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Eclipse Season Begins

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are on the cusp of a powerful, passionate, transformational Eclipse Season.

Early this week we are in the last quarter phase of the Moon, moving down through Yin valleys before meeting the volcanic experience of a New Moon in Scorpio on Thursday.

We walk into the dark depths of Samhain while still in the Yin valley of the last quarter phase of the Moon, darkening more each day into the New Moon.

Samhain as always connects with its modern day version of Halloween on October 31.

Our ancestors must have initially been surprised with what they experienced while peering and feeling through the thinning veils between dimensions at Samhain.

Some of what they sensed must have brought them fear, which accounts for the ghosts and goblins at Halloween.

I have experienced during ceremony at the fireplace on Samhain, what sure seemed like people I knew before they died. I experienced my dead Grandfather Daniel, who moved back to Italy toward the end of his life.

He was riding a bicycle down through the Italian roads when he got hit by an Olive Oil Truck and died. He was 79 years old. He contacted me that night at the fire. He said little, just that he was my Papa and felt bad he had not had a closer relationship with me.

Samhain is approximately half way between Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice, and as such is letting us know we are moving toward a darker and colder annual time of year.

There can be comfort in darkness, a sense that just Being is OK. We do not need to always be accomplishing, figuring out, or on an agenda.

Many people tend to avoid the quiet, especially the quiet in the dark. We can feel afraid to think about things that have or could cause us to feel fear or pain. We do not want to think of old traumas or heartaches or loss. We do not want to think about old age or death.

But not allowing ourselves to feel these things does not stop them from happening. And if we try too hard to suppress these feelings at times when it is natural to feel them, we cause there to be an inner hell that will be more difficult to experience later.

That does not mean we drown in these sorrows, it simply means we acknowledge the darker places in our consciousness so they do not become monsters inside of us, always ready to erupt when triggered.

Some people believe the dark must be defeated by the light. Dark cannot be defeated or vanquished. We can learn to relate to it by respecting it. Dark and light , and all opposites are meant to be joined like in a Yin/Yang symbol not at war.

Empathy and compassion are actually products of times when one has previously suffered, been traumatized, hurt very badly.

Healing occurs during times when we feel ours or another’s sadness, regret, or deep grief. Holding oneself accountable for having done wrong requires us to feel sorry for what we have done to someone else.

Again you do not necessarily need to stay in deep pain, but in a way it is like when one says- “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. It can be beneficial to not suppress or repress our darker feelings.

Our culture conditions us to always feel “up”, happy, positive. We can have deeper more satisfying relationships with others when we allow the “down” feelings to be felt.

Being vulnerable and allowing others to be vulnerable enables us to more easily develop meaningful, deeply satisfying relationships.

The darkening Moon this week combines with Venus squaring Neptune Tuesday. That aspect can be good for healing, as Neptune is a deeply soulful planet that can take us into other dimensions as well. The physical, material world is not the only world.

The world of soul and spirit is a deeply beautiful place to be, and music and meditation are part of the “other” frequencies.

The New Moon in Scorpio is on Thursday November 4 at 5:15 PM Eastern. Uranus in Taurus makes an extremely close opposition to that new moon. Big events surrounding this day are likely.

Scorpio New Moons seek to bring us more into our depths, our passions, our more primal expressions. Uranus in opposition seeks to awaken us to the Truths that can be seen and experienced at this Scorpio New Moon.

This also is awakening us to the beginning of a new Eclipse Season, which will be followed by a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Scorpio/Taurus on November 19; then a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Sagittarius on December 4.

This Eclipse Season will be important and deeply transformational. Eclipses bring us into breakdowns and breakthroughs, out of same-old, same-old being stuck, and into new soul pathways.

There is an old world and age dying and new one has been born. The death will feel sometimes painful; the birth exciting and new.

The Stock Market will likely face a downfall before Eclipse Season is over. The Culture War looking more dangerous. Israel and Iran; North Korea and China may be flexing their muscles more and more.

Face it, our Mainstream world is getting more and more dysfunctional and unreliable. We need new ways and new structures.

Selfish and Greedy is making our world worse and worse. Fear and Hatred are just as bad and lethal.

Love and Truth are not really that difficult to set as our highest priorities and to live by.

Till next week,


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