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Weekly Worldview and Astrology Forecast for February 7-13

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

 We move further forward into 2010, a year of much transformation for the human community on Planet Earth.  The spring and summer especially will shake up the status quo and consensus reality, and bring us forward into Aquarian waves of change.

Since the year began it has been intense, and many can now feel the deep rumblings of change to come.   We started the year with 2 eclipses, a lunar eclipse full moon in Capricorn/Cancer on New Year’s Eve, giving us a powerful signature for the year ahead; then a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Capricorn on January 15. 

These eclipses were surrounded in time by a Saturn/Pluto square, a most powerful combination.   The first pass of the square occurred on November 15 2009 and the second on January 31 2010.  A third pass erupts into our world in August this year.  We mentioned in last week’s blog that dramatic events often synchronize with this Saturn/Pluto connection.   Both World Wars in the 20th century and the 9-11 attacks in 2001 happened during “hard” aspect between these planets.

Many more important aspects suggesting great change also occur in 2010, like Jupiter opposite Saturn, Uranus opposite Saturn, Jupiter conjunct Uranus, and the beginning waves of Uranus square Pluto.  There also is a very powerful lunar Eclipse Full Moon Grand Cross in cardinal signs in late June of this year.    These aspects help you to let go of old patterns and beliefs, situations and people that no longer fit who you are and who you are becoming.

 In turn you expand your consciousness, incorporate new and healthy beliefs, attitudes and life styles.  You see the connections and synchronicities more and more, you open your mind and heart to new possiblites and progress in your life and consciousness.  The old paradigm and age are dying, old ways of living and doing business are dying.   Dog eat dog social Darwinism angrilybegins to leave our world, so we can come together in one human family to heal our human condition and planet Earth.   

So there is much change coming, which we will discuss in greater depth as we get closer to the spring and summer events.

For now we each need to concentrate internally on our own life and soul path, especially so because Mars is retrograde.   Mars went retrograde on December 20 2009 and will go back direct on March 10 2010.

Mars is a planet of action, of  forward movement of life energy.  But when it is retrograde we often feel as if we do not know where we are going in some areas of our life.  Mars also is about “want” or desire.   When Mars is retrograde we often do not know what we really want or desire.   Our sense of life direction can be clouded.    Do we want to stay in our job, will we lose our job, do we want to change careers?      Do we want to move forward with a certain relationship or not?  Do we want to stay in our current home or not?   Do we want to go to school or not?   

During Mars retrograde time periods we often find our selves in situations where we are at turning points in our lives.    We are needing to make decisions soon, or we are in situations where we must dig deeper to know where we are going and what we truly want for our lives.

Around March 10, when Mars goes back direct again, the ignition will be started up again for our lives.     You may not have everything all figured out quite yet, but you will feel more restless to get moving again.  Sometime just before or soon after you will have a better idea of where you are going with your life.

But for now, with Mars still retrograde, do not worry too much if you do not know your way yet.  Don’t “push the river” and try too hard to find answers. They will come to you at the right time.   All cannot be figured out in our heads. Much of life unfolds at the right time,  more gracefully than we expect.  This does not mean we should be passive.  Of course we need to be proactive with our lives, but our striving can be aligned with the greater flow of the Universe and nature, not in domination of it.

We also are in the last quarter Moon phase almost all  this week.  The last quarter began last Friday the 5th in Scorpio.    We are in this waning Moon phase until the New Moon on Saturday February 13 at 9:51 PM EST.    This passing lunar cycle began during the intensity of the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Capricorn on January 15.  

During this waning phase it is time to wind down our energies from the issues begun at that last new moon eclipse, and prepare for a  new beginning at that next New Moon in Aquarius next Saturday.

The New Moon in Aquarius suggests for the month ahead we get more involved in group activities, internet activities,  socially conscious endeavors, and thinking outside the usual boxes.

See you next week

Leo Knighton Tallarico

Check out my website for more information, old Spiritual Renaissance publication in the archives and more information about my readings and services.

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