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Year 2020 and Astrology Forecast December 29-January 4.

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

We enter a New Year 2020 this week, and it will be one alive and intense year ahead (Podcast Forecast coming in early January).

This week of transition between years 2019 and 2020 begins shortly after the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Capricorn from December 25/26.

That eclipsed new moon began a lunar cycle that includes a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Cancer on January 10, the same day liberating Uranus changes directions from Retrograde to Direct.

Then 2 days later on the 12th, the important and powerful Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn.

This week now, we should be able to experience more of the reality and meaning of this Eclipse Season.

The holidays have to some extent distracted us from the energies and reality of this Eclipse Season.

If paying attention , however, we experience the partisan battle between Democrats and Republicans that will likely take Trump off the hook of being found guilty by the Republican run Senate. The Senate tries Trump and then votes for his guilty or innocent verdict. No matter what he gains infamy in American history.

This country has descended into a government that has lost the pulse of the American people, and in so doing gives more and more power to corporations and special interests that pay handsomely to the Senators and Congressional representatives.

The idealistic values set down in the American Constitution and Bill of Rights are being more and more drowned under by overly materialistic values and distorted needs for ultimate security above all else.

The lofty American values of equality for all, freedom of speech, and care for those who struggle have been brought down many notches and into the underworld’s value system.

This year 2020 presents a major turning point in regards to those values. The current administration pushes the envelope toward more power for the executive branch of government, meaning toward King Donald.

Yet 2020 gives the opportunity, through impeachment and elections, to reject those values and reject giving more power to the “kings and queens”.

1776 was to be the beginning of the end of rule by royalty or dictator, and instead give more power to the people.

So now we have the opportunity, through transformation of consciousness, to evolve into the people envisioned by the early leaders of the country.

The month of January 2020, as the first month of the year, sets the stage and creates the foundation for this important year ahead.

The Saturn/Pluto conjunction, which happens to be a close companion to the Cancer Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, is set to begin the process of destruction of soul dead elements of our world and its institutions.

Stock Market correction is likely this season, as the chart for the beginning of the Stock Market in America is being harshly triggered by the Saturn/Pluto conjunction and Lunar Eclipse this month. That chart is from May 17, 1792 in New York.

The Trump administration will do everything in its power to keep the market and economy looking prosperous, as a failure of the economy means automatic failure of the administration’s attempts to survive.

The trade war with China and breakdown of communication with North Korea will also come up to a major turning point this coming month.  North Korea is on the verge of creating more trouble. The state of Israel and showdown with Iran will likely also draw much attention this coming month.

In our personal lives this Eclipse Season, we can expect events that bring powerful messages of needs to release anything from the last chapter of our lives that keep screaming to be kept alive.

Saturn/Pluto can be ruthless, and so letting go is essential.  The New Chapter may have already showed you its promise, but no matter what- make sure to let go of what used to be. Your anger and/or guilt keep the old alive, even if you believe you let it all go.

This week on New Year’s Eve day of the 31st, the Moon is in Pisces much of the day.

However at 11 PM EST and 8 PM PST, the Moon goes into Aries. In Europe the New Year comes in with the Moon in Pisces.  In Africa and Asia, the Moon will be in Pisces at the yearly turning point.

But in America there will be a good connection with what is happening overall: The Pisces Moon is grieving and letting go; the Aries Moon is pushing forward and embracing the new.

On January 2nd,  Mercury in Capricorn makes exact conjunction with Jupiter in Capricorn, affording us the opportunity to have real and practical ideas for manifesting our dreams and making our lives work better.

On January 3, Mars leaves deeply serious and sometimes brooding Scorpio for more glory seeking Sagittarius.  What has been a “kept secret” Scorpio desire or emotion is released into the free spirit of Sagittarius.

Mars stays in Sagittarius until February 16. Use the Mars fiery placement now to take the leap of faith, to “take the ride” of your destiny, to go on the adventure, to know all is happening for a reason.

All the Capricorn energies now can help make some people feel trapped or confined or depressed.

But if you do allow yourself to open up and freely follow spirit now, you can use the Capricorn influence to stay grounded, to make real, to manifest in form.  This combo is great for recognizing the natural relationship that can be found between spirit and form.

That is our human experience. Free spirits and souls making home in a body in order to fulfill a function or purpose in our Earthly Human Community in this lifetime.

Issues and energies intensify this week, as we get closer to the important planetary configurations later this month.

Till next week,


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