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Winds of Eclipse Season Blowing In and Astrology Forecast May 17-23

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

There is an energy shift this week.  Taurus’ calm comfort and connection to its senses and need for security;  shifts into Gemini’s mental questioning, curiosity, open possibilities and interests, and desire to learn and communicate.

In a nutshell, we shift from a concentration on the physical and practical, into the mind and information sharing.

This shift happens because the Sun moves from Taurus to Gemini on Wednesday the 20th; then on Friday the 22nd the Moon joins the Sun in Gemini to form a New Moon in Gemini.  That sets the tone for the next month.

Keep in mind that Venus is already in Gemini, where it went Retrograde on the 12th/13th; and Mercury is in Gemini too, its favored sign.

We move our concentration from body, security, practicality, and calm grounding; to faster thinking, talking, and faster general movement.

Also energies will be overall intensifying as the New Moon in Gemini signifies the beginning of Spring/Summer Eclipse Season 2020.

The first actual eclipse will be on June 5, a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Gemini/Sagittarius.  It will be followed by a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer at Summer Solstice.

And this Eclipse Season brings us a more unusual third eclipse:  another Lunar Eclipse Full Moon, this time in Cancer/Capricorn on July 4 USA birthday.

This is the first Eclipse Season since the onset of Covid 19 and the Stock Market dive.  The Gateway for those events opened at the last Eclipse Season in January, when Saturn made conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn.

Those Eclipses and Saturn/Pluto warned us that our old world “normal” was being destroyed so a new world could be ushered in.

And so much focus has been on the destructive forces of the Virus and the falling economy, and how to go back to normal.

Normal as we knew it is going away.

As the new Eclipse Season is rapidly approaching, our energy needs to transition from the old normal to what our New Chapter will become.

It may be best for us now to spend less time listening and watching the mass media or traveling through social media, or getting too involved with conspiracies.

In other words, it may be best now to get more involved with true Life, with a sense of Purpose, with living an authentic Life unfettered by the programming tentacles of Mainstream Society.

Spending more time in Nature and/or Meditation and Spiritual practice will be very helpful for jumping off the train of Covid and Money worries. which is headed for disaster.

We cannot truly influence or stop that train’s journey into Nightmare; but we can look into the growing light of a New Age of Love and Truth, Diversity Within Unity,  greater Soul and Spirit, healing the Earth and each other, and living a life with more of a sense of individual and collective purpose and authenticity.

Yes we still need to be aware of the dark dramas unfolding; we need to keep some caution and be safe; we need our empathy and compassion for those who are suffering.

But we do not need to be immersed in the dark stories; be enveloped in fear or panic; or make important decisions based on “negative” thinking.

We can think and feel “outside the box” of the culture’s programming and its dying paradigm.  We can envision, work toward, and move toward the energy and light emanating from the frequencies and consciousness of an evolving Age of Aquarius.

Where we choose to immerse our minds, hearts, and souls determines so much of our destiny.

We cannot always influence what will happen to us or our world. Yet we can greatly influence how we respond and react to what is dropped on us, like this virus and downturn of the economy. And how we respond can greatly affect future destiny.

We do not need to react with great fear and panic. We can instead respond with love and faith in where we are moving toward.

We can experience all the connections all around, and know that all happens meaningfully even if we do not immediately know the meaning.

We can connect with others of like mind and heart, joining together in a “family” Circle of those who know the Truth at a deeper level and know that Love permeates the Universe.

Covid does not rule the Universe, nor does it rule our human experience here on Earth.  Do we need to demonize this virus?  Death comes to us, sooner or later.  That is the true “demon” we are all afraid of.

But every death is accompanied by Birth- sooner or somewhat later.

A New Age is squirming in its womb. The community of humanity who will nurture it and raise it are now experiencing very strong labor pains.

Keep remembering the Birth is on its way. It is a Birth containing the Evolution of human into the New Human.   We will talk more about that New Human in future writings of Perspectives from the Sky.

For now, let us prepare for the Spring/Summer Eclipse Season that begins late this week.  Keep an eye on personal and global issues as they come up in your consciousness.

Remember Venus has gone Retrograde and will stay there for much of the Eclipse Season.   As a result old relationship patterns may be experienced.

Past relationships will likely come up strongly in your memory, dreams, or in real life as someone resurfaces in your life.

Since we will be in Eclipse Season for much of the Venus Retrograde time period, we can expect greater intensity and importance of those relationship issues.

The possibility of relationship crisis is greater than usual.  The possibility of transformation out of old relationship patterns is greater than usual as well.

Out in the greater world,  this Eclipse Season will shake up the “old normal” some more, showing us new ways of being.

Power structures in the greater world are shifting too, so be more aware of what that means and will mean in our world.   Allies in different groups of nations and cultures are forming. Nationalism is growing stronger, as it did prior to WWII.

But Globalism is also growing, as nations are also forming together with desires to heal the planet and the human family.

Those two movements, Nationalism and Globalism, will set the table for Diversity Within Unity in the Age of Aquarius.

See you next week,


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