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Calm Before the Storms and Astrology Forecast October 24-30

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

It must be pretty obvious to most people now that the USA is at the cutting edge of great change, change which will include deep transformation of systems that have held the Empire together.

As in Rome 2000 years ago or so, the breakdowns are coming from elements within the country, yet also elements outside our borders will be influencing the changes.

We are on the cusp of an important Eclipse Season again, and there will be two eclipses: A Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Scorpio/Taurus on November 19 and a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Sagittarius on December 3/4.

Our next new moon, a New Moon in Scorpio on November 4 will be the catalyst for beginning this Eclipse Season, as it leads 2 weeks later to the climax events of that Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Scorpio/Taurus.

This November/December period of Eclipse Season will be very intense and will tend to create Breakdowns of old worn out, corrupt toxic systems that have lost the original Spirit that birthed them. At the same time there will be important Breakthroughs that motivate a movement forward in our human evolution into a New Paradigm and Age.

This week the lunar cycle has us moving down into a darker and darker moon, until November 4 at the Scorpio New Moon, when the Sun nd Moon are exactly conjunct at 12+ degrees of Scorpio.

Till then we are moving more yin-ward as skies get darker and darker. Going inward, meditating and contemplating is in order.

This week on Saturday October 23, the Sun moves into Scorpio by itself. Sun in Libra’s mild, peaceful, diffuse, and harmonious energy becomes Sun in Scorpio’s deep penetrating, intense and passionate energetic.

The waffling back and forth between one choice or another, becomes a more focused and intent movement toward what is desired or of great interest.

Out in the world many conflicts have been brewing, much more than I have witnessed in recent years.

The Arab League countries are putting pressure on one another to not have relations with Israel. The plight of the Palestinians is apparently bringing more passionate concerns from many more countries and cultures.

Israel is doing more bombing inside of Syria against Iranian bases there. And the backlash against Israel seems to me to be getting more serious and stronger. Iran is in the crosshairs of USA and Israel intentions.

On another front, China is making much stronger threats of potential conflict against Taiwan. Biden this week promised USA retaliation if Taiwan is attacked.

Russia is threatening military force against Ukraine if it makes even stronger moves toward Western Civilization and NATO.

The USA within its borders faces the very real possibility now of Civil War, as the January 6 Commission finds more evidence against Trump inciting that January 6 insurrection at the Capital. Look at what little fear was shown by those who invaded the Capital on January 6.

North Korea also in recent weeks has been test firing weapons again, and near Japan.

And we all know the USA economy is not as rosy as a rising Stock Market suggests.

This breakdown of the system of the Empire with the Military Industrial Complex is getting more and more real as the USA experiences its first ever Pluto Return now. The USA has its natal Pluto in the 2nd house, and clearly represents the Military Industrial Complex of Economy and Military/Police systems.

I will show more as we move through these next of months, the remarkably powerful close connections between the coming planetary formations/eclipses and the charts of North Korea, Israel, China, Iran, USA, and birth chart of USA Stock Exchange.

Remember that we are moving more into the Aquarian Age at the same time. Synchronicities, magical connections, greater Love connection and more evident Truths are also growing in our Consciousness. More and more are realizing all the dots in the Universe are connected, so to speak.

The world of me against you, dog eat dog competitions, institutional and religious hypocrisy, rampant greed, etc. is in process of receding in power in each of us and in the world.

More and more people are realizing we are all in this together, one great big dysfunctional human family. And the next step in evolution, which we are taught is about survival of the fittest is about all of us together in community as one big family surviving TOGETHER against the challenges of a failing System and World.

Win/Win is the new way. Making affirmations of “what is best for me and for all concerned at the same time” brings us into the consciousness of the Age of Aquarius.

With Weapons of Mass Destruction and Climate crisis, the only way forward for true survival requires us all working together in unity- into an Age of Diversity Within Unity.

Even with all of our differences, we have in common the Love of this Earth and its Sky Heavens, and the desire to survive to have coming generations enjoy the Nature of this world too.

The old Paradigm of “every man for himself” has brought us these weapons of mass destruction and a toxifying of the Mother Earth.

We can only survive if we transform Consciousness to knowing we are all in this together.

The coming challenges can bring us all together in ways we have only imagined. And keep your eyes and heart open during the Eclipse Season to potential viewing of messages and members from other dimensions and planets.

Next Show is Saturday October 30 at 1 PM PDT. Some surprise guests may appear.

See you then,


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