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Embracing our Better Values and Astrology Forecast for November 13-19

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

We have entered the outskirts of a new Eclipse season. The actual first eclipse is on November 24/25, a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Sagittarius. The second, a Total Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Sagittarius/Gemini is on December 10.

I do not think this eclipse season will be as difficult or intense as the last few, because these last few included t-square and grand cross formations that cause more conflictual energy patterns.

That does not mean this eclipse season will not be difficult or at least intense for some, as all eclipses tend to bring breakdowns and breakthroughs.  And the very nature of breakdowns and breakthroughs mean change.

The first eclipse, the Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius, is a New Moon. This means new beginnings. And because it is an eclipse, the new moon beginnings are exponentially more powerful.   So what you begin around this eclipse will have stronger winds of the Universe behind it.

Sagittarius energies will help you to liberate your self from confining or limiting situations, to break out.   Sagittarius is a free spirited sign that inspires one to raise a flag of enthusiasm for what one believes in.

But until that first eclipse, we are in the waning half of the Scorpio Lunar Cycle, begun at the Scorpio New Moon on October 26.   So we are still pulled to processing deeper emotions and looking deeper at our soul and life.  Use this waning moon phase to finish what you have begun, to clean up and prepare for the strong new beginnings of the Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius.

In the old paradigm’s world, the dramas get worse and worse.   There are so many scandals all the time, that too many people are seeing decadence and corruption as normal. One politician after another, both from the left and from the right, are in sex scandals.    And at Penn State this week, a coach is found to be molesting young boys, while the college network of men in power covers its eyes and “sees no evil”.

How can we live in a society where young people are commonly molested by priests or boy scout leaders or teachers or coaches.  And have you noticed how frequently now female teachers are guilty of having sex with young students.

It is not the sex that is bad here necessarily, it is the abuse of power, the breaching of trust of young people from the people they should be able to trust.

And so many of our young people are also being deprived of their innocence at younger and younger years all the time. Sex and alcohol and drugs are experienced now even before children reach teen years.

This is one reason why we are all getting more and more ready for the downfall of “Rome” again.   We need this new Aquarian Age to help us open more fully to the Universe and its higher laws of Love, Truth, Justice, Compassion, Equality, Integrity, and Dignity.

People are tired of seeing our authorities and institutions run by greed, selfishness, power abuse, apathy, intolerance, and insensitivity.  There is more energy put into perpetuating these institutions than there is energy put into true human values.

Our collective human family is busting at the seams to break out of this jail sentence from a corrupt and decaying old world paradigm.

The 11-11-11 meditations and ceremonies, meant to connect us in Unity and Love all over the world, are just the beginning of the movement to bring us into Unity consciousness.

The Occupy Wall Street Movement is just the beginning of the movement for free human individuals in new community to take over our world.

The new spiritual and activist movements will get stronger and stronger as the corrupt and decaying old paradigm gets uglier and uglier.

So use this new Eclipse season, begun at the Sagittarius Solar Eclipse New Moon on the 24/25 of November, to give you more energy to free your self from the ties that bind you to old patterns and people in your life that hold you back from more fully entering this new world.

This new world will help you to find and express your authentic individual self and put you on the path to fully actualizing that self. This new world, if you embrace it, will help you to break away from the old programming and to heal your wounds from its abuse of your true self. You will then take the transformational ride into more magic, more love and truth, greater alignment with the Universe, and a stronger sense of purpose and contribution to our new earth community.

You will be taken on your soul’s path to the guides and experiences you need.   Fear will  wash away more and more as your heart and mind are cleansed, healed and opened.

So do not be afraid as the economy falls into greater pits of despair. Do not be afraid when war breaks out in the Middle East soon. And in your personal life, do not be afraid when your old familiar blankets of security and addiction wash away.

We are taking this ride together and if you are connected to your true self, to one another, and the Universe, you will be fine.   You will know what to do and when to do it.

But it is most important that you dedicate your self to this new world, which in some ways is a world that has been left behind.  If we are to move forward properly into this new Aquarian Age, we need to reach back and take our better human values with us. We can “ask” our ancestors to help us to retrieve these now seemingly “old fashioned” values of caring and loyalty and tolerance and dignity, and empathy for those who suffer, and just general human decency.

See you next week,


I broadcast a new radio show  for October 15 at 1 PM. If you did not catch it live you can still hear it on that link.

Please feel free to find more writings and my services on mywebsite.You can get an astrological session with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info.

Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.

He predicted the Iraq War of 2003- in early 2001 when Bush first took office; predicted the 9-11 attacks with an article “The Tower”, written in June 2001. He predicted Obama and McCain would get the presidential nominations in november 2007, when both were low in the polls; and correctly predicted the current economic downturn before it occurred

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