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Before the Storms and Astrology Forecast April 28- May 4

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This week we move through the last quarter of the current lunar cycle, one that began at the Aries New Moon on April 5.

Aries New Moons signify new beginnings and start-ups. It is the time of early Spring in the Northern Hemisphere on Earth.

When the Sun moves into Aries, that signifies the first moment of Spring season at Spring Equinox, which lets us know buds are soon ready to push through branches of the trees, and flowers are getting ready to burst into bloom.

Yet we do not really enter new beginnings until the Moon catches up with the Sun to form a New Moon.

That last New Moon in Aries on April 5 started a new lunar cycle signifying new beginnings (as usual at a New Moon in Aries), but this time Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn formed a hard square to that New Moon in Aries.  That strongly suggested difficulties or blocks in the way of those new beginnings.

A day before the Libra Full Moon”climax” of that lunar cycle of April 19, the Mueller report came out and was given exclusively to the USA Attorney General who works for the President.

He held onto that report for awhile, and then he crossed out (redacted) a significant portion of that report. So the citizens of the country, who are supposed to be the stewards of that country, are not informed of much that is in the report.  In other words the full contents of that report did not go public.

Now as we move through the last quarter segment of the lunar cycle this week, we await full disclosure of the contents of that Mueller Report.

The New Moon is on Saturday May 4 at 6:45 PM EDT. It is a Taurus New Moon.

The sign Taurus in a fixed earth sign. It signifies true solidity and manifestation.

Aries “gets the ball rolling”, and directs the initial fires from the New Moon in Aries. Aries is a cardinal fire sign.

So after the Aries New Moon start up, the Taurus lunar cycle that follows grabs hold of what was begun by Aries, and then forms and shapes it.  Taurus then is motivated to hold on and make things as permanent as possible at the time.

So now whatever was started in the fires of April, is wanting to be made manifest, real, and as practical as possible.

Last week “god of the underworld” Pluto changed directions from Direct to Retrograde; and in the process made its intensity and passion quite evident.

This week, on Monday April 29, Saturn also changes from Direct to Retrograde.

The energy to be felt from Saturn contracts what it touches and is very grounding as it is the ruling planet of gravity.

And that is how it manifests sometimes, as we may feel more serious and grave as it turns.

A grave in fact is one form of Saturn, as it represents parts of life that cannot be escaped. In that context, it represents boundaries, endings, deaths, but also commitments, building and organizing, discipline, goals and accomplishments.

It is a stern teacher sometimes, a taskmaster.  It also is the hand of time, and as such represents fate, something meant to be.

As Saturn slows down to go retrograde, Pluto is still moving very slowly after it just went retrograde last week.

So both Pluto and Saturn are “in the air”, which can make things feel dark and dire.

Don’t know about you, but often lately I feel like life is being put on hold now until some big event is made manifest.

Saturn and Pluto show us powerful endings, endings that promise deep transformation and a Phoenix Rising from the ashes of the death of the old season of our lives.  (I am still planning a new class on Saturn/Pluto in late spring or early summer. For more info contact me at  My recent video and podcast (see below) include talking about that Saturn/Pluto conjunction, which will be exact on January 11 2020).

On January 10, the day before that powerful conjunction, is a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Capricorn/Cancer, making extremely close contact with that Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn the next day.  This represents a monumental turning point in our lives.

The bombing of so many churches, hotels, etc and killings of so many people in Sri Lanka, show us the horrible religious and culture wars playing out in our world.

In large part, the transition between Ages we find ourselves in,  is meant to take us away from a world and paradigm that are about “every man for himself”, in a survival of the fittest world.

Survival now is dependent on our collective consciousness evolving into a knowing of our connections, a knowing we are interdependent with one another, members of the same human family on Planet Earth.

The horrible weapons of mass destruction are an integral outgrowth of the old paradigm of dog eat dog survival of the fittest.

Those who are the fittest now have been awakened to know the connections, to know that all the dots of the stars and planets in the Universe are connected.

We can then see the meaning of our lives in this world, and we can more consciously dance with the music of the spheres of this Universe.

The old paradigm has us all separate from one another, or else all wearing the same “uniform” in order to make unity.

We do not need to make unity. It is already made. All we need to do is align with it, be involved with it, immerse ourselves in it.

Separation transforms into a more positive distinct sense of individuality for each person in the Age of Aquarius consciousness.

And the “unity” of being in the same uniform transforms into individualism finding its place, function and purpose in the greater community: Diversity within Unity.

“Fated” events are on the way, and they will help us break out of the blocks, and liberate us from the chains of programmed conformity, and free us to find our way in this new world and Age.

So this week,  hand of time Saturn slows down, stops, and then rewinds for the few months of its retrograde motion. Powerful world and personal events during the retrograde period will remind us of previous world and personal events from the past.

Then on September 18 this year, the hand of time starts up again as Saturn goes back Direct.

This week, as Saturn goes Retrograde on Monday the 29th of April, you may get to thinking about what you want to accomplish and how you want to go about planning and organizing to make that successful. Or you may feel the hand of fate, or feel serious about something you need to do, or an obligation you need to meet.

Best case scenario is feeling grounded and motivated to manifest and accomplish. Remember we now have the Sun in fixed earth Taurus, and are also more connected to the gravity of Saturn. And we are also in the last quarter of a darkening Moon.

Find ways to lighten up and not feel so heavy or depressed now. But we nevertheless do need to do some last quarter releasing and getting ready for the New Moon in Taurus Saturday May 4.

Mars in Gemini is exactly opposite Jupiter in Sagittarius next week on Sunday May 5.

That will put some spark in the New Moon in Taurus. The USA natal Mars and Trump’s natal Sun and Moon are being triggered by the Mars/Jupiter opposition.  Let’s see what that means for us all.

Till next week,


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