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Ready or Not and Astrology Forecast October 17-23

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

As we have been saying, mid October is a great turning point for our human family as we transform our consciousness more and more fully into what fits and is deeply connected to the Age of Aquarius.

This week we finish the recent “retrograde to direct” movements of planets. Within the last two weeks both Saturn and Pluto went back Direct; and Monday two more planets go Direct to complete the process.

On Monday October 18, both Mercury and Jupiter go back Direct.

Many of you are quite relieved Mercury will no longer be Retrograde. And this was a particularly difficult Mercury Retrograde passage.

As Mercury goes back Direct Monday, she still will need to get back to speed. Before making any really big decisions or starting any huge projects, let Mercury be direct for a week or so.

Did any old friends or lovers come back during the Retrograde period, even for a little while or even in a dream or waking memory. Did that visit help you with something in your life now?

Jupiter going Direct that same day has a very different “vibe” than Mercury.

Jupiter is expansive, often uplifting and inspiring. It is more intuitive than “figure it out” Mercury. But in its expansiveness it can miss the trees while looking at the vast forest, so to speak.

With the Moon also going into Aries on Monday, there should be a feeling of yes we can do it, so let’s just do it. “Let’s move forward, let’s take a chance.” might be travelling through your spirit and mind.

Maybe that is just what you need to do, but stay aware that Mercury just went back Direct, and you may need a little more time before leaping forward.

And keep in mind that we are in the waxing half of the Lunar cycle, moving up to a Full Moon in Libra/Aries on Wednesday October 20 at 10:57 AM EDT.

That Full Moon is at 27+ degrees or Aries/Libra, and that is exactly square the USA natal Pluto at 27+ degrees of Capricorn. It is more powerful than usual as Mars in Libra Squares Pluto in Capricorn, which creates a cardinal t-square.

And since we are in the beginning stage of the USA’s first ever Pluto Return, the USA natal Pluto is in the spotlight.

And that Natal USA Pluto represents the Military Industrial Complex that holds the Empire together. So we can expect around this Full Moon for that USA Complex to be challenged now, and in the months ahead too.

The Sun in Libra part of the Full Moon pulls toward peace and harmony. The Aries Moon pushes more toward action, even if leading to confrontation.

China/Taiwan, Iran/Israel, and USA conservative/liberal conflicts could be making decisions to “do it” or remain peaceful.

Keep in mind much will need to “come down”, so the new economy and new way to relate to other cultures and countries can grow.

The prevailing economy is not equitable and will be getting more fair and equal as we go forward. The geopolitical landscape will move more toward Equality in a Diversity Within Unity new Paradigm and Age.

Old structures will need to come down for that to be possible. And the very next day or two after the Full Moon, bring potentially explosive energies and events as Mars squares that same Pluto in Capricorn that is now moving forward without stopping before it gets to its first pass of Pluto Return in February 2022.

This could be a very powerful, important, and challenging Eclipse Season. Economic and Military challenges will be sprouting up all around. Seat belt time is likely on its way.

And then to finish up this quite intense week, we experience the Sun moving into its yearly sojourn into Scorpio o October 22/23.

Yea it feels good to have Mercury and Jupiter going back Direct and more prominent in our energy fields, but the forward movement also means that what has been holding off and holding back, is likely now ready to erupt into our world.

Eclipse Season is coming earlier than usual, in relation to when the first eclipse happens: November 19 at 27+ degrees of Scorpio/Taurus. That is almost exactly trine that same Military Industrial Complex Pluto in Capricorn in USA natal chart.

It is also closely connected to the Eclipses in the summer of 1947, when the Roswell Extraterrestrial UFO crash happened. We will talk more about this.

The second eclipse is a Solar Eclipse New Moon at 12 degrees 22 minutes of Sagittarius on December 3/4, which is exactly to the minute conjunct the USA natal Rising Sign.

Ready or not, here it comes.

Till next week,


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