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Castles in the Sand, and Astrology Forecast for May 16-22

By Leo Knighton Tallarico- ON VACATION- NEW POST END OF WEEK   5/29

The United States is an empire, the largest and most powerful empire of all time.  Empires create ways of life for people.  The Roman Empire brought order, street systems, etc to the people it conquered.  It brought its gods and goddesses  and its culture all over the world at the time as it conquered and dominated peoples over the world.

Each one of you can decide for your self the benefit or detriment of Empire.    But all empires fall eventually like castles in the sand.  They are only here temporarily.   And as the Pisces Age ends and Aquarian Age is established, the reality of empire will end also.  USA is the last empire, as Aquarius is about freedom and liberation, about strength to individuals and communities, which connect to a greater decentralized community.

Interestingly and ironically, the USA’s principles,as seen in our constitution and bill of rights, is very Aquarian:    All men are created equal, with certain unalienable rights, among them life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  The whole revolution, meant to move beyond rule by kings and queens or presidents and govenments, and to give power to the people, is totally an Aquarian dream of how life should be.

But by building empire and making capitalism our greatest god, we have left our principles behind and do not recognize the hypocrisy of taking over other countries and their freedoms.

Now we have built a military industrial complex that protects the empire, but crumbles the foundation of values for our country.  President Dwight David Eisenhower warned us that the complex threatens freedoms and it has.

And recently we voted in Barack Obama as president of the United States, as so many have hoped for a savior of change to bring us back to our roots and values, and forward into a New Age.

But Obama is only one person.   After inauguration he was immediately pushed by the pressures of empire to fix the leaks in the empire’s machine.  Those leaks are created by an economy which is in big trouble, and by “terrorists” who have made and threaten big chinks in its armor.

Obama can only do so much to truly change the way things are, as this country is run by a gigantic economic system run by super wealthy people, and a miltary run by super powerful military men.

And he is the right man for the job  of plugging the leaks as he is extremely intelligent and capable and success oriented.

But the waves of change of this Universe are bigger than he is.

Be prepared to experience more corrosion of the empire’s machine, which will affect the workings of the whole world.

We are in the beginnings of great transformation which will accelerate as we get closer to the Mayan New World in 2012 and the astrological beginnings of an Aquarian Age in 2020.

We each must be flexible, look for the signs and synchronicities, and trust life, the Universe, one another and ourselves to adjust appropriately.     Remember there is much magic to be enjoyed on the ride forward.

Astrology Forecast May 16- May 22

This year 2009 Jupiter is in Aquarius, where it  resides every twelve years, for a year at a time.    It conjuncts Neptune in Aquarius most of May, June,and July, so we can get a better picture of the changes we are destined to go through.  It is a good time to dream the dream of how the Aquarian Age will bring us to an improved world.   There will be unusual occurences and events that happen during this time.  Be aware that the veil between our waking world and “the world inside the world”, the soul world, are getting thinner and thinner.  You are not psychotic if you begin to see and hear new things in your head and environment.  Consciousness is evolving as we enter a New paradigm and Age

Mercury is still retrograde, and will stay so all this coming week and until May 30.  Perceptions can be confusing, accurate communication can be challenged.   But Mercury retrograde is a good opportunity to  think outside your usual boxes, to say things in different ways than usual, which can help relating.

Saturn has slowed down and will station and go from retrograde to direct late on Saturday night.  It will  move forward almost imperceptively  for about a week.    It will gradually pick up speed and stay direct until January 2010.  Saturn rules time and gravity, so it is time to move forward in your life, but not fast forward, instead with both “feet on the ground”.    Time is ready to “march on”, but be cautious and think of the long-term effects of your decisions and actions now.

Mid week there will be less seriousness and more spark of action as the Moon goes into Aries, but keep in mind that starting this Sunday the 17th, we are in the last quarter of the Moon cycle, Mercury is retrograde, and Saturn is moving very slowly forward.  It is more time to reflect, review, take “down time”, and not push hard on grand new projects or ventures.

The Sun makes its yearly sojourn in Gemini starting on Wednesday the 20th.    Good time to think of taking a new class or doing some new activity based on the mind or communication.

The next New Moon is on Sunday the 24th in Gemini at 8:11 AM EDT.  This event, as a new moon, gets our motors running and ready for action.   Gemini time is a good time to do light social activities, play games, learn more, talk a lot, get great new ideas, be aware of mind connections, get new information, share what you have learned.  Watch out to not get too scattered or mentally overwhelmed with ideas or information.

Leo Knighton Tallarico

“See” you next week.  In the meantime if you are interested in contacting or using my services write me at or visit my web site.

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