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Dark and Light and Astrology Forecast August 2-8

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Planetary Tides shift a bit this week, as we leave a relatively uneventful time last week.

We experience a Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius on Monday August 3 at 11:59 AM EDT.

It is the climax of the lunar cycle that began with a New Moon in Cancer on July 20.

On Saturday August 1 there is a Mercury opposite Pluto aspect. August 1 is also approximately half way between Summer Solstice and Autumn Equinox, which our ancestors named Lammas.

Mercury opposite Pluto on the 1st brings with it an increased ability to “see inside” or be insightful. It also can feel quite serious and heavy.

Lammas was celebrated as a magical summer passage, with so much natural beauty all around; the dark cloud for the end of summer approaching is also felt at Lammas. The end of the season also meant that the harvest will be coming soon.

Lammas is still celebrated in places all over the Earth.

On Sunday August 2, as the Sun squares Uranus, you may get a strong nudge to stop fretting and instead to break out of the box of indecision. The feeling and act of liberation can truly shift your life now.

The Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius energetically brings the dichotomy between the importance of self and self expression (Leo) on one hand, weighed against the importance of the collective, the community, the board of directors, group think, or the internet. (Aquarius)

Leo is heart opened wide, shining its light, creatively alive, needing the attention of feeling special.

Leo is the heart; the circulatory system is Aquarius. Leo is the Sun; the planets travelling around it with the Sun’s light and heat is Aquarius.

Leo and Aquarius are best when working together as they are meant to do.

But often in our modern world, Leo is the big ego constantly looking in the mirror, and Aquarius is the group that keeps meeting over and over again, without making any decisions or creating any actions that get life moving.

In USA government Leo is the self absorbed, narcissistic President and the do nothing Congress is Aquarius.

When healthy and connected, Leo is the bright shining light of hope; Aquarius is the socially conscious people working together to better the world.

USA constitution gives power to the people, and leaders who are meant to serve the people and the principles the country was founded on.

You know that the country is in big trouble now, searching for its “better angels” who will bring us back to the Higher Self Aquarian principles, instead of our lower ego fixations on money, power, and fame.

We are obviously decaying from within, with loss of values as happened with Rome. Our economy has not seen its bottom yet

And before long we will be attacked from without, with China, Iran, and North Korea as likely adversaries.

Can this sliding down into the rabbit hole be stopped before it becomes a black hole?

When the paradigm most of us live by is one of win/win, connections, meaningful lives, and living while dedicated to Truth and Love; we will be creating the Age of Aquarius.

You can see where the parallel world is headed, as many people are cynically tied to believing natural life is filled with power struggles, fights for who gets more, and believing the “superior people” deserve privilege, while the commoners must accept their lot in life.

In that paradigm there must be a box filled with the inferior people who deserve to be treated as scum, while the powerful wealthy deserve whatever they want.

The Jeffery Epstein drama is just like that. Hopefully all names of abusers will come out to face justice.

The MeToo movement has already begun to change that old paradigm, just as the George Floyd story does the same.

The light is shining more brightly now, even as that parallel world is deteriorating.

Get used to that now: dark days of seeing the horrors of that old world, as it comes down; and days filled with bright light as we see more Justice, more Love, more disclosures of Truth.

More evidence of Extra-terrestrial life here on Earth will also become more apparent. And the magic of connections, synchronicity, and the Universe’s signs and symbols to light our way get stronger and stronger.

Most of all we continue to grow in the knowledge that the dots are connected all over the Universe, as we learn to respect one another in all our diversity all over the world.

The day after the Full Moon on the 3rd, we experience Mars in Aries squaring Jupiter in Capricorn.

Remember that Mars is in Aries all the way into January 2021. It will increasingly be shaking up our world, as it makes connections with Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto all in Capricorn.

This shows us that old structures and old institutions connected to that old age, (Capricorn planets) will face aggressive challenge from the forceful Mars in Aries.

Mars square Jupiter should give us some shake-it-up personal and world events this week.

Remember whether personal or global event, the darker events represent what is dying and needs to be released. The light shining events are waking us up to the new age being born.

And in your own life too, there is an old chapter of life that needs to be let go of.

And there is a New Chapter of life and a New You being born.

There is a funeral to be held for your old life; and a celebration to be expressed for your New Chapter of life.

August will bring some shifting tides and strong world events, but they are only appetizers of change compared to what is blowing in from September to December 2020.

The months surrounding the Election in November, which highlights another Eclipse Season, are filled with surprises and powerful Transformation.

Till next week


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