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Clearing and Finding Direction and Astrology Forecast July 14-20

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

There are some shifting tides this week, not the least of which is the fact that Mercury will go back Direct next Saturday July 20 at 2:22 PM EDT.

Many people have been dealing with some powerful emotions and emotional issues lately.  Lightness, and carefree feelings have been rather difficult to find. There are many planets in soulful and feeling oriented water signs, including a Grand Trine in water, which will be exact this coming week.

There have been no planets in light and detached air signs, and Saturn’s force of gravity has been very strong.    Moving fast forward has not been in the cards yet, as it has been more aligned to process one’s thoughts and feelings, to work issues out, to face facts, and to plan and organize what is to come.

This week the Grand Trine in water continues and becomes more influential as it is exact this week, so it will still be a time to work with and express your feelings and emotions. For some this has been a very difficult time, as emotions have felt powerful and for some even overwhelming.

There have been emotional breakdowns for some, yet there have also been emotional breakthroughs for others, getting to the core of issues and expressing openly what had been previously guarded and controlled.

This time period has been absolutely necessary, as people are getting more real and looking more deeply and soundly at what previously had been only an idea or inspiration or desire or un-grounded plan.

For most of this coming week Mercury will still be Retrograde, adding to the theme of reflection and introspection, of rethinking one’s plans, of readjusting one’s perceptions.

So this week will still not be a time to leap forward, or to make that big decision absolutely final.     When Mercury goes Direct late this week on the 20th,  the “airwaves” of thinking and communicating will begin to clear up, yet it may take at least a couple of days to have complete clarity and solid direction.

Saturn’s frustrating limitations should also be passing this week, and the feeling of slugging through the mud in your life will begin to lift.

This feeling of slow motion or boredom or of being held back will begin to lift this week, and there should be a renewal of moving energy at our disposal later in the week.

A large part of the reason for the shift of energies will be the changing of directions of Uranus to retrograde on Wednesday the 17th. So Uranus’ awakening, liberating energies will tend to thrust us “outside the boxes” of our minds and lives. As a planet changes directions, from retrograde to direct or from direct to retrograde, its meaning and “frequency” permeate our energy fields.

Since it will be going retrograde, its powers of transformation will begin to get more internalized, giving us more power for awakening consciousness.

True movement forward, however, will not happen until after the 6th of August.  The New Moon in Leo that day will be the first new moon after Mercury goes direct and after the Grand Trine in water begins to lose its strength.

That New Moon in Leo, for many, will be the true beginning of a new chapter in their lives, since all the shakeups of the Spring Eclipse Season.

Events that have been put on hold, new beginnings that have been delayed, ideas and inspirations that have needed to be processed and made real, will be ready for action on that date or shortly before or after.

After that,  the Eclipse Seasons of Autumn 2013 and Spring 2014 will have us taking the ride in a most intense way, through this new era in our lives.

So for now, stay patient, prepare, and don’t let tides of emotions overwhelm you or get you fearful.

If you can process and clear the more negative emotions, you can be taken into some rather poetic and profound soul journeys, with new insights and breakthroughs, an expansion of consciousness, and greater empathy for others and your self.

Those soul openings will give you a better foundation for what you will build and engage in later.

The powers of transformation for us personally and in the greater world are quite strong now and in the near future.  For now this means inner growth, and later this will translate into a changing of our lives, a movement forward in our work, homes, families, and relationships.

In the greater world a young man Edward Snowden is making a powerful statement for doing what he believes is right, not what will benefit him personally.  He gave up a good job, a life of paradise in Hawaii, because he sincerely believed his country was doing wrong and spying on fellow Americans without their knowledge.

Many people in this world, somewhat understandably, will not fight against the system because they do not want to threaten the comfort of their lives.  They saw us going unjustly into Iraq, killing thousands of people and spending billions of dollars; they see our lives more and more controlled by huge corporations who have bought out our government representatives.  They see a growing Big Brother attitude of government, prying into our lives more and more through our social networks and communication systems, and potentially drone activity.

They see how truly difficult it really has become to change the system, to fight for what is right, to fight for fairness and justice.

Yet this young man shows courage and risks his own life for what he believes in. We have watched the USA government control nations all over the globe, as an Empire, to take away Snowden’s legal right to asylum.   We watched as western governments brought down an airplane that was occupied by the President of Bolivia, because they wrongly suspected Edward Snowden was on it.

This is important to the Empire because it wants to make this man an example, so no others can speak up and challenge the system.   In polls the mjority of citizens of the USA say he is a whistleblower not a traitor.   But of course what the people want and believe is not as important as keeping the security of the country and the power of the Empire.

And in Syria the American people also do not want to get more involved, by an overwhelming percentage in polls. But soon, make no mistake about it, a false flag incident or some other great excuse will be made to attack Syria.  More and more Senators are speaking out for that action now.

And in Egypt, the military performed a coup, which is against international law, to depose of the president Morsi.   And soon they will make his party, the Muslim Brotherhood, illegal again. Whether you like the Muslim Brotherhood or not, they were legally voted in by the people.

America will not call it a military coup, and neither will the United Nations.

The prize through all this is the resource filled, and strategically important Middle East. This is about power and control of the region, and soon it will degenerate into a huge war.

The Age of Aquarius demands equality, no superpowers.  The Age of Aquarius demands Diversity in Unity, liberation and freedom, a power to the people of the world, not kings and queens, or Big Brother governments, or mega corporations, not presidents or dictators.

The waves of change are getting stronger and are looking to move through the “Chakra System”, so to speak, of our Human Collective Consciousness. Just as with an individual person, there are blocks that need to be cleared, a releasing and healing of old patterns and wounds.  Just as with an individual, the issues that are locked up in the blocks come out in full force.

The goal is for the natural rays of the Universe, as it brings through new consciousness energies from the Aquarian Age, to not be impeded by the old toxic patterns and energies.

So expect there to be a powerful cleansing of our Human Condition and the resulting events that will be necessary to transform our lives.

For now, however, work in your own “inner kingdom”, so you will be cleansed and healed of old patterns and energies that keep you stuck in an ego that does not represent your true and authentic soul self.

As you more deeply connect with that authenticity, you connect with the Universe and its evolutionary passage into the Age of Aquarius.

See you next week,


There has been a delay in putting out a new YOUTUBE video. Will let you know when it is ready.

There is an old YOUTUBE video Astrology Forecast for Spring Eclipse Season. Check it out if you feel so moved.

There will be a new Youtube video coming out within the next few weeks. I will keep you posted.

Please feel free to find more writings and my services on mywebsite.You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info.

Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years

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