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What does 2012 the Movie have to do with 2012? And Astrology Forecast for November 22-28

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

Saw the movie 2012, though I knew it would be a Hollywood ripoff of an important subject for these transformational times.    Did anyone who saw the movie really believe that we will face that level of catastrophe in 2012?

I mean the whole world and all humans were dying horribly tragic deaths.  The Earth’s core had over heated, the poles shifted, the Earth was cracking open everywhere, huge Tsunamis were drowning the world. Only those who were going on the Arks would be saved.

Nevertheless there was at least one thing about the movie that rang true:  The privileged and wealthy were the ones who would get to be saved on the Arks.   And some people were able to buy their way onto the Arks.

There was a hopeful moment for humanity when the privileged people on one of the Arks, before takeoff, decided to open the gates of the Ark and let the lowly common folk in.  It was like the people in the castle letting the rabble cross the bridge of the moat to get inside the castle.

How truly important December 21 2012 becomes remains to be seen.  The Mayans said an old world and reality would end then as a New World was being born.  That old Age began in 3113 BC when large human cities first opened up to civilization.  How much change is coming our way before 2012, when Mayan elders say we enter a  new age of global and Universal unity, when telepathy will be our new way of communication?

Whatever will truly happen is unknown now, but there is no doubt in my mind, however, that the next several years will bring huge and intense transformational waves of change to the world.

Those tsunami waves from the movie were actualy great metaphors for the change coming.  The waves of change will be huge.  The world as we know it will be very different over the next several years.  I personally guage the end of 2020 as the biggest “landmark” of our voyage into a New World. I believe it is the symbolic gateway into an Aquarian Age. 

This does not mean earth shaking events will happen only then.  What it does mean is that much change will happen between now and then.    And how it looks then will be so much different than now.   

Between now and then there will be a great schism between old ways and new ways, like the Earth splitting.  People will no longer be able to straddle worlds.  Some will go down with the old world, others will have the courage to spread their wings and fly with new ways.

At the deepest of levels we are deciding whether we believe all is connected or not.  Are we each a distinct individual, yet part of a greater whole, working together to contribute to the greater community? Or are we each alone, separate from one another, lacking trust in the Universe, ourselves and each other?

Our greater culture now teaches us we are mainly separate.  Even our religions often pit us against other religions, telling us our faith is better.   They also teach us to not trust ourselves by selling us on our original sin.  

Our nations don’t trust other nations and their peoples, even though we all inhabit this Earth together. 

We are one family, whether we admit it or not.   Of course now we are a hugely dysfunctional family.

So the schism between the old world and new will break open over the next several years.    Wars will occur, economies will continue to suffer.  Before long enough people will join those already there who know we are all one, connected in heart, mind and soul; connected in the One body of the Earth.

This is our Aquarian Age, when a critical mass of people will show the way into our unity.   2012 will likely bring the battles between the two worlds to a climax.   Afterwards we rebuild in the image of an Aquarian Age of liberty for all peoples, equality and sharing in a diverse multicultural world.  In 2020 we will have arrived enough for it all to be quite noticeable.  2009 will be a distant memory. 

In the coming year 2010 change will accelerate greatly.  Put on your seatbelt for that ride.   We will talk more about that in the coming weeks.

Astrology Forecast for November 22-28

The Sun moved into Sagittarius on Saturday night here in the USA>  It will stay there as always unti the winter solstice on December 21.

Sagittarius is the sign of expansion, of rising spirits.  Sag likes to do things in big ways, stretching our aims.   Sagittarius likes to see the best, to feel inspiration, to find meaning in all of life.   It relies on intuiion and spends a lot of time in the higher mind, always searching for greater understanding, for solutions.   Holiday season is a perfect time for Sag, who like celebration and the spiritual and spirited.   It is important for Sagittarius to make faith an important part of their life, as their life never works well without it.

There is a second quarter moon in Pisces on Tuesday.    Second quarter moons represent turning points in the lunar cycle.  The New Moon in Scorpio last Monday began a new cycle.  Now we are challenged to stay on course.   The Pisces Moon suggests we need to add our feelings and compassion to whatever we do now.   The Moon stays in Pisces Wednesday and through most of Thursday, Thanksgiving Day.  Should be a mostly mellow day.

Friday the Moon goes into action oriented Aries, so today and tomorrw Saturday. with the moon still in Aries, are good days to get moving and get things done.  Some will partake in an orgy of consumerism on Black Friday.

Have an enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

Please enjoy my website where you can read more articles and find our more about my services including astrology sessions and readings.

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