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Deeper Reality and Astrology Forecast September 23-October 6

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

We have passed through a seasonal portal today, Saturday September 22 at 10:49 AM EDT.    The scales of Libra held a perfect balance at that moment between Yin and Yang energies.  The Autumn Equinox was that portal, and it signifies the equality between light and dark minutes of the day.  After today, the dark yin minutes of the day increase as the light yang minutes recede.

The Autumn Equinox is like a “sunset” time of year, as we watch the warmth of summer’s sun lowering itself toward the horizon.  Greater darkness and colder weather is felt coming as we pass through this Fall Portal.   We open our arms to more gentleness, we want comfort and company for the colder darker nights ahead.

It is Sun in Libra time of year, and Libra brings us a soft and graceful entry into the yin half of the year.    The air is more fresh and clean, the leaves will be so pretty as they begin to fall from the trees.  It is almost as if a beautiful and loving angel is holding our hand as we transition into the darker side of life’s year.

And this year the intensity valve will be turned up higher then usual in the second chapter of autumn 2012.  That second chapter of our usual three monthly  autumn chapters is Scorpio. Pluto, the guardian of the Underworld, governs Scorpio time of year every year.    The boundary between the underworld and the surface of reality are thinner then, especially at Samhain (Halloween), when deeper realities push their way up to the surface of our consciousness.

This year the intensity of the underworld’s dramas will be more intense then usual because there is Mercury Retrograde for much of November, starting on Election day November 6; then a most powerful Scorpio Solar Eclipse New Moon on November 13; and a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Sagittarius/Gemini on November 28.  Additionally the transformational Uranus/Pluto square will be triggered again in November.

The rage between different religions and different cultures has been revealed the last couple weeks, after a movie that severely insulted Mohammed and Islam was broadcast.  The lid on Pandora’s box has just barely been lifted, November promises to release much more.

The deeper truths of our world, our economy, our history, the ulterior motives of many, will erupt into our consciousness soon.    The flat Earth illusions of our dying paradigm will be shattered.

Uranus conjunct Pluto in 1965/66 shattered the “Ozzie and Harriet”, “Father Knows Best” cover pictures for a corrupt and repressive Military/Industrial Complex that shackled women, blacks and the hearts and souls of humankind.   The 60s revolution was begun.

Now as Uranus and Pluto return in square in 2012-2015, we prepare our consciousness for more shattering of illusion, more breaking down of walls of Big Brother repression, and a growing liberation of humanity.     They sang “The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius” back in the ’60s.   Now we get ready for the Blossoming into the Age of Aquarius.

As the walls of our Flat Earth consciousness come down, it is revealed to us the truth of who we really are, where we really came from, what we are doing on our sacred Earth.  Science’s Big Bang Theory, Darwin’s limited view of progressive evolution, and religion’s simple minded view of creationism will be soundly shattered by startling new revelations.

We live in a vast Universe, with living beings residing in many places and within many frequencies.   Perhaps a  “seen by many” Visitation, maybe the Disclosures movie in December, perhaps other sources, will reveal truths that awaken us out of our collective old paradigm slumber.   These new truths will set us free.

We don’t need another hero, we don’t need another savior, we don’t need gurus or royalty or Big Government or Big Corporation or celebrities or aristocracy.   We need ourselves.  We will lead this world back to health, back to our hearts and souls, and forward to a Diversity in Unity Aquarian Age.

Let’s look at the highlights of the next two weeks, as next Saturday September 29 I will be out of town.   The next forecast will be October 6.

On September 29 there will be a very meaningful Full Moon.  It will be a Libra/Aries Full Moon at 11:19 PM. It will be more powerful than the usual Libra/Aries Full Moon because Uranus and Pluto will make a close T-square pattern with the Full Moon. The Full Moon will have the Sun in Libra and the Moon in Aries at over 7 degrees of those signs.  Uranus will be between 6 and 7 degrees of Aries, conjunct the Moon, and Pluto will be between 6 and 7 degrees of Capricorn, squaring Sun, Moon, and Uranus.

Aries is force, action, self assertion. Libra is peace, civility, relationship assertion.  With Pluto and Uranus making powerful transformational impact to those energies, we can expect issues of peace versus conflict; my needs versus your needs or our needs; action versus social awareness, to take on major significance.   Your usual way of doing business between these extremes will be strongly challenged.  Finding a bridge between the differences, without sacrificing one side or the other will be the key to success for this lunation.

On October 4 Jupiter will be stationary, changing directions from Direct to Retrograde.  Its expansive energy will be felt and since it is in Gemini, it will expand in its reception and deliverance of details and information.   Communication and sorting through of information will be important. Some may be overwhelmed by rushes of details or information around this day.

On October 5, Saturn will enter Scorpio and stay there until 2014/15.    It may be quite helpful to track back from late 1982 to late 1985, the last time Saturn was in Scorpio.  Saturn in Scorpio puts the security anchor of our lives in deeper reality.  Issues you have pushed back below your conscious awareness may need more of your attention over the next few years.   That which is deeply real may be challenging at first, but will anchor you in reality and hence give you more of a sense of security.

If you were born during most of late ’82 through 1985 or from late 1953 to late 1956 you will be experiencing a Saturn Return  over the next few years.

The ’80s crowd will experience their first Saturn Return, a time of maturity into adulthood and more fully taking responsibility for your self and life. No matter so much haw you were conditioned by society and family, as you learn you must choose your life path now, in accordance with Universal destiny. If you have been living a lie, living your life for your parents or some artificial reality, your old life will break down around Saturn Return, to clear the path for your authentic soul’s path.

Those ’50s births will be at their second Saturn return, a time to let go of the years of making family and climbing the ladders of success. Kids are usually grown, success has been found or not, and attention turns to greater spirituality, more dedication to creative or service endeavors, grandchildren, etc.  It is a time to decide whether your last third of life will be going downhill till death, or staying motivated and positive.

See you in October,


I will be broadcasting some radio shows on blog talk radio in October/November. I will let you know the dates soon. I will also do a new YouTube presentation then also. And here is the the link to YouTube talk I gave a few months ago at our Spiritual Renaissance Center.

Please feel free to find more writings and my services on my website.You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info.

Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.

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