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Winter Solstice, Solar Eclipse New Moon in Capricorn and Astrology Forecast December 22-28

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

I write this week’s forecast from a Hampton Inn just outside Tulsa Oklahoma on our way to Sedona.  The first few days were challenging with snow in upstate New York and snow blizzards in Ohio and Pennsylvania.  The last couple days have been more graceful and uneventful.  We should be in Sedona late on Sunday the 22nd.

Later today on Saturday the 21st at 11:19 PM EST there is Winter Solstice, a turn in the balance between yin and yang, dark and light.  Up till today the dark/yin was getting stronger and stronger; after today, light/yang begins to increase until Spring Equinox when they are equal, with light/yang continuing to get stronger every day.

As the days have been getting darker with the solar light dimming as it moved toward Winter Solstice, and with the lunar light dimming in the waning half of the lunar cycle; depressed feelings, fear  and negative thoughts have tried to have a stronger voice in our consciousness.

Yin connection with body and soul does not mean fear and negativity, but our culture which worships being “up” and “happy”, successful and “positive” too often conditions us to avoid the truth and wisdom of the body and soul, of the “Feminine”.   That results in fear being the substitute for natural and healthy Yin.

At this time of year with holidays showing love and deep connections, we are reminded of our common humanity, and that all of us get older and have difficult moments in life.  The Yin of our body and soul remind us of these common connections, of the big human family we all belong to, regardless of our differences.

After the 21st the light is showing at the end of the tunnel.  And on Thursday the 26th, the Moon gets ready to show some light after the New Moon in Capricorn at 12:13 AM EST.

All this time from the 21st through the 26th, it is a good time to meditate, to get in touch with the silence.  It is also a good time to reconnect with your soul’s wishes and to make clear intention for co-creation with the Universe.

This New Moon in Capricorn brings the Sun and Moon together in conjunction.  The solar cycle and lunar cycle join together at the New Moon in Capricorn, and the Solar Eclipse brings much more strength to the New Moon in Capricorn than the usual New Moon in Capricorn.

So the power of intention or resolution is stronger than usual. So also is one’s ability to plan to manifest, accomplish, build, organize, discipline, and make definite, to put an end to, and make commitment to.

Direction is more easy to find.  It is a good time to make real what was only an idea or dream.  But this new moon can also bring a time of disillusion, of the end of seeing life through rose colored glasses.

In the world this first of 2 eclipses will begin to bring down whatever has been in a bubble of fantasy.   The Stock Market and economy could be brought down to reality very soon now.  The reality of impeachment cannot be denied anymore.

More important than Trump’s presidency is the condition of the USA. It is being split in two, similar to when there was Civil War 1860-1865.

This is part of the process of transformation of our country and world, in transition between an Age of Pisces and an Age of Aquarius.

The Age of Pisces began with the birth of Christ in the midst of the Roman Empire. That Empire eventually broke down, and the birth of Christ became the Christian Church,  for better and worse.

Now the Roman Empire is the Military Industrial Complex of the USA and Western World, in the process of breaking down.  As consciousness expands and people evolve, the shape of spirituality and religion shifts, the importance of Christ consciousness evolves too.

Christ consciousness is now part of a Spiritual Renaissance for our world.   There is a return to spirit, to soul, to sacredness,  to deeper compassion, to connections with All, to love, to truth beyond the rigid rules or guilt of some religion.

Jupiter is conjunct the New Moon in Capricorn, adding more inspiration to one’s new ventures and projects.

Eclipse Season has just begun.  The second eclipse is a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Cancer on January 10, the same day liberating Uranus goes back Direct again.

Saturn and Pluto are opposite the Full Moon in Cancer and are exactly conjunct each other on January 12.

We will explain much more about this important Eclipse Season the next few weeks.

Till then,


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