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Changing Direction and Astrology Forecast May 24-30

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Well we are now right in the middle of Mercury Retrograde, which will last until June 11.

Last week just after Mercury went Retrograde and during Venus’ triggering of the Uranus/Pluto square, some important world events occurred.

As we predicted last week, Mercury Retrograde’s tendency to have people rethink previous certainty brought a reversal of thinking on the Iranian nuclear agreement.

Iran’s Supreme Leader stated that Iran’s military bases and nuclear scientists would be off limits for inspections and interrogations.  The USA had previously believed those inspections and interrogations were agreed upon issues in the preliminary agreement between Iran and world powers.

This rethinking could put an end to the agreement and thus further inflame the Middle East.

And the Islamic State last week took over two important cities in Iraq and Syria:  Ramadi in Iraq and Palmyra in Syria.  The Islamic State has now captured around half of the territory there and has also made advances in Yemen and Libya.  They have seriously changed the reality in the Middle East and world, and make the possibility of ground troop intervention by the USA more likely before too long.

Add the newly sworn in hardline militaristic Israeli government and the Sunni/Shia conflicts expanding through the animosity between Saudi Arabia and Iran- show us how the Middle East tinder box can be lit afire.  And then major conflict and chaos would erupt.

Also last week as the Uranus/Pluto square was triggered, China gave stern warning to the USA to keep its distance from China’s newly created man-made island in the South China Sea. USA planes were encroaching on that space, which looks to be a military base.

Though it is not certainly known whether those islands were created in Chinese territory or International waters; nevertheless it is crazy for the USA to be out there near China’s territory.

Can you imagine the outrage if China was flying its planes near USA military bases, even if in technically international waters?

The Age of Aquarius demands a world of equality and Diversity in Unity.     All of the potential conflicts, as horrible as they may be, meant to break down the current power structures of the world, so new energies and hence a new world community can be built.

The current world structure is held up by a military and economic paradigm and reality.   Those two legs of the old age’s strength will be broken, so a new world can be built.

That means we will need to build a new global economic system, as well as new ways to get along with one with another.

Weapons of mass destruction will have no place in a new world, meaning no one can have them.  As we fret about Iran creating a nuclear bomb,  please remember that the USA is the only country to have used nuclear weapons to kill thousands of people.  And Israel own likely hundreds of their own.

In August of 1945, now almost 70 years ago, we killed over 200,000 mostly innocent civilian people in Nagasaki and Hiroshima with the Atom Bomb.

“Mortal Enemy” attitudes have created these bombs.  These attitudes are prevalent all over the world, and combined with weapons of mass destruction, we are always in grave danger.

Now we are on the verge of a New Age which will transform these attitudes and realities.    But first we will need a huge collective wake-up call.

And economically speaking, there is way too much disparity in money distribution in this world.  A relative few own so much of our world. I saw a show recently that revealed that people in Asia were selling their kidneys in order to feed their families. And in some countries families sell their very young daughters to sex peddlers in order to survive.

Our economic system needs to change so these injustices will end.

I have predicted that by Autumn 2015, the world will have changed quite dramatically from how it was in early 2014- before the Cardinal Grand Cross.  And of course a market crash is part of that transformation.

It is possible, however, that “life support systems” will be built through more monetary easement and printing up of money, for instance.

In that case “death” of the old will be postponed a bit, but not for long.  2016 would be the latest time I can see for such transformation.

Many people are already waking up all over the world, especially seen through many so-called young Millennials who know they cannot fit into the world as it is.  Do you truly fit in, whatever your age may be?

During this current Mercury Retrograde period, rewind the clock of your life, and see how much you may have just slowly accepted the rules of the old paradigm in order to fit in and survive.

In the process of this acceptance of the programming, you may have fallen into jobs, relationships, and lifestyles that are quite opposed to your Truth, quite opposed to your heart’s knowing.

And now if those relationships, jobs, etc are being threatened or if you are feeling restless to make big change,  you are being awakened to be in alignment with the new world being born.

When we are not aligned with the truth in our hearts, minds and bodies; we are more susceptible to illness, physically, emotionally and mentally.

So even more important than leaving people or situations that are not aligned for us anymore, is the need to leave and release old programmed tapes in our minds and hearts that keep us stuck in those old relationships or situations.

Those tapes have created the people or situations that keep us feeling trapped in our life choices. Those tapes may have created feelings of unworthiness, or judgments of our essential nature.

And those feelings or judgments have brought us to the choices that created our current life.

As you change those tapes and the beliefs and attitudes that came with them, you are shifting your energy field, transforming your “frequency”.    And then those changes will help you make better choices and will truly attract to you different people and situations.  This is what the so-called law of attraction is really all about.

It is not about attracting to yourself riches and fame. It is about attracting to your self that which is right for you, right for the authentic self or higher self you are wanting to live in you.

The ego can then no longer run your life and continue to make what you “should be” or “should want” of utmost importance.

This Mercury Retrograde time period may help you to question the direction you have previously chosen.   And if that questioning leads to reversing that direction as Mercury goes back Direct again; you need to know that was necessary as you were travelling down a road not aligned with truth and love, not aligned with your authenticity and deeper soul’s intentions.

till next week,


I have created a new YouTube presentation for the Spring Portal.

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Leo Knighton Tallarico has been a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for 30 years.

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