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Weekly Worldview and Astrology Forecast for August 16-22

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

The lunar cycle that began at the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer on July 21st- and included the powerful Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius on August 5/6,  comes to an end this week at the New Moon in Leo on Thursday August 20.

Whatever issues, challenges, breakdowns, losses, breakthroughs, and disruptions that erupted during this lunar cycle and the last one- that spread from mid June to July 21st- gets taken to the next level starting on August 20 at that New Moon in Leo.

It is time to move forward no matter what has happened, no matter what you are feeling, and even if things have not been totally resolved.  Events that occurred during this summer of eclipses, that began in mid June, were meant to take you out of “same-old”, “same- old”.   For many these events disrupted our lives, brought up intense emotions and issues, shook up our lives, and forced us  to reconsider or change the ways we have been living.

If your marriage was not doing well before the eclipses, but was tolerable, the eclipses shook up that notion.  If you had a job before the eclipse period, but were worried about how the current economic trouble would affect it, then perhaps during the eclipse period you felt your job truly threatened.  Or perhaps you had big problems with a family member break out during the eclipse period.  Anything that truly shook up your life and took you out of your normal routine of life during the time since mid June can be attributed to the eclipses.

Others had big breakthroughs during the eclipses, finding solutions to big problems,or finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel during really difficult situations.

For many people the eclipses disrupted normal lives and brought great intensity.

Now at the New Moon this week, events begin or unfold, as a result of the breakdowns and breakthroughs during the eclipses.  This month ahead continues the “eclipse period” beyond the actual dates of the eclipses.  It is in the “wake” of the eclipses. The coming events are a natural extension or result of the eclipses.

In the greater world many new events have occurred, and many of those big events were natural disasters.  There were many more earthquakes than usual. Of note among these disasters, there were two huge earthquakes on the same day, a 6.4 in Japan and a 7.6 in east Asia.  There also was a very destructive typhoon in China/Taiwan that killed over 500 people.

Toward the end of the eclipse events the Health reform debate began in America.   The eclipse that had the greatest affect on this issue was the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius on August 5/6.    Leo/Aquarius combinations bring us the polarity of individual needs and community needs.    The outspoken individuals at the town hall community meetings brought this dichotomy together in often extremely intense and combative ways.

Even though some people at these town hall meetings may have been planted by both parties, and even though many people brought up subjects totally unrelated to Health Reform, and even though many people were extremely rude and obnoxious; nevertheless this town hall process is very good for our democracy and for our cherished freedom of speech in America.

It is time to transform our system here in America and around the world, as we go through the change from Pisces to Aquarius Age, and into the Mayan New World in 2012.

And the American way to go through change is to speak our minds, to challenge, to debate, to question.  This process will help us to do what is best according to “we the people”.

Is it not obvious we have given our power away, all too often to big government, to special interests, to big corporations.

For this Aquarian Age to manifest according to Aquarian principles “we the people” need to take our country back; and town hall meetings, if done openly and honestly, not contrived or rehearsed, will help us to do that.

Passion on both sides will help us to get to the core of the issues, which is necessary to true change and transformation.

We are in store for much more change over the next several years, and this current eclipse period, an influential one with 3 eclipses in a row, spikes us forward in our evolution toward this Aquarian Age.

Astrology Forecast for August 16-22

On Sunday the 16th we are in the waning phase of the moon’s cycle, soon to be at a dark Moon.  In four days we will experience a New Moon.  It is time to wind down from all the intensity of the eclipses, before we rev up again at the coming New Moon in Leo.  Release negative emotions and attitudes that were built up, so can move forward “clean” at the New Moon.    Any new projects or plans to be initiated during this new cycle begun at the New Moon in Leo, can be prepared for during the days prior to the new Moon.   On the 16th the Moon goes into Cancer for a couple days, so there will be some desire to be in safe and comfortable surroundings, with close family and friends.

On Tuesday at a dark Moon, 2 days before the New Moon, both Mars and the Sun make aspect to the planet of awakening Uranus. If you have been coasting or chilling out a lot, it is time to wake up and be aware.   There is a new Moon coming and you can now break out of any funks you are in or any chains that bind you.  The moon is in Leo, where it will be at the New Moon in Leo, most of Tuesday also, so the vibes of the new Moon are rolling in.

On Wednesday, still in dark Moon, but energy building for the coming New Moon, it is a good time to begin to visualize what you desire for the coming lunar cycle.   Meditation can be most effective now.

On Thursday at 6:02 AM EDT and 3:02 PDT is the New Moon in Leo.  A New Moon happens when the Sun and Moon are conjunct, as they are now at 27+ degrees of Leo.

It is best now to open up to to what your heart wants and where it leads you, like you did when you were a child.   Leo is a very creative sign that does its best when it is playful and hopeful.  Its downfall is when the ego takes over the heart by taking its importance to its head.    Watch now for your own or other egos that inflate.   But if you want to take best advantage of this lunar cycle begun at the New Moon in Leo, then open your heart to express your creative spark; start new creative projects; begin acting or singing lessons.

The Moon goes into humbling Virgo later Thursday and through Friday, so if egos have inflated too much, or if you are having fun at the expense of your work ethic, then it will time for your inflations to burst open and fizzle.

Late on Saturday the Sun makes its yearly movement into Virgo.   It is time to start thinking about going back to school,or fixing your car or teeth or whatever.  It is time to simplify your life and think more of how you can serve, not rule.  Watch out not to get too fixated on anything as obsessiveness is the down side of Virgo.

Leo Knighton Tallarico

Please feel free to visit my website to read more articles or to arrange for a reading.

See you next week for a new weekly forecast.

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