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Beyond Democrat and Republican, and Astrology Forecast

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are in a calm before the storms of late spring and summer blow in.    If you tune in you can feel churning waters,  change beneath the surface, waiting until after April 14 for spillage into our lives.  On April 14 is a strong Aries New Moon that truly ushers in the power of spring 2010.

Changes are coming.

In the greater world, there is much turmoil brewing right in front of our eyes.  Politically there is little or no connection between the democrats and the republicans.  They do not agree on anything.  On Healthcare reform, there was not one republican who agreed to the bill- not one.    The Tea Party movement and the Militia movement are heating up with great rage.   What are they so angry about?      

They mostly spout out about how there is a socialist government takeover of our lives, and how Obama is a nazi or communist or maybe wasn’t even born in the United States.

The Militia movement is heating up also as it did during the Clinton presidency.   In fact Timothy McVeigh, who blew up a government building in Oklahoma City and killed hundreds of people in the mid ’90s, was in the movement.

This movement is also angry about government control of our lives, and many from this movement want a war with government which will give the country back to the people.

As crazy as many of these people are, they reflect on a deeper level, an important and transformational shift of our country and world.

“We the People” have lost control of our country and world.  But it is not about democrats and republicans or about right-wingers and left-wingers.

George Bush, a republican, spent much goverment money and built up a huge budget deficit as a result.    The War on Terror and Homeland Security brought much government control of our lives and took away many of our civil rights as a free people.

In fact more and more government spending and government control has been going on for decades here in America, regardless of political party.     And to make matters worse, and to get to the core of the problems,  Big Corporations are what really control the government, so much so that the government cannot represent the people as it is meant to do.    Big Corp buys and sells our political leaders.   

And when you add the strength of American military, and its controls all over the world, you begin to see clearly how much the Power Structure is what runs our world and the people.

Many democrats are excited about Health Care Reform.  Though there are some needed changes, like not letting insurance companies keep people with pre-existing health problems out of health insurance plans; there is no real core fundamental change.   Insurance, hospitals, doctors and pharmaceuticals still will cost outrageous prices.    Big corporations will still make huge profits while people suffer.

So we do not need this Tea Bag movement or Militia Movement, which is mainly aimed at democrats, progressives, and ’60s activists.   We also do not need our hatred directed either at conservatives or republicans.    We need our energies directed at the system we have created in this country.    It is time for a transformation of the two party system, and of the Military/Corporate empire which runs this country and much of the world.   

The revolution and evolution of our country and world is coming- is happening now. 

Astrologically Pluto in Capricorn, where it stays until 2025, represents the transformation of world structures and institutions.  In 2011- 2016 Pluto will square Uranus, which is a significant alignment, as it is the first major marking point in the current Uranus/Pluto cycle begun in 1965-1966.

The 1965-1966 Uranus/Pluto conjunction in Virgo “ushered in” the ’60s revolution.  That revolution was deeply motivated by the desire to change the system of America and the world, as it was seen as decaying, corrupt, filled with hypocrisies, unjust and unfair.

Now at the coming square of Uranus and Pluto we go the next level of revolution and transformaton of the world, its institutions and paradigm.   We are moving toward a more fair and equal world, not just about America.   We will me moving toward more decentralization, and local communites will become more and more important.  We are moving to a multi polar world community, beyond superpowers and empires.

This week Highlights-  Pluto in Capricorn moving Retrograde on Tuesday the 6th of April.  Pluto in Capricorn is about transformation of stucture.  This means that world structures and also personal structures that have become emptyof spirit need to be released.  

In your own life if you are in any situations, jobs, relationships. etc that have no more life in them, it is time at this retograde to consider letting them die, to let them go.  Often we hold onto empty old structures n our lives becuase they feel secure.  But they no longer hold real security, merely familiarity.   When you let them go, life spirit will again course through your veins. You will have more positve energy and joy for your life.   You do not usually have to rush the process of letting go at a Pluto retrograde.    Stronger energies of liberation later this spring and summer will help you to relaese more fully.

We are in the waning half of the lunar cycle now, and energies are more toward cleaning up and cleaning out, getting ready for strong forceful energies of forward movement after April 14.  The real spring and summer of 2010 changes begins then.

See you next week,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

Check out my website for my writings and info about readings and other services.

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