up finding another relationship that ends up being the same dramas and dyfunctional patterns as the last one.

Their old fears and ego take over again. They become trapped again in the old world and its rules for how one should be and live their life.

They did not see that what happened at their relationship breakup was meaningful, was a potential doorway into a new phase or season for their life, an opportunity. They fall back into the ruts of their programming from family and society, that keeps them chained to a false ego and life.

In the Greater World

As the old world continues to fall apart, we hope it will break down its old ways and reconnect with heart, soul, and open mind. That way we will find more sanity again, better choices and answers to old problems. The old paradigm must be broken as the walls of the old world come down.

But it is a stubborn old world, just as we individually can be quite stubborn before we decide to truly change.

The oil rig blew up in the gulf this year and brought about the biggest oil spill ever, destroying wild life and eco-sytems and the balance of nature, and people’s livelihoods and lives. Do we come out of that disaster with a a commitment to stop drilling or a commitment to urgently integrate into our lives new alternative energy sources? Do we learn to use more controls over corporations? Did we even go deeper in our thinking and realize occupying other countries and wars are often in modern times, in large part because of needs for oil?

Do we go through deep change and healing and transformation around this most important issue for our evolution and survival on the Earth, or do we go back to business as usual?

It appears we are going back to business as usual. This means we will go through more horrible events until we learn. And because we are in transition between ages, the Universe will be relentless with its challenges.

And no- Obama was not the great savior hope of humanity. But perhaps he will still be the doorway into our best and authentic Selves, so this world, not just the USA, can be “of the people, by the people, and for the people”.

It is getting more and more obvious to me that our collective wake-up calls will get louder and louder now. By mid to late autumn at the latest, we will experience great changes that were promised at the big events of Summer of 2010, the Lunar Ecipse Grand Cross, the Cardinal T-square, Saturn square Pluto and other big aspects.

We are in for bigger shake-ups to help us release old ways and bring us forward into a new Aquarian Age.

In your own life, as you face new challenges, remember your life is meaningful and you are on a sacred soul’s journey. Events that happen in your life, even those that may at first seem so devastating; they are meant to help you to move out of old rigid ego forms and dyfunctional life patterns, and into your true and authentic Self. That Self is a purpose-driven Self, connected to all other Selves in greater community, within a meaningful and sacred Universe, on its way to an Aquarian Age.

“See” you next week,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

Please feel free to find more writings and my services on my website.  You can get an astrological session with me during these changing times ot help you on you rpath and with your life.  Please write for more info.  There is a  radio show you can listen to also.

Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.

He predicted the Iraq War of 2003- in early 2001 when Bush first took office; predicted the 9-11 attacks with an article “The Tower”, written in June 2001.  He predicted Obama and McCain would get the presidential nominations in november 2007, when both were low in the polls; and correctly predicted the current economic downturn before it occurred.

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