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Chiron the Middle Man and Astrology Forecast June 11-17.

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

We went through a strong turning point last week, in alignment with the Full Moon in Sagittarius and Jupiter turning Direct.

Planetary movements lately have packed more punch than usual.   We are being given little leeway from making big transformational decisions and movements in our lives.

I have noticed lately that many people are rethinking what they want and where they are going.

I believe it because the turns we take this year, when we absolutely commit to them, will have no roads going back.  Bridges will be burned.

For many this is an important time of crossroads.   Are we really choosing which way we are going, or is it already determined by something larger than our personal will?

Perhaps the only choice we truly have is whether we decide to follow our “Higher Self” or our “Lower Self”.

Is there a middle ground? Are there options that would satisfy our “lower” self and “higher” self?

In this context I mean our direction toward the Heavens or instead toward the Earth;  or coming from our upper chakras or instead from our lower chakras.

Our crown chakra receives information and inspiration from “higher” realms, and our root chakra receives wisdom and pulls down toward the Earth.

Our religions have made that which is above (in Heaven) good, but that which is down below (Hell) bad.   Because of this programming we are taught not to trust our instincts, similar instincts that our animal brothers and sisters rely upon.

But when it comes to societal expectations, our lower chakras or lower instincts are often called upon in order to compete, to make money, to “play the game” of the world.  We believe we need those instincts so we can survive and thrive in our life.

Each one of us has a “natural” tendency to go toward either the higher or lower road.

In our myths, which may have more truth in them than we have been taught, the Olympian Gods and Goddesses up high were at war with the Titan Gods and Goddesses down on the Earth.

And each of us is a combination of the Gods and Goddessses from the Skies and the Gods and Goddesses from down on the Earth.

We spoke last week of the theory that people from other planets came to Earth and mated with people born of the Earth.

And it is interesting that the planets in astrology reflect the Gods and Goddesses from our “myths”, like Venus, Mars, etc.

So we live with a conflict between our “higher” needs and our “lower” needs.  Of course lower gets a bad rap, but in reality it is just having connection with the Earth and our creature comforts and needs.

Is there something in Astrology that links higher realms with lower realms?   There are the transformational planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto from on high, who are ambassadors for the Age of Aquarius. They are meant to help us to move beyond our old age and its ways.

Saturn on down represents our more personal mundane needs.

What is the link between them?: Chiron.

Chiron sits in between Saturn and Uranus, so perfectly between the transpersonal Deities on high and the more personal Deities from the gravity of Earth.  And interestingly, Saturn is considered the planet that represents gravity and grounding.

Chiron by myth was the wounded healer who took the place of Prometheus, he who was stealing fire from the Gods to bring to mortals of the Earth.

Chiron took over for Prometheus who was tied down, while his liver was being eaten by a large bird.

Chiron, who was a mentor and teacher of humans, asked the god of gods Jupiter if he could change places with Prometheus.  He was allowed to do so only if he would give up an important part of his immortality. This was not his ability to live forever, but was his ability to be distant from the feelings and pain of mortals.   He became the wounded healer god who could truly empathize with humans and their stuggles.

He did change places, and Prometheus was allowed to complete his task of giving fire or spirit or freedom to humans.

So you can see how Chiron was a bridge between higher and lower and between immortals and mortals.

So in your soul journey of transformation into the consciousness of the Age of Aquarius, it is important to know that it is right to feel secure and safe and grounded and needing from your ego self, as long as it is in service to the needs of your Higher Self and Universe.

Look for Chiron in your natal chart to find clues on how to strike that balance.

This week, which is after the full moon last week, we move into the waning half of the lunar cycle.

The “climax” has already been experienced, and now it is time to process and begin to sort through what has been activated from that turning point last week.

Did you contemplate changing directions last week? Will you change?

Or do you need to make an even stronger commitment to the direction you had already chosen? Take your time.

The transformational process has times when we question the choices we have made, and sometimes we reverse course.

But usually the original choice was aligned with our natural transformational evolution. But maybe we “threw out the baby with the bathwater” and not honored our more human needs of comfort, security, affection, grief, and sensitivity for those left behind.

You may still keep to your original direction, and yet find balance with your needs for grounded security.

Now we process during this waning half of the lunar cycle.   And with Neptune going Retrograde on Friday the 16th, we need to let go, not think so much, and surrender to the process and the Universe this week.

If we try too hard to figure it all out this week from our left brain bottom line logic, we will get anxious and frustrated.

Trust is important now.  We can only truly surrender if we can be vulnerable enough to let go and trust in the process of Soul and the Universe.

Next week is Summer Solstice and a New Moon in Cancer.  So next week will give us more motivation to “get it together”.

But for now, let go and let the inner “gods and goddesses”weave their soul magic.

Till next week,


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