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Us versus Them and Astrology Forecast November 7-13

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Powerful time to be alive now. This last week was very intense and very difficult for many.

We are obviously walking through a world in deep transformation, out of a dying paradigm and age, learning the “dance steps” for consciousness to fit this New Aquarian Age that is still new and raw to us both individually and collectively.

The old paradigm’s ingrained belief is that life is a fight for survival, with constant enemies we need to fear and defeat, or else we will be defeated and killed.

“Life or Death” feelings often take over many people’s consciousness, as can be known to be true by experiencing “fight or flight” anxiety much of the time.

We were created with “fight or flight” so we can take on true life or death challenges with our instinctual abilities. Someone pulls a gun on you; a tiger stares at you in an open field; you get in a car accident; someone threatens your life or the life of someone you care about; etc.

But our human family often feels fight or flight in situations where our ego is fighting to survive: Doing a speech in front of many people; needing to move to a new place to live; needing to get work done; having to meet someone new, etc.

It is true that many people experience stress and anxiety most of the time. It is not that uncommon to hear of people with “burnout ” of their adrenals- always in survival.

Many people feel that way because of previous trauma. When something triggers the old trauma memories, their fight or flight response goes into overdrive.

Those who were physically or emotionally dominated and abused; early family experiences in alcohol or drug environments; early family life that showed the child they were not accepted for “who they are” and instead made to feel they had to earn love by being who they were accepted to be- grow up feeling fight or flight so much of time: with their classes and grades; needing to prove worth through sports successes; performances; their looks, etc

I have also known many who have convinced themselves on deep levels that they need to be in fight or flight all the time in order to have the energy to get things done, to accomplish. They have been conditioned to believe that inner peace makes them too passive and so unable to get done what needs to be done.

This type of person, and there are many, stay away from meditation because they equate inner relaxation with being lazy and ineffectual. They feel their life will only work if they are “on top of things” controlling life.

And actually regular meditation helps a person to respond to situations in their life in a more authentic manner, doing what needs to be done when one truly needs to get it done. Meditation helps one to be connected to one’s true self, to others, to the Universe.

You then learn to live your life as it is meant to be lived, based on your true authentic self and your true purposes. Life is seen as meaningful, and as such does not need you to be “on top of things” pushing and pushing. In your “higher self” you are guided not pushed. In your ego self your fear of failure or not doing things right takes control of your life, your emotions, your nervous system, and your “fight or flight” responses.

This Eclipse Season is intense, but do your best not to go into the anxiety of “fight or flight”

Since the Scorpio New Moon on November 4, we are in the waxing half of the lunar cycle, Moon gaining more and more light until the turning point of the full moon, after which the waning half commences and the Moon then darkens more and more each day.

And that full moon is a much more powerful Full Moon as it is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio/Taurus on November 19, to be followed two weeks later by a powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius on December 3/4.

Change is the constant now, and that change requires a letting go of old cycles and ways and beliefs and patterns that no longer fit who you have been becoming. Some people will no longer fit your life either.

This letting go will help you to be flexible enough to connect with your “true self” and the Universe, which will align you to the consciousness of the new paradigm, which will guide you.

Forward direction during Eclipse Season will have some stutters this first week after that Scorpio New Moon last week.

On Wednesday November 10 both Mercury and Mars in passionate Scorpio will meet up against more “tight-ass” Saturn, making one think twice as one then feels more caution or doubt.

Some may also just feel plain frustrated (or angry) to be held back from where one’s passions are leading one to go and do.

This theme of possibly holding back continues on November 11, as the 2nd quarter Moon faces a difficult square of Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Aquarius. So one’s more detached Aquarian mind attempts to slow down the growing passion and intensity of Scorpio.

Neptune making a trine to the Sun in Scorpio on November 12, on one level waters down the intensity; but on another level gets that passionate Scorpio soul to go deeper into an empathy that will make the connections better as there is more understanding and compassion for others. They are not objects to be dominated.

On Saturday November 13 open your mind as inventive, “outside the box” energies get stronger with Mercury in Scorpio being opposite Uranus in Taurus. This makes more likely the ability to know that the failure of “tried and true” attempts are not a sign to quit. It is a sign to try new ideas and ways, ones connected to new consciousness, new paradigm, and new age.

China wants to take Taiwan; Russia wants to take Ukraine; Israel wants to destroy Iran and stop there being a Palestine.

This US versus THEM mentality is getting stronger and stronger for those still controlled by the old paradigm; and as that feeling and resulting belief go “over the top”, and it is close now, war is inevitable.

Each of us can help stop that behavior by truly transforming out of the US versus Them mentality. Visualize the Yin-Yang symbol as often as possible, as it represents opposites being united not separated in war. Feel it as you see that symbol.

Yes we argue and fight, sometimes quite vociferously; but we process and work together to find a way that works for both. And maybe sometimes we need to be alone for awhile, but not broken away.

Listen as this all applies to our everyday relationships also.

Best way to grow into this Yin-Yang circle of connection is to develop true empathy for the ways of “the other”. This does not mean capitulation or making their way your way.

It means know the opposites are naturally encircled together. Hot does not hate cold; dark does not hate light; male does not hate female naturally. There is most always a way to work it out to some kind of win/win arrangement.

Empathy and letting go of a dominating kind of selfishness makes win/win possible.

You stay true, with integrity, to who you are and what you believe; but you at the same time realize your way is not everyone’s way. There is not only One Way.

Try to feel and understand their way without judgment. That is crucial. You will not change to their way, and do not expect them to do it your way. But you are committed to win/win. Relationships are not sports or war.

Sometimes however the “writing is on the wall” that your way does not work anymore- It is of the past.

So you let it go and let some other way take over- NOT WIN.

It is about the cycles of life, the seasons of life, the life and death of life. It is accepting the inevitable and accepting what is right at any given time in life.

The old paradigm still has power now, as greed runs the economy and power runs the police and military world. So the Military Industrial Complex will be facing its challenges, and of course everyone can now see that the stock market is manic and before long it will burst open into depression.

We will need these changes in order to accept new ways of living and being in the world: US versus THEM causes war. Greed causes an unfair economy.

We are transforming our world into a new paradigm and age; and yes “we are the ones we have been looking for”- We the People.

New Radio show next Saturday November 13

See you next week


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