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A New Day and Astrology Forecast December 23-29

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

We have passed through a very intense Eclipse Season, the Winter Solstice and the end of the Mayan Calendar.   It feels like a time for some rest, doesn’t it? Hopefully the holidays will bring you some peace and love from friends and family.

The Winter Solstice did feel more intensely than usual a movement from darkness to light.  Perhaps this sense of rebirth today is more than just the normal Winter Solstice movement from darkest day to return of the light.

The end of the Mayan Calendar did seem to bring a “New Day”.  Perhaps that is because there is something meaningful about the Mayan Calendar ending, or perhaps it is because so many people all over the world put their hearts and souls into believing in and creating a better world.

Whatever it was, today is a new day, but it is not the beginning of the Age of Aquarius yet. We are still deeply in the transition between ages.  You would not wake up to see such a dysfunctional world with such unhealthy values if we had turned the corner already.

Here in America we wake up to see our government up against a so-called Fiscal Cliff, playing chicken with our economic lives.   We still give high priority in this country to wealth, celebrity, power, and privilege. Most people do not seem to realize how this affects our American family, how these values we give to our children teach them what we feel is important.

It used to be at Thanksgiving and Christmas that people came down into their soul and felt more human kindness and compassion, more gratitude and love.  More and more every year now people just rush around buying gifts, beeping car horns in congested traffic jams, and are very irritable and stressed.

Love is much more and much deeper than giving expensive toys and gifts.  Many people have learned to feel that giving  gifts is all the love they are required to show.  Real human interaction is at much more of a premium now.

We bury our hearts and minds in electronic computers and other gadgets, even at the dinner table or when sitting around with loved ones and friends.  We  used to think TVs were a bad influence for our souls and social interaction, but at least with TVs we usually were all watching the same show together.

Now we often are all doing separate things on our computers or phones, while hanging out in the same room or house.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying computers and such are bad.  It is what we are allowing them to do to our lives, consciousness and values that is troublesome.

The internet revolution started up when Uranus made conjunction with Neptune in 1992-1994.  It is meant to be and will stay in our human community. At its best it gives us freedom of information and a social networking that brings us together all over the world.

But at its worst it is depriving us of human intimacy and emotional connection with one another.  We are developing a culture of people with more and more ADHD and other conditions that put us in bubbles separated from the “real” world and each other.

Violent war-like video games put many in a bubble of numbness from feeling the pain and death that comes from real weapons and violence.

I believe these are truly Aquarian Age dilemmas we need to resolve, as mental and social networks are very connected to the sign Aquarius.   As we go further and further through this transition from Pisces to Aquarian Age, we need to find balance between the detached networks of Aquarius with the Earth and our human bodies and souls.

Aquarius tends to detach itself from the usual biological necessity,and as such have influence over gay and lesbian relationships, stem cell research, babies made in new ways, and alternative food sources.

We are developing a world of new families, families created from love and bringing “birds of a feather together”, not solely based on blood anymore. The traditional nuclear family will no longer dominate our culture 20 years from now.

I believe our human community will need to get together to resolve these electronic age issues, as  some if these issues are getting out of hand.   We will need to find our way back to being in intimate and loving relationship with our Earth and human bodies, healing both from electronic rays and detached mindsets.

We need to teach our children to hug and touch and to feel the heart and soul of  others. We need to show example that touching is not for just sex, but for love and affection.

The intensity of change will get stronger this coming year 2013, as Uranus square Pluto brings us more and more events that challenge us to let go of fear,  cynicism, intolerance, and a desperate clinging to familiar ways of keeping outworn security blankets.

We are opening our hearts and minds more, trusting our true selves, one another and the Universe.  We are seeing the deeper and higher meaning for the changes coming into lives, knowing we are each on a sacred soul journey through life.

We are co-creating with the Universe a new Aquarian Age, evolving our consciousness and lives to meet the challenges of shifting into a New Age.

We are patient during the current and upcoming purification process as we change ages, as we face world events that are tragic and sometimes horrific.

We know we are on a ride into the Aquarian Age, and we were all born at just the right time to experience this amazing shift of ages.

So as we settle down into our holiday season, let us visualize the life and world we want to create in conjunction with the natural movement of nature and our Universe.

This coming week should be relatively more quiet, but there are a few notable planetary events:

On Christmas Day, Mars goes into Aquarius and the Sun squares Uranus, so there may be some contrary or even rebellious folks to contend with. A Saturn sextile Pluto aspect is also in effect all week, so there will be a somber and serious tone sometimes. It is best to use this energy to get out of any illusions and “dreamworlds” that keep you from seeing reality, from seeing the truth.

And on Friday December 28, there will be a Full Moon in Capricorn/Cancer at 5:21 AM EST.  Strict Capricorn and permissive Cancer try to balance their differing orientations.  Capricorn seeks grounded boundaries and fair rules. Cancer seeks emotional connection and the ability to change with one’s moods.  Capricorn wants to build solid structures and accomplishment in the world.  Cancer wants to build family bonds based on inner values and unconditional love.

See you next week,


Leo Check out this new Youtube video I just created:

I will be broadcasting some radio shows on blog talk radio on November 10. You can hear that forecast at any time after the live broadcast.

Please feel free to find more writings and my services on my website.You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info.

Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.

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