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Bringing us all Together and Astrology Forecast February 29- March 7

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are in the approximate middle of a time period that has all but one planet in Yin signs (water and earth) instead of Yang signs (fire and air); we are in the last few weeks of Winter; we are the midst of Mercury Retrograde (until March 9).

Yin is “down and in”; Yang is “up and out”. Overabundance of Yang may cause mania.  An over abundance of Yin may cause depression.

So now we are energetically more in a “down and in”  state of being, which might not be good for those prone to depression.

And take a look at the world now as we move through this time period:  Coronavirus striking people to be sick and killing some-all over the world;  the stock market in the throes of a record setting crash;  a recently experienced impeachment process for the President of the USA; a general sense of foreboding- waiting for the Big Event.

We have been writing about just such a time period for quite some time now, and now it is here.

But we all know that this all is part of the process of letting go of an old and dying paradigm, and welcoming in the consciousness and ways of the Age of Aquarius.

There is an important question not answered yet:  Just how difficult and painful will these labor pains be on the way to the New Age?

We need to come together as a human family if we are to be ready for the Age of Aquarius.  Could this Coronavirus bring us all together, as we realize that everyone is susceptible to getting really sick and dying?

Or will it take a mass sighting or disclosure of UFO’s or Extraterrestrials?

With an Age of Aquarius, we are moving into a world that will know “it takes a Village” of collaboration with one another to solve problems and take care of one another. This happens as there is a “letting go” of the “nuclear family” being our most important model of how to live on Earth.

We are opening new doors into new families with the growing acceptance of LGBTQ families; the increasing failures of model nuclear families;  and new ways of viewing and experiencing love and sexuality.

We are needing to release the old stories of how life must be lived, and open our minds and hearts to new ways to connect with one another.

And that is such an important ingredient in creating the new world.  We must be open to new ideas and new ways to be, to live, to express.

We need to get back to expressing ourselves creatively and authentically.  As we do, we are in position to take in for “download” Universal ideas for living on Planet Earth.

We are blocked from receiving bold new ideas if we are still beholden to programmed ways of being from the Old Paradigm.

We are more and more ready for fresh ideas that will show us the way of coming together in all our Diversity all over the world.

The way we demonize people from different cultures, countries, religions and sexual orientations is antiquated,  destructive, self serving, and keeps us in consciousness steps backward in evolution.

Keeping weapons of mass destruction is insane, self destructive, and keeping up the story of killing an evil enemy.

How is it that Japan and Italy and Germany in 1945 were our evil enemies and now are our best friends?

It is about time for an Age of Aquarius, that we all, all over the world, work together in harmony, for the Community.

It becomes more and more possible to live in such a world if we learn to share what we have on the Earth, and we learn that no one nor any country, nor any religion, etc. is intrinsically better or worse than any other group.

And it is silly to believe that someone who is better at “making money” deserves more privilege than someone not as good at “making money”.  That old attitude from an old paradigm gives more opportunity and power to those who are corrupt, ruthless, materialistic, and selfish.

I can clearly see who will be visited in zoos of the future,-the leaders of the old Paradigm

And we wonder why we have the world leaders we get stuck with? Our programmed values dictate how we live our lives, what priorities we have, and what is valued.

This week we are still with a waxing Moon, glowing with more light each day until its climax on March 9 at a Full Moon in Virgo.   Mercury goes back Direct that same day.

The New Moon that started this lunar cycle was a New Moon in Pisces on February 23.

Pisces can hold everything we are, can be, or ever were.  It is a sponge for all emotions, soaking up everything all around it.  Then the sponge gets squeezed and releases all the toxicity.

Pisces can shape-shift into anything or anyone it needs to be to please others or to protect itself.  As the arguably last sign, it is just before the new beginnings of Aries Springtime.

The Pisces sponge also scoops up the “ghosts”of the past that still need to be processed and dealt with before closure and release. The less baggage we take with us into our new cycles the better will be our experience going forward.

So now with the energies going mainly inward and yin-ward, we surrender our separate old ego self that was attached to the Old Paradigm.

Next week we experience the Virgo Full Moon and Mercury going Direct.

For now gain a deep and insightful understanding of what has been happening, of what now needs to be released. We can also get closer now to being able to open our arms to what is coming soon.

As we each get more in touch with the big picture, we know we are moving toward more knowing  that all is connected in Unity, all the diverse elements of our little personal world, of the whole world and the whole Universe

Till next week


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