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Expanding the Viewpoint and Astrology Forecast June 4-10.

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are in such powerfully changing times now.   Though sometimes it looks bleak, please remember we are in a New Chapter of Life, a chapter which is a transition between ages.

As we have stated before,  many back in the ’60s/’70s frequently said then that “we are in the worst of times and the best of times” all at once.

If one only feels like these are horrible, terrible times; then one is not seeing a positive future, one is seeing only the worst possibilities.

And yea some will say back to me- “the difference is that now climate change efforts are being thwarted which could mean the end of our world”. Or “it looks like there will be nuclear war which will destroy us all”.

Understood- the stakes now seem higher than back in that old ’60s era.

And that is because we are now much further into the doorway between ages.

At that place between worlds, all of our demons are staring us in the face trying to shove us back into the old room of an old age and paradigm.

The power holders of the old age are desperately clinging to their privilege in that old age.  They will not die easily.  And as we let our fears disempower us, we are enabling that old behavior to prevail.

There is death upon us now, as there is birth now. This is the nature of Nature and of Transformation.

We cannot concentrate on the horrors of the death.  We must focus on the creating of the new birth.

Life is a circle, not a straight line.  The world is round not flat.  The Moon looks round to us as does the Sun.

Universe, Nature, God/Goddess is speaking to us with its round symbols:  We are not facing ultimate and final death, we are instead changing Seasons or Ages in the great circle of Ages.

And in another 2150 years we will be at the precipice of another Age, the Age of Capricorn.

We are evolving into the consciousness needed to be a part of the Age of Aquarius.  We need to concentrate our efforts on that evolution, not that so many others seem to not be evolving.

Everyone does not need to evolve now.  The mutation we are going through will need many to evolve, as is truly happening, but not even a majority will be needed.

And we may have people who have come from other star systems here to help us to evolve. And perhaps unbeknowst to you, you may be one of them.

Everyone is not necessarily part of the Earthly reincarnation wheel, but have come from other places and are new to the realities of Earthly existence.

And some may be hybrids combining people from other star systems with people from the Earth.

Noted scholar Zecharia Sitchen, who wrote many books including “The 12th Planet”, studied Sumerian writings from 5000 years ago.  From those studies he believed passionately that a Giant race from the planet Nibiru came here to Earth, became the Gods and Goddeses of our early Myths, and mated with early Earthlings to create- we humans.

Even the Bible states that: the Sons of God mated with the Daughters of the Earth.  What does that mean?

Perhaps it means that people from the heavens mated with people from the Earth.

We are changing our paradigms, which are made of old stories,  and we need to be open to new human stories other than the ones we have been programmed to believe.

Creationism versus Darwinian Evolution.  Perhaps neither theory is the ultimate reality.

Nature verus Nurture. My astrological knowledge shows me there is something else going on that is not just about our genetic structure or how we were molded by our society or family.  We are Souls first and foremost and astrology maps show us these souls and their soul journeys in this incarnation.

If we are to evolve into a New Age, we need to open our minds to new possibilities.  Look now how we are being asked to open to the idea that some people were born in the “wrong bodies” and are becoming their true self in a different sexual gender.

We have so many preconceived ideas about everything, and now need to be open to the new ideas and new ways.

But usually this process of transformation happens so slowly that we have time to digest new ways and do deep processing.

But now all seems to be happening so fast, and we are needing to accelerate our development.

Yes there are nuclear weapons all over the globe, and yes the climate is changing and some very dangerously do not recognize it.

But it is so important now to have faith in a greater movement beyond that which we totally understand.  We must have faith in life, or faith in Universe, or faith in God, or faith in Goddess, or faith in Nature and the Earth, or faith in humanity, or faith in Star People, or faith in whatever you believe is bigger than just you and me.

We have some big trials coming up this summer and autumn, and we are being tossed around now to get us ready for that transformational challenge.

This week we move through a shifting of energies: Venus moves from Aries to Taurus, and also this week there is a Full Moon in Sagittarius on the same day as Jupiter goes Direct.

Venus moves into Taurus on June 6.

Venus has been in Aries on and off since February 3.  Then it went Retrograde while still in Aries- on March 4. It dipped back into Pisces for awhile, but while Direct it moves back into Aries.

This has put relationships in the spotlight of our lives, and many realtionships have gone through some rough weather during that time. A fair amount of them have ended or faced the possibilities of ending.

But through it all, the main issue that has arisen during Venus in Aries has been the issue of the empowerment of women and the Feminine.

Now as Venus goes into Taurus, this empowerment is made more solid and more long lasting.

Venus in Taurus, which will continue till July 4, is also about being more sensuous and enjoying the pleasure of our senses; getting more comfortable with security and money issues; and making any relationship changes more solid.

The Sagittarius Full Moon is on Friday June 9 at 9:10 AM EDT.

This Full Moon has the Sun in Gemini and the Moon directly opposite in Sagittarius.

It is a full moon of potentially lively communication.  It will bring expansive energy into our consciousness and lives.

And not long after the Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 9, Jupiter (the guiding planet of Sagittarius) will be strong in our energy fields while changing from Retrograde to Direct.

Much new and arousing energy will be activated in the 3 or 4 days surrounding these events.

Anything “chained up” will want to be liberated.   Ideas and feelings will be unleashed. People will feel more free to speak their minds.

Some will be inspired, and others will want to take new adventures.  Looking at the issues in your life from a bigger more expansive picture will be supported.

Some however will “leap before they look” and jump into things that cause difficulty. Some will “raise flags” for some big agenda of theirs, push it on others, and feel that nothing can bring them down.

These June 9 planetary events may bring an important turning point in personal lives and worldly affairs.

Till next week,


There is a video of my recent talk at the Enlightenment Expo that my friend Jonne Trees has recorded:

The subject is about navigating the planetary changes this year.

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